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Here are Al's comments
2:02 covering on the stall for 0- I'm done-next clinic in 2 weeks after my much needed vacation
1:54 watch for the trend to speed up
1:49 stop 1300.5 -nothing to do but move it slowly
1:37 stop 1300-below the 110
1:21 someone just tripped over the dog and woke him up
1:17 dog day of summer market
1:10 stop 1299 - I'm just watching the 110 EXMA - it says trend is up - red -Tide is up until close
1:01 holding up - bought 1301.25 stop 1298.25
12:53 Prices staying one side of 110 -see if it continues after 1:00
12:44 if get a rally after passing the Sun, it could reach the Sun flux at 1307 - also top of the band on the SP9day chart
12:31 bulls trying to get a rally going -turned up passing Mercury timeline-Mercury price at 1304
12:26 aborting -1.25 ; just no juice
12:13 stop 1301 - on the SP2day chart I see a high, followed by 4 moves of 7 in a down Chaos Clamshell
12:10 Stop 1301.5 - know I'm stuck in the mud so start easing stop down slowly
12:01 I will be watching for selling to come in 55 minutes after the high befor my entry - for now just sit
11:49 no follow through - may stay stuck in the mud - I will sit for now
11:42 that lower high attracted selling
11:34 got a "hook and go" sell -sold 1298.75 stop 1301.75
11:27 not looking like a good trade setup -may pass
11:15 Tides are pretty flat until after solar Noon at 1:00 - 2 Moon days that don't trend early usually go
Moon/Noon/Moon - so may not get any strong action until the afternoon
11:12 coming into the 11:40 trade time, we have a 20/110 EXMA buy- I ame watchful but want to see some juice
11:06 All week the 3 minute bars have been 1, 2, and 3 ticks - suggesting the specials are in control -
specialist love a dull market that churns - traders get taken reacting to the 3 tick pops
11:02 the 110 EXMA has now gone flat, so we are stuck in a congestion - stay out of congestions
10:53 trading systems that watch the first hour for trend will classify this as a down day -that means they will
be taking sell signals , by however they define them
10:40 OK, covering on stall +1.75
10:36 stop 1299 - looks like may have flipped to red -Tide -Tides get me close, then I use the 20 and 110 EXMA's
and move my stops to manage the trade
10:28 stop 1299.5 - the next Tide turn rule says to cover, so I'll just lock in a bit and wait
10:18 stop 1300 -just above the 20 EXMA
10:07 I was alert to the possibility of any early fast break because of my knowledge of "2 Moon Days"
these are days when there are 2 Moon Timelines during trading hours
9:57 stop 1302 - dullness, followed by juice=chaos
9:53 pressing a bit-sold 1300 stop 1303
9:50 now getting some selling-may get a 20/110 sell signal
9:48 one of the hardest things is to watch a dull market - don't sare at it-look away or close your eyes and glance at it every few minutes
9:43 the 110 EXMA is getting flatter - just watch for now
9:34 first minor rally stopped at Chiron flux line-there has been a general lack of juice this week
9:25 fairly quiet preopen-Tides are subdued in AM, so may be dull start
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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8/18/2006 4:19:32 AM Mountain mm:: Al - the SP1Day is not yet updated.

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