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Here are Al's comments
3:23 +1 - I'm done-going camping-thanks for coming-see you next week
3:22 stop 62
3:16 stop 62.5 -just broke low of last week
3:14 stop 62.75
3:12 stop 63.5
3:09 hex wheel again-it has an unstable point at about 3:30
3:00 imagine an arc along the highs; non-linear selling pressure-support is straight line-linear
nonlinear usually wins
2:55 spikes as pass the Jupiter/Pluto timeline -stop 64
2:47 the congestion of this week had a 1065 support base-that now was resistance
2:42 that minor rally stopping exactly at 1065 is good-first clean price harmonic today
2:40 stuck in the rubber cement -holding for now
2:26 I think Venus is made out of rubber cement
2:19 sold 63 stop 66
2:16 again, in trade window so watching closely-this will give another 20/110 crossing-need follow throught
2:10 now have a little streak down the Mercury timeline-so entire day is a sideways congestion
1:58 approaching that vertical timeline cluster was a warning not to sit on a stalled trade
got nice streak right up the Uranus line-also had a Venus/Node/Uranus hex pattern recongnized
1:47 both are handled by backing off and waiting-next trade time is near 2:55
1:44 two things get you into trouble-when the market moves too fast, whipping you, or too slow-stalling
1:39 by rule I covered on stall for 0
1:34 looks like inverted to red -Tide
1:26 stop 64.5 - above last minor high
1:24 stop 65- 110 EXMA acting like a "tongue depressor"
1:20 still OK-stuck in mud-just have to be patient
1:06 continuation sell 1063.25 stop 1066.25
12:57 here I just watch the 20 and the 110 EXMA -may get a continuation sell
12:49 sometimes we get a trade going into a Tide turn and one coming out
12:46 covering +1 on stall
12:40 at the crossing-stop 63.5 -goes through or I'm gone
12:36 stop 64-needs to break below 62 yellow grid crossing
12:28 stop 65-this is a trade going into the Tide turn, so must be careful
12:19 sold 63.5 stop 67.5
12:11 this is in the window for the 1:00 trade, but early, so watching closely
12:10 dropping after passing Node-still on green +Tide
12:00 Time for some levity- got an email Thought for the Day:

Given the fact that research spending on drugs like Viagra and breast
implants far exceeds the research spending on Alzheimer's, it looks like
in 20 years we will have an older generation with huge breasts and big
erections without the faintest idea of what to do with them.

11:57 a good way to learn about trading is to buy a kite - try to fly it every day-
you will learn that the wind is very variable - just like markets
11:48 notice how the Moon flux keeps stopping the rallies-6 times so far
11:43 so far the 110 EXMA is tracking the green +Tide
11:28 there are lots of things to do when not trading-like observing and seeing what is causing
things-for example, the DAX rally was stopped by the Mercury Moon/Mars/Uranus electric field flux
These same planets helped stall the S&P rally earlier this week
This tells us to watch for a negative effect as Mars comes to exact opposition of Uranus
11:13 one measure of conditions is how many times the 20 EXMA crosses the 110-so far today
it has crossed 3 times in 1.75 hours - that's chop, and hard to trade unless you are a pit scalper
11:09 it is natural after getting whipsawed to get mad and try to get even-can't do that-
one needs to learn to forgive oneself for all past actions-they were the best you could do at the time
one simply has to chock it up to choppy conditions, and wait for better ones
11:03 the two strong clusters today are the Moon/Sat/Chiron and the Mars/Uranus/Mercury
We are singing the effect of the first right now as an attractor-pass other at 2:00
10:49 my hourly chart shows that we are in a congestion pattern that started last Friday at noon
and should end later today
10:43 the Moon/Chiron/Saturn time and price line intersection is an attractor
10:28 OK - that was a good example of trying too hard - it happens to every trader-best thing to do is
to take a break - in this case my next trade time is 1:00
10:27 aborting -.75
10:23 this is pretty brutal-12 minute cycles -stop Ok there, so be patient-lose your money, not your cool
10:14 stop 65
10:08 I got hooked on this early "hook and go" ; sold 63.5 stop 66.5
10:03 aborting -1.5 -
9:57 rebought 66.25 stop 63.25 - time for stronger hands
9:50 stoppped -2 ; no follow through - so looks like morning is going to be choppy
9:45 Chiron/Sat/moon flux hot as forecast-actin as an attractor
9:40 the DAX chart has a nice move earlier from Pluto/Jup timeline to Chiron/Sat timeline
often those patterns repeat 6 hours later in bothe the DAX and the S&P
9:37 stop 1064.25
9:34 getting a continuation buy- bought 1066.25 stop 1063.25
9:24 looks like a dull and flat opening - 110 EXMA is flat
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

8/13/2004 8:42:35 AM Mountain prt:: Thanks for the reminder, MM. I forgot about that!
8/13/2004 7:39:11 AM Mountain mm:: On Fridays, when Al runs the clinic, he usually does not post in chat. Go to Chaos Clinic to see what he is doing.
8/13/2004 7:31:45 AM Mountain prt:: Good morning. Is anybody out there? Did Al go camping this weekend?

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