Is The S&P Ready To Crash?
      Chaos Clinic for 8/18/2023

Last Friday I asked if the S&P was ready to rally? A two week chart suggested it could.
The market did rally on 8/14. I held a long overnight, intending to hold long all week.
Tuesday morning I found I had been stopped out for a modest gain. When I checked the news
I learned the decline was attributed to concerns about the Chinese economy. ??
So I looked at the longer term.

This six month daily chart of the S&P futures shows that the rally from March has topped.
I have labeled 7 moves in an up Chaos Clamshell. In the top right corner I have marked
the switch from bullish to bearish brought about by the China fears.

I've included the legend for the indicators. I use these setting on my 3 minute charts,
but find they work well on daily charts. Experience watching the intraday charts transfers
to the daily chart. For example, the curl down in the cyan 36 day EXMA is the same as the 110 minute
EXMA curling over on the intraday chart on

The rally lasted 3/8 of a year. An equal time down move would be December 9, 2023.
A 120 day down move would be October 24, 2023. This is reminiscent of 1987 when the
market topped in August and crashed October 19th. This could be interesting.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

8/18/2023 11:13:43 AM MT Al****:: may still rally, but I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you in two weeks-take some courses
8/18/2023 11:12:06 AM MT Al****:: now it did hit it for +4.5
8/18/2023 11:05:54 AM MT Al****:: dip passing Sun missed my stop by 1 tick
8/18/2023 10:47:05 AM MT Al****:: got a continuation buy at second MoonTide trade time which coincided with the Venus timeline
8/18/2023 10:40:44 AM MT Al****:: I thought I may have pushed my stop too hard, but still OK
looking for the rally to at least reach the pivot at 4398
8/18/2023 10:11:42 AM MT Al****:: pushing my stop up to 4375
8/18/2023 10:09:20 AM MT Al****:: on chart 6 SPKISS page you see a rainbow of EXMAs. This week's drop created a large divergence
I would expect they might converge up to the 6 day next week
8/18/2023 10:01:43 AM MT Al****:: up to yesterday's close-pushed stop to 4372.5, lock 2
8/18/2023 9:56:49 AM MT Al****:: my initial stop was 4365; now moved to 4370.5 break even
8/18/2023 9:47:55 AM MT Al****:: rebought 4370.5 based on bounce off yellow vibe secret-esnat72 and 220 minute EXMA
8/18/2023 9:41:54 AM MT Al****:: stopped out 4368 - oh well
8/18/2023 9:39:46 AM MT Al****:: the exchange rotates past the Moon and Mercury near 14:40
8/18/2023 9:37:34 AM MT Al****:: trade is now along the Mercury +Mh135 electric field flux
8/18/2023 9:25:41 AM MT Al****:: and on Secret->esNar360 you see the 7 moves down from the yellow vibration level to the white
8/18/2023 9:21:54 AM MT Al****:: if you look at Secret->esnat72 you see the decline from about 2:00 had 7 little moves
8/18/2023 9:20:09 AM MT Al****:: based on the 7 moves down and Moon flux support I was a bit aggressive, buying 4367.5 stop now 4368
8/18/2023 9:11:20 AM MT Al****:: first MoonTide trade : bars colored up by 36/220
8/18/2023 7:02:16 AM MT Al****:: may get a bounce today - have 7 moves down from week's high and support on Moon +T225 electric field flux
8/18/2023 6:36:52 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. The written Chaos Clinic is on the AUX page.

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8/18/2023 6:26:37 AM MT oag****:: Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a prosperous day!

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