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Here are Al's comments
2:44 passing on last trade-looks like hold up into the close-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
2:42 specialists being aided by the hex pattern in the energy field
2:37 putting sell stop at 43.5; specialists trading out their paper; drop only when they are done
2:35 stuck on square of Mercury
2:33 44 holding
2:32 ready to sell
2:28 watching for a sell setup with some juice ; need to break 440 EXMA at 44
2:24 smells like a head fake- specialists in control; support now up to 45
2:21 got buying-not taking buy for reasons given earlier
2:18 at Tide time-watching for sell; need to break 43.5 to get any motion
2:16 OK, there it is-Sun/Uranus/price/Moon -hex patterns tend to stabilize price
2:14 getting an audible signal that the hex recognizer program has found a hex pattern, but it has not posted a chart yet
2:11 now we will start seeing selling coming in, since the high has held for 2 1/2 hours
2:08 this is where the stock specials like it on Friday afternoon-flat, trading within the range
this lets them adjust their own accounts so they can take the other side of what they see coming next week
2:05 need to break about 43 to get a decline moving well; below the 440 EXMA on Rainbow
2:01 rally failing as come into last Tide time; see high of 1250.75, so 1251.25 could be a stop price on any sell

1:56 just had a 20/110 buy crossing-not taking as a buy because of the double top and fractal pattern
and seem to be on green +Tide
1:54 so far the Tide times have been nearly exact
1:52 tracking green +Tide, so watch for high near 2:18
1:49 retraced 50% of the decline from the top and met resistance-bearish
1:46 the Mercury timeline is near 2:40 as well; watch to see what happens then
1:41 meanwhile, we are stuck near 1245 -the earlier energy center price, and square to Mercury
1:40 I have identified an energy center near 2:40, 1242 using Face of God pattern on MTRainbow chart
1:36 on the Rainbow chart, all of the EXMA's are above 1240-this means a break of 1239 will trigger programmed selling
1:33 that same tool tells me to expect some selling late in the day-may set up the 3rd trade
1:30 a tool from the Chaos Trading Made Easy course helped me decide to take my 5
1:27 the big guys like to keep things calm on Friday afternoon, so we may just hold up
1:23 now I can watch for a break of that low by 2 ticks = 1240.25
1:22 took it because got support at the 10:30 ish low
1:20 OK, took +5-can always resell
1:18 this is the hard part-looking at +5 and not taking it
1:15 stop now to 46-just above the 55 min EXMA
1:08 looks like the 440 will be broken-will keep my stop at the 110 EXMA for now
1:03 right here I just wait-I have a stop for a .5 gain, and time is on my side; the up CC is done
1:00 the 440 EXMA marks the middle of the day-if we go as far below as above, drop to 1230
12:55 stop to 47-getting support on 440 EXMA on Rainbow chart; watch to see if 440 also kinks
12:53 I think this will make 9 or more, judging from the way the 110 kinked -stop to 48.5
12:49 I like the way this started; stop to 49.5, .5 point above the kink in the 110 EXMA
12:47 stop 50.5, adjust to 3 points
12:46 sold 47.5 stop 52.25
12:41 110 EXMA is curling downward
12:35 rally has held up more than 2 1/2 hours, so will attract some buying-question is, how much?
12:33 at the vertical grey Saturn timeline
12:30 support is at 48 ; need to break it by at least 2 ticks
12:25 now watching just the SPKISS chart - have top candle wick at 1252.75, so can put buy stop at 1253.25 if get a sell
12:18 I'm not interested in a continuation buy because of the 2 day double top and fractal pattern
12:13 while waiting, I'm looking for a stop location-broke 54, the broke below it, so 54.5 is a good initial stop price
12:08 coming into second trade time, looking for a 20/110 sell; need to break below about 47.5
11:47 I now see a physical reason for the high, so as I come into the second trade, I know where a buy stop can be placed;
at 1257.5; if I get into a short, that stop should be good
11:42 the high was set by Saturn-see the Wheel of Fortune; the Sun is separting from its conjuntion with Saturn
11:33 so far tracking the red -Tide, and looks like a 2 day up Chaos Chamshell (CC) may have just completed
11:30 on the 3 minute candles, stick traders sold the break of the first red candle
11:28 if fall back below 1254, should see some "double top" selling
11:23 testing yesterday's highs-marginal break so far
11:17 the repell off the SA/SR popped price up so move 7 is normal now
11:07 this suggests the market turns down sometime today-so one of the two remaining trades could set up well
11:04 on the MTRAinbow chart we see a 2 day 7 move up Chaos Clamshell, with move 7 being a "runt"
Move 5 was exaggerated by the Lehman takover rumor late yesterday 11:01 up-could be the high at 11 normal on a gap down day-but holding above 45 suggests market holds up for a while more
10:56 looking like down right now
10:44 watch for the repelling action after 11:00; if below 1245, go down, else up
10:37 I have an energy center at 11:00, 1245; it is acting as a strange attractor(before 11:00)/repellor(after 11:00)
10:34 I'm still reading this as a weak market
10:30 stopped for zero; fine by me
10:28 stop 44; 5 point cover is 49 if get there
10:26 stop 43.5
10:23 stop 42 -just under the 20 EXMA
10:20 got 20/110 buy -bought 44 stop 41; not real optimistic, but must take the signal
10:11 upside looks limited, still may break down-on gap down day like today, often get a high near 11:00, so watching for that
10:10 now trading both sides of 110-so stay out
10:05 time to just watch-all that to-ing and fro-ing went nowhere
10:04 out flat-no go
10:00 resold 39 -stop 43 ; trying to be both careful and patient
being persistant because this is fibrilation, a precursor to chaos
9:57 aborted -1 again
9:55 very noisy
9:48 resold 38 stop 43
9:46 the MTRainbow chart the low was on the white 440 EXMA-needs to break it for a solid decline
9:45 probably should have waited until exact time
9:43 out -1; don't like it
9:39 this is a continuation sell going into the the trade time-sold 1238,stop 1241
9:35 today we have 3 trades: 10:00 12:44 14:18 -so for now just watch
9:24 down more than 15 pts from overnight high-looks like on red -Tide-could get a narrow range after decline bottoms
9:15 Preoutcry is selling off from overnight high
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9:10 Good Morning from Chaos Manor
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9/12/2008 9:23:27 AM Mountain Al:: BLP-look at the SPKISS chart, and read the tutorials, expecially Keep it Simple
9/12/2008 9:18:05 AM Mountain cgm:: looking @yesterday as a bear trap on rollver, shouldn't we rally into Mon. full moon?
9/12/2008 8:41:52 AM Mountain BLP:: hi. i'm brand new and looking at your chart. i have no idea how to interpret it. is there any help for me?
9/12/2008 7:18:25 AM Mountain DBJ:: GM all and good trading
9/12/2008 7:12:38 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today
Chaos Clinic comments appear on the Chaos Clinic, SPKISS, and MTRainbow pages
9/12/2008 7:02:42 AM Mountain BLP:: Is the the chat room for the Friday clinic?
9/12/2008 5:21:03 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day

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