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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:36 I'm done trading-my mind is on vacation anyway-screens will run to close-thanks for
coming-see you in two weeks
2:35 fast fade took me out +.75
2:34 looking better-stop 1097.75
2:30 stop 1097.25
2:20 the wheel of fortune says we may go up and square the Moon near 1102
2:16 stop 1097 - looks like riding red -Tide, so I will try to hold
2:13 stop 1096.25
2:10 I re-entered my trade at 97 stop 95.5 whre I was before the chaos
1:55 -made it to the 1098.6 pit trader R2
1:49 my cover was at 1097, so gain was +2, not +3.
1:46 OK- now I have made two planned trades, but chaos has thrown me off my plan-so I'll just back off
1:40 Chaos struck-our power grid is overloaded in summer and storms often cause power outages
my battery backups give me a few minutes to cover any open positions
1:20 lost power covering here for +3 -may go down
1:14 this morning we saw a square pattern - 1/4 day=6 hours -so this looks like a 6 hour fractal
1:09 last Friday's 1060 low was on Jupiter/Pluto flux -now up 180 degress from that
1:06 stop 1095.5 - I like to move my stop about half way between the 20 and 110 EXMA
1:02 stop 1094.75
12:59 my clue to jump early there was the way the 20 EXMA curled up under price
12:54 stop 1094 - lucky to be alert there
12:53 continuation buy 1095 stop 1092
12:49 next trade time is 1:30, but a setup may come earlier-steady buying pressure
12:42 notice how the 110 EXMA lines parallel the up diagonal yellow MoonTide grid lines-steady up
12:34 we know from price action that Mer/Mar/Ura are hot, so their timelines near 1:40 should be hot, too
12:29 1095 is the pit trader's R1 price - pivot was at 1090.40 - so pit will keep selling 1095
12:14 Crazy Harry heard me say that-I think he's teasing me-Crazy Harry is the insane conductor
of the S&P train-likes to play "Got you, sucker!" with hobos who try to jump on his train
12:05 second trade is offically a pass
11:57 ignoring the streak up the Moon timeline, we are trading 1093 +/- 1 point
11:51 still treading water - the Sun is approaching opposition to Uranus-it is support at 1091.5
11:38 looks like we have set up a 3 or 4 hour congestion vibrating about 1093-started just befor 10:00
11:32 the pattern all week has been early move-dull-late move-so this trade may be a pass
11:21 OK-data is back-didn't really go anywhere-stuck on the Moon flux-
11:17 having a data problem - should be fixed in a few minutes
11:00 now back to the Moon flux price -the next Tide turn may not set up a trade
10:52 high was exactly on the Moon timeline-not an accident-just Market AstroPhysics at work
10:47 sometimes I will rebuy when I see the pullback ending-today I'm not as sharp as usual-went
to a Josh Groban concert under the stars at Red Rocks Ampitheater last night - awesome-so I was up late
10:39 there finally is the +4 gain-I was not willing to sit through the pullback to get it-
never look back-never regret-just take a lesson and go on
10:35 now coming to the vertical timeline cluster -Moon/Saturn/Chiron
10:34 Chaotic markets are hours of boredom interspersed with moments of chaos
10:25 note that the range since 9:00 is an exact 6 points -a good day would be 9 or 12
10:21 on the Wheel of Fortune you can see that price squared time as measured by Mercury/Mars/Uranus
10:14 that -T090 moon flux stopped the rally dead - it is bundled with Mercury/Mars/Uranus=strong
10:11 covering on the stall at 1093 for +2.25
10:10 stop 92.25 - cover is 94.75
10:06 stop 91.75 - 92 held for now -must get throught this flux bundle
10:02 92 is a critical price-note the yellow grid crossing-must hold
9:54 4 point target may not get reached if stall on this flux bundle
9:53 stop 1091.25
9:49 stop 1090.75 -right up to Moon electric field flux
9:41 stop 1089.75 -on green +MoonTide
9:37 stop 1088.75
9:35 bought 1090.75 stop 1087.75
9:34 20/110 buy crossing-waiting for some follow through
9:30 opening fairly quiet - no economic reports today -may be low volume
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

8/20/2004 11:50:17 AM Mountain it:: Al which past newsletter has your yearly Calender, Astro Dow dates for 2004?
8/20/2004 11:46:29 AM Mountain Al:: my next turn date is the 27th
8/20/2004 11:16:36 AM Mountain PJT:: my apologies - I meant the rally that started last Monday
8/20/2004 11:14:43 AM Mountain Al:: until about 3:30
8/20/2004 11:12:26 AM Mountain PJT:: How long do you anticipate this rally will run?

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