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Here are Al's comments
3:26 out for 0 -I'm done-see you in 2 weeks - take a course
3:22 resold 23 stop 24
3:21 covering on stall for 0
3:08 this is like standing in a cold, wet, drizzle
2:52 stop 1224 - the final MoonTide Harmonic grid crossing should be very hot -3 hours from Sun/Full Moon
2:47 stop 1224.5 - looking OK so far
2:42 stop 1225 -looking for that final drop that XTide2/110 is forecasting
2:36 note general trend down along the yellow diagonal MoonTide Harmonic grid
2:33 taking cont. sell - sold 1223 stop 1226
2:28 looks like everyone has gone home - 1224 is a major quantum and we are stuck on it
2:16 weak continuation sell -just watching-I want some juice before I jump
1:51 now right at anothe crossing in the MoonTide Harmonic grid-have hit all 3 so far today
1:38 those moves to Moon flux lines are like sparks to wires in a Tesla coil Jacob's Ladder
1:21 support came right on the -T045 Moon flux - just after passing the Full Moon
1:17 getting some selling - watching for a sell setup near 2:00 - this is a bit early
1:04 settled down again - if follow the green +MoonTide flat for the rest of the day
12:34 getting some down energy approaching the Moon/Sun (Full Moon) timelines - Moon woke me up last night
12:23 Wheel of Fortune shows stuck 180 degrees to Venus on price
12:00 rally stopped by Jupiter/Node flux 1227.25 -that price +/- 9 points has been key for two weeks
11:56 aborting -1.5 -stalled
11:46 stop 1225 -under 110
11:42 bought 1227 stop 1224
11:41 possible continuation buy - waiting for some "jump"
11:25 that +T045 moon flux has been strong resistance
11:18 so far following the red -Tide - on the next trade I'll wait until coming out of the Tide turn
10:45 this month has had a lot of dull days - they are a temptation to over trade-MoonTides give
a few good times to trade- that number of trades is a maximum-many are passes -3 or less is a good guide
10:43 in a dull market have to settle for less - when you see 3 minute bars that are 2 or 3 ticks, it is dull
10:41 covering on stall for +1
10:36 stop 1225.25 - not moving well
10:27 stop 1225 - just under where the yellow 20 EXMA turned up
10:20 dip as we pass the vertical Jupiter/Node timelines -their price flux is just above 1227
10:12 Moon +T045 electric filed flux line stopped rally for now-it is an attractor
10:11 that crossing should not be hit on a decent move, so stop 1224
10:08 note how move took of at the crossing in the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid
10:06 continuation buy 1225 stop 1222
9:55 holding up - no sell - possible continutation buy if get some "jump"
9:52 breakdown price is about 1222.5
9:45 I've posted my XTide2/110 research in the Aux page-calling for weakness later today-got
trend for the week right but not the details
9:42 first trade time is just after 10:00, so ready any time-looking for 20/110 EXMA sell
9:40 quiet opening - may be another dull day
9:15 1224 is the balance point between the +T045 and -T045 electric field flux lines-they form a congestion zone
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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