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Here are Al's comments
2:51 I'm done for the day and for 2 weeks. No clinic next week. Have a great weekend. Take a course.
2:49 don't like this, covering at 1101 for +5 and 0
2:38 stop to 1099.5; this is .5 under the 220 EXMA on the MTRainbow chart
2:32 This is taking patience. Fractal patterns take hours. Like going to a restaurant,
asking how long the wait is, then being told it is 6 hours.
2:26 after 2:30, we should see some short covering; the MTRainbow flow is still up
2:21 coming to the Moon T 270 and Node O 090 timelines; looking for some Moon juice
2:16 getting a dip passing the Uranus U180 timeline.
2:07 I am long one from 1096, and one from 1101, average 1098.5. My stop is a gainer, so I can afford to wait.
This is critical when trading multiple contracts, because if a trade fails, it can really cost you.
2:03 stop to 1099.25 ; now testing the early highs
1:57 To keep my hotline scoring consistant, I only use 1 contract per trade. But I will carry one through
if it works, which is in accordance with the hotline rules. No one should trade multiple contracts until they
can trade one consistently well.
1:52 The common way of trading multiple contacts is something like Buy 3, take 1 off at 1 point, the second off at 2 points, and let one run.
I don't do that. I make an early entry. If it works, I add again and sometimes a 3rd time. Then I hold them as a move runs, and cover all at once.
1:46 The Venus/Mars flux set the early high and the pulback low. The nex one up is about 1112.25, 75 ( 5x15) harmonic points up frm the low earlier this week.
1:40 bought at 1101.5, stop to 1098 on both
1:37 we are heading into a long weekend, and the candlesticks are small, suggesting a lot of people have left early
1:31 coming to the third trade time. I will probably carry this trade through and a possibly add another
1:23 after a low near 11:00, if the market holds up 2 /12 to 3 hours, usually get a second wave of buying
1:06 this morning we saw the high of the day made on the V 90, H 45, M 45 timeline cluster. At 16:00, we have
the V 0,M 315, H 315 timeline cluster. This energy may hold prices up until the close.
1:02 stop to 1096, break event. Just being patient.
12:55 Today is a "Two Moon Day", with Moon timelines early and late; today near 8:30 and 14:45
These days are often volatile and and one way from Moon to Moon. So we may see a late top
12:52 on the MTRainbow chart, the EXMA's have curled up. Bullish for today.
12:37 stop to 1095. I have now placed a Fractal Grid ( from Chaos Trading Made Easy ) chart in the Certified
Chaos Trader's Room.
12:31 the Certified Cahso Trader's Room is open to the graduates of my 4 main chaos market courses. See -> Courses for details.
12:26 Earlier this week I posted (in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room) a Fractal Of Pi chart showing the August decline was probably over after a harmonic
90 point drop in 26 calendar days. Since then prices have jumped 67 points in 5 days. Quite a change
12:23 hex wheels stabilize prices, and set 12 point quantums. 1098+12 = 1110
12:14 if you have your sound card on and have not blocked autoplay of sounds in your browser, you heard a "duck call".
This is an alert that my hex pattern recognizer has found a hex pattern at 1098. See Hex Wheels Today, right side of the List of Charts page.
Also, for an explanation, read the page Hex Wheels 12:05 we are about to pick up a Green Swan cycle-the up version of my proprietary Black Swan cycle.
This cycle laces through markets. Some times it catches price and takes it with it, sometimes it does not.
When it catches, we get a good move
11:55 this trade is still OK - I may just carry it through the next trade time
11:52 back from breakfast - not much happened
11:33 I'm going to take a break for breakfast; stop is in
11:28 that indicator told me the low at 1093.75 could well hold, letting me use a 3 point stop, controlling risk
11:23 also, there is an indicator from the Chaos Trading Made Easy course that encouraged me to buy. 11:15 pressing a bit-bought 1096 stop 1093; I pressed because on the MTRainbow chart the candles turned white
11:11 turned up as per red -Tide; not enough juice to get above the 110 EXMA yet, so no hotline trade so far
10:58 there was a possible quick continuation sell near 1098. But now from the high I see 7 quick swings down-a small Chaos Clamshell
And also support from the Mars/Venus M/V+225 flux
10:56 also, on the MTRainbow chart, the white 440 minute EXMA is still up, providing support near 1092
10:53 there is a tendencey on a gap up day to pullback into a low near 11:00
This is almost a gap up day, so I'm cautious about selling
10:46 looks like the decline is done, but recent trading is both sides ot the 110 EXMA, so this is a
stay out situation so far
10:32 9+ point drop to the Mercury and Sun M/H+270 flux
10:30 looks like following red -Tide right now. I want to see how we come out of this Tide time.
10:18 If this is a new fractal, there will be plenty of time to find a setup.
Knowing how fractals develope is key to trading chaotic markets. My key tool for that is the Fractal of Pi eMylar overlay.
To get that you need to take the Cash In On Chaos and Fractal of Pi courses. See -> Courses
10:15 on the MTRainbow chart it looks like we have the start of a new down fractal. Apparently it was "sell the news."
10:10 down to the Moon +T000 flux-just below is the +J/+U090 -watching to see if this is support
10:06 watching the astro stuff is hard-you cannot really watch it and trade without a lot of experience and knowledge.
Your brain takes too long to processes all the information. For trades, watching a simple chart is much easier.
See the page Keep It Simple on the right hand side of the ListOfCharts page.
10:01 streak down the V 90 timeline. It is also the Sun H 45 and Mercury M 45 timeline. No follow through on the news pop
9:56 now almost at the Venus V 90 timeline and the Venus +V270 flux - time oppose price and no juice
9:49 at the Mar 90 timeline and Mars +R270 price flux - the Martians have taken control :)
9:42 the Mars (R 90) and Venus (V 90) timelines early in the day have been hot this week; may not be so hot today
9:38 the outcry session is now open-starting quiet-overhead resistance is about 1107 on the J/U +135 flux
9:26 hotline trade times today are 10:43, 12:13, and 14:01. The last one may be the best because Gann's squaring
of price and time says a price move will take an equal amount of time to be absorbed. "Equal" requires a scale factor.
One that works for intraday ES/SP is 3 points/hour. So this 15 point jump should take about 5 hours to be absorbed.
9:20 Most people do not have a clue how they are affected by the earth's electric field. I explain this in
my free eBook, Your Electric Life, found at -> Free Stuff
9:12 just before the report, prices were sitting on the Jupiter J+045/Uranus U+045 electric field flux. The pop up took prices to
Mars R+270/Venus V+270 flux. Pullback to the Moon T+000 flux is probable. Moon juice came from the T+000 timeline.

9:05 unfortunately, after this emotional 15 point jump, the market will take some time to digest the news
making the trades during the outcry session less volatile
9:00 I love the way the news reports explode when they are lined up with the Moon
This possibility was mentioned in last night's email
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/3/2010 11:42:46 AM MT Al****:: Sounds good to me. One can get a good HP laptop at Costco for under $800.
9/3/2010 11:34:56 AM MT EP:: I shall purchase a new computer, I look forward to taking your courses.
9/3/2010 11:16:12 AM MT Al****:: EP-no, I do not have the resources to support the MAC
9/3/2010 10:36:49 AM MT EP:: AL is there a moneytide reader for MAC rather than windows?
9/3/2010 6:38:47 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
9/3/2010 6:34:20 AM MT EP:: Good Morning
9/3/2010 5:14:11 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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