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Here are Al's comments
1:29 out +4.5 - now I am done for the day- thanks for coming - see you next week-take a course
1:23 stop to 45
1:21 my 9 point target is 49.5
1:20 stop to 44 -just under the 20 EXMA
1:15 stop to 41.5 - this streak is paart of a freactal grid pattern, from the Chaos Trading made Easy course
1:12 stop to 40
1:08 turned up just after passing the Sun timeline. That added juice, so I re-entered.
1:05 OK, I'll stay-rebought 40.5 stop 37.5
1:00 that is my planned trading for the day, so I am done. The screens will run to the close.
Thanks for coming. See you next week.
12:58 that stop may have been too close
12:56 stopped out -no juice
12:54 still OK
12:46 stop 37 -under last candle wick
12:44 in the laast month, I have found that I have to be more persistant-but I still try to be very careful to control my risk
12:42 rebought 39.5 stop 36.5
12:39 out for +1 - may retry, but not anxious to do so
12:37 STOP 39.5
12:34 stop 38.5
12:28 my gole right now is just to stay in the trade - I know that Chiron flux is near 1449, so
we could get a Chiron time to Chiron price move
12:23 I made the entry using the 15/20 EXMA since I anticipate that the rest of the day is up
12:21 bought 1438.5 stop 34.5
12:19 turned up sharply passing Chiron timeline
12:11 trading both sides of the 110 in the last hour-two 20/110 crossings, so in a congestion
12:10 support has held so far
12:06 putting a sell stop at 1432 - don't think it will be hit
12:03 getting a dip right at trade time - but not enough yet for a breakdown
12:00 yesterday, the low was timed by the exchange rotating past that cluster.
11:57 the range is 36 points, one half of that 72 point range, or 180 degrees. This is due to Neptune
being 180 degrees to the Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Venus cluster.
11:53 1440 is a major 72 point quantum-it will tend to be an attractor, probably over several days
11:44 the low was set by the Moon T+90 flux and the high was near the Pluto flux at 1458
11:39 If this holds up for about 3 hours, it will attract some more "wait and see" buyers. Then near the end
of the day, we should see some short covering from the "not hold over a weekend" traders
11:36 now notice that the 110 minute EXMa is curling up, showing that the trend is turning up
this suggests that the market holds up the rest of the day
11:00 I think the low and the high of the day are both in
10:53 out +4 - now it looks like the market will find some support
10:51 stop 30-9 point cover is 25
10:46 stop 34
10:41 resold 34 stop 37
10:39 I admit to being skittish-this market can move against you very fast
10:35 taking 4 at 37
10:32 stop 41
10:24 sold 41 stop 44
10:14 -3 on that one ; these are hard markets to control risk in, so one has to be careful
10:09 bought 47 stop 44
10:08 now getting a continuation buy setup -looking for a chance to buy with a good stop
9:51 the drop was down to the Moon A vector-see the Wheel of Fortune -it too will act as support
9:48 selling off to meet the rising 110 EXMA - I expect it to come up and form support
9:38 some key prices today: Sun, Mercury, Venus,Saturn, Neptune-1469
Pluto-1457; Moon-1461.5,1479,5; Mars/Jupiter- 1454, 1472, 1490 ; Uranus-1474
9:33 it looks like the green +Tide is in effect
9:30 the first trade time is 9:40. With this sort of volatility, I will be patient, and wait for the 110 EXMA to
catch up with prices.
9:22 opening sharply up after the Fed's discount rate cut. Overnight traders caught a nice move.
The market is highly overbought going into the outcry open, so I expect a pullback
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

8/17/2007 12:06:39 PM Mountain Al:: thanks TG, you enjoy the weekend , too
8/17/2007 11:30:53 AM Mountain TG:: I let it run past my 7 pt profit target since it had some good juice. Tried for Al's 49.50 while pulling stop up to 47.50. +9 is pretty darn good for a Friday in August. Time to go take dogs for a walk. Thanks Al, your mention of juice on the clinic helped me get the extra two, your Chaos classes got me the first 7. Have a good weekend.
8/17/2007 11:21:22 AM Mountain Al:: thanks MM et all- still a bit chaotic here with company left over from the reunion and baby sitting two grand children-good test for my focus :)

8/17/2007 11:09:09 AM Mountain TG:: I've also had to modify my rules for past few weeks. On 20/110 cross I usually am taking trade within 1.25 to 2 points from 110 exma. Still doing that. Usually a 3 pt stop is good, I've gone to 4.25 pts initially and then after we get some good 20/110 separation I'll move it to 3 pts. At that point I don't mess with the 3 point stop until trade really gets going. Previously once 4 points were made I'd lock in 2 and target 5. Now I'm targeting 7 and not locking in 2 until 6 pts have been made. It's been working pretty well more often than not. I went long at 38.5 too on initial 20/110 cross and have managed to hang in there based on having that rule set already in place.
8/17/2007 8:30:27 AM Mountain cgm:: like looking for trades in 1440 area
8/17/2007 8:17:06 AM Mountain TG:: Scrap that, that was the 8:15-8:16 1 minute bar that did the 52.25 pts.
8/17/2007 7:58:09 AM Mountain TG:: the 3 minute e-mini 8:15 to 8:18 bar opened at 1419.25 and reached 1471.5. That has to be some sort of a record.
8/17/2007 4:27:36 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - welcome back Al - BlackJet did a great job sitting in - hope you have a good Clinic today

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