The Moon, The Devil, And The Messenger Spark S&P Rally
     Chaos Clinic for 9/9/2022

This chart shows the Market Astrophysics of this week's low in the S&P futures.
It contains arrow for points of interest.

The first day on the chart 9/6/2022is the day after the Labor Day weekend. The S&P still seemed
to be probing for a low. So I was looking for a physical reason for it to turn up.
On that day I noticed this line on the Aspects page on daytrading and pointed it out in the chat room.
9/6/2022 14:02:19 PM EDT Al****:: Helio Moon at 298.35 0.00 to Plut at 297.79 9 6 2022 20 04

This aspect is point 1. Note here the magenta +Mh000 electric field flux line white +Ph000 flux line.
At the same time, the Moon also conjoined the Messenger (Mercury) and The Devil (Mercury). Mercury
goes by that name in many biblical chapters containing coded cycles. Mercury-Moon is the 40 day cycle
mentioned throughout the bible. So I knew this was a powerful cycle.

I learned something new when I divided the Pluto cycle by the Mercury cycle. Their ratio is 1024:1.
that ratio is 2 raised to the 10th power. I realized they are the same note 10 octaves apart.
I learned about this type ratio from "The Cosmic Octave" by Hans Cousto.

These type of flux line cross overs form Strange Attractors/Strange Repellor energy points in the universal energy field.
By point 2, it was clear that this energy point would repel prices upward. I pointed this out in the chat room.
9/7/2022 9:19:37 AM EDT Al****:: FWIW: the overnight low was timed by
Helio Moon at 298.35 0.00 to Plut at 297.79 9 6 2022 20 04
from yesterday's aspect table
add 3600 to the Pluto position gives 3898 as the price of the event - A SA/SR

From point 2 prices rallied 45 points to point 3, then 45 points more to point 4. Ninety point straight up in one day
from +Ph000 to +Ph090 Pluto flux lines, a very harmonic move.

On 9/8/2022 prices met resistance near point 5. Then at point 6 prices spiked off of +Ph045. This came as the
Exchange rotated to oppose Pluto-a perfect 50% retracement. At point 7 the Exchange rotated to oppose the Moon.
The oscillation induced by these finally settle don at point 8 where prices based on +Ph090.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

9/9/2022 12:13:07 PM MT Al****:: done for the day - have a good weekend -takes some courses
9/9/2022 12:12:11 PM MT Al****:: I guess that's because I'm not God :)
9/9/2022 11:58:17 AM MT ...:: Al sometimes your stuff works other times it is completely useless. Have you figured out why it fails.
9/9/2022 11:15:04 AM MT Al****:: lows on Pluto and Moon time lines
9/9/2022 9:12:22 AM MT Al****:: 4077 is +Ph180 up 180 degrees from low on Wednesday
9/9/2022 7:08:07 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. The written Chaos Clinic is on the AUX page.

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