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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:03 out +2 - stop too close -time to call it a day
3:00 stop 56.75 -locking 2 and holding
2:57 stop 58
2:52 stop to 60 - feel awful, so I really wanted to leave, but the chart kept calling me back :)
2:48 stop 61
2:33 I couldn't leave - resold 58.75 stop 61.75
2:16 I'm done for the day - screens will run to close-thanks for coming, see you next week; take a course
2:13 covering 59 for +1, stalled
2:04 afternoon high was exactly 9 points below AM high - 9 points below AM low is 44.75
2:01 stop 61.5
1:46 stop 62.5
1:44 getting sell, sold 60, stop 63
1:42 still stuck between the Moon flux
1:38 -2.5
1:31 bought 63.5 stop 61
1:22 110 EXMa tells me I can put a sell stop at 61, so I'd like to get an buy entry 64 or lower
1:10 back - looks like rally of hope is on
12:07 taking a break now for about an hour
12:02 got a 20/110 EXMA crossing and 110 has turned up -iexpect it to go flat now
11:52 from the high late Wednesday to this low, have a perfectly A=C ABC zig zag
11:47 so far tracking red -Tide ; maybe now get that rally of hope
11:42 1473, 1464, and 1455 are prices set by the Moon and Sun 45 degree separation
11:38 got support on Jupiter flux as Moon A vector squared Jupiter-see the Wheel of Fortune
11:33 don't like the stall -see 7 moves -out +4
11:30 In seeing I was wrong, my knowledge helped - I saw that the 1464/10:00 Moon flus/Moon Timeline was a chaos
strange attractor (beofe 10:000 turned to strange repellor (after 10:00 )
11:22 A key part of trading is to be mentally flexible-the market told me I was wrong in thinking we would rally,
I was wrong in not taking the coninuation trade, and I was wrong in passing - so I gave up being "right" and sold
11:16 stop 58 -locking 2, going for 9
11:13 stop 59
11:11 stop 60
11:09 I sold because I realized the contination sell was about 10:12, and I had missed it-I'm sick today
so give me some slack
10:58 breaking the outcry low triggered a lot of breakout trading programs
10:56 stop 61
10:50 stop 61.5
10:43 OK-sold 60 stop 63 - better late than never
10:40 I'm not seeing things well today-have a bad cold and a pounding headache - good sell there
10:31 passing on first trade -no good setup-next trade time 1:39
10:30 the moon flux at 1464 is acting as an atttactor
10:20 stuck between the +T000 and -T135 moon flux lines - a congestion zone
10:16 back to lower Larson band - too low for a continuation sell - so just watching
10:06 got some Moon juice from Moon timeline
10:00 the 110 EXMA has an upward curl, suggesting a buy setup-but we have to get above it, and it has to turn up
9:47 the low came right on the crossing of the diagonal yellow MoonTide harmonic grid
9:45 looks like support has been found-now I think we see a rally based on the HOPE that the news means
the FED will have to cut the prime rate
9:35 probing for support
9:23 broke that support
9:05 bad jobs report dropped market to Moon flux -first trade may not set up
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/7/2007 1:00:44 PM Mountain DBJ:: Well done for hanging in there Al. Looks like you're about to be rewarded. I got a position sell in at 78.5 yesterday before the close, and if it keeps going the way it has been I'm holding over the weekend to see if the market uncertainty pays off.
9/7/2007 8:54:47 AM Mountain david:: Al, you stated you were passing yet you then took a sell after the moontide was well gone. Not understanding you there, did you use addtl. tools?
9/7/2007 8:33:30 AM Mountain pete:: Al, Charts are not updating.
9/7/2007 5:10:49 AM Mountain DBJ:: Good morning all. It looks like Al's computers were missing him because the screens appear to be stuck. :-)
9/7/2007 4:32:18 AM Mountain mm:: Good Morning all - I'm back - wishing Al a volatile market for the clinic - the gnomes of Zurich send their regards

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