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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:06 stopped -1.25 - I'm done for the day - thanks for coming-screens will run to close -take a course-see you next week
2:05 pretty slow-sitting tight
1:50 stop 1248.25
1:47 check out the XTide2Plus chart -great today
1:45 slow going, but 110 EXMA has now moved above my stop
1:26 stop 47.5 - under the 20 EXMA and the 3 point quantum at 48
1:20 bought 49.5 stop 46.5
1:19 you can start a 9 minute kitchen timer here-if prices don't break last high by that time, they probably will not
1:17 renewed life after passing the Sun-testing the highs-
close to next trade, but I'm just watching for now
1:10 prices go to where traders think they should - thoughts are electric fields - they are attracted to
electric field flux lines set by the Sun, Moon, and planets - knowing where those energy lines are is a trading edge
1:05 one must ask why prices have traded at one price for over an hour - the answer is in Market AstroPhysics
12:49 stuck on Venus and Chiron flux-note 1 and 2 tick 3 minute bars - sign to stay out
12:39 high passing Mercury/Uranus timeline-gone flat-expect modest pullback to 110 EXMA
12:28 I have just posted an interesting chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Chart Room
12:09 note how this high "spiked" the crossing in the yellow diagonal MoonTide Harmonic Grid-high energy point
12:04 this was a great 110/20 EXMA continuation trade - got good curl on 110, rally stayed above 20,
and cashed in before hitting upper band
12:02 covered 1247.75 for +5 - take it when you got it - there may be more, but this target works over timne
11:59 the pit trader's R4 is at 1248.63 (see SP1Day page) -expect some selling there
11:51 up to the Venus/ Chiron flux
11:44 stop 43.5 -like this so far-whne a trade gets som Moon Grease it can fly - 1253 is Moon square price-see Wheel of Fortune
11:32 stop now 42.75 - lots of energy as square the Moon
11:27 1245 is 9 points up from yesterday's late low, both set by the Moon's node
11:25 I did that based on seeing the continuation buy set up as we were passing the vertical red R Mars timeline
Moon is opposing Mars today, making it hot
11:20 not a hotline trade, but I rebought at 42.75 -staying within the diagonal yellow channel
11:16 holding up with slowly rising 110 EXMA-going up, but hard to trade since it lurches and stalls and jerks
11:09- so far this is Completely, Really, Awful Preformance -aka C. R. A. P.
10:52 two things warned me today, even if up all day, might be weak; 1) near end of rising wedge 2) 6 swings in MoonTide = no long trends
10:48 I get out of trades that don't earn their keep - one needs to learn to be patient and abort the weak trades
10:45 aborted for 0
10:35 that minor rally was stopped by the +T225 Moon flux - prices may tend to stick to it
10:24 stop 41.5 now - both the XTide2Plus and the fractal grid from the Chaos Trading Made Easy course say up all day
10:18 turned up again right at the green +Tide turn
10:15 looking better- low was just after the Venus/Chiron vertical timelines-their price flux is at 47.5
10:11 not a lot of juice - stuck on the 1142 Chaos balance price - stop is where it should be-nothing to do but wait
9:58 that support was also off the up diagonal yellow line-the MoonTide Harmonic grid
9:55 found support on 110 EXMA, so stop is in right place
9:47 correction-stop 40.5
9:44 stop 41.5 - under the 20 EXMA
9:40 bought 42 stop 39 on continuation buy
9:30 entering today, we are in a rising wedge pattern going back to he 8/28 low
9:23 preopen low on Pluto/Moon electric field flux
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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9/9/2005 3:55:43 PM Mountain mjs:: Monkey Traders Rule the Markets.

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