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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:24 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:16 may still get a late decline
3:13 out flat
3:11 stop 96.5
3:07 resold 95.5 stop 98
3:05 stopped for 0
2:55 stop 96.25
2:49 if break 93.5 a lot of programmed selling will kick in
2:43 stop 98
2:42 the Moon timeline in last hour should be hot
2:40 stop 98.5
2:35 price just squared time by Mercury clock -
2:31 Moon flux is resistance overhead
2:23 jumped too soon
2:17 sold 96.25 stop 99.25
2:16 looking for a sell signal
2:14 net movement since first high is nil
2:06 I'm back -see an up Chaos Clamshell with possible 7 moves; 1500 is major resistance
1:17 the next trade time is 2:36 -taking a break- I'll be back then
1:14 out -1.75 ; no go
1:12 stop 96.75
1:06 another set of stops is being parked at 93.75 by the 1 hour candle traders
12:58 still OK
12:49 stop 97
12:47 sold 95 stop 98
12:41 this looks like specialist distribution before a decline
12:37 95.25 holding
12:33 looking weak
12:25 lots of sell stops getting parked at 95
12:19 watching for a 20/110 sell
12:15 looking like a failed breakout
12:10 I want to see how we come out of this Tide turn
12:06 my 15 minute candles are showing top wicks -bearish
12:00 again turned back by -T225 moon flux
11:56 testing the highs
11:43 trading both sides of flat 110 EXMA - congestion, stay out
11:31 have now settled into about a 6 point trading range 1492-98
11:28 at this point I can put a sell stop at 1491.5 in case of an early breakdown
11:22 so far 110 EXMA is tracking red -Tide, so may get a sell setup at 12:15
11:10 that selling pressure has caused the 110 EXMA to curl over - going flat or down
11:00 when we have a gap up (or down), there is a strong tendency for buying (or selling) to come in about 11:00
10:56 rally was stopped by the Moon -T225 flux - it slopes down, so longer term bearish
10:48 I missed a decent buy there because I wan't mentally nible enough - happens- let it go and press on to next trade time
10:41 looks like the rally is topping out
10:28 harmonic 9 point move - looks like on red -Tide
10:20 streak up Chiron timeline - to upper Larson band -and got a hex pattern
10:15 hanging around Pluto/Mars/Sun flux bundle, actina s an attractor
10:11 low was on Neptune flux-probaly hold up to Neptune timeline near 11:00
10:08 very choppy -backing off
10:00 out -1 -bad entry
9:58 sold 1490 stop 1493
9:53 prices up to the 110 -watching to see what the 20 EXMa does-cross or turn down for a contination
9:48 the 110 EXMA is coming down to the point where we may get a decent continuation sell - may try one at a higher
price than 85-for now, watching
9:41 still holding up - no trade yet -now want to see 1485 broken to sell - stuck on Node flux between two Moon flux
9:33 holding up - now a break of 1486 would be a sell - possible continuation sell -waiting
9:22 early drop on economic news and renewed worries about credit crunch- I added an early trade
which may not set up - a break of 1484.75 would induce me to sell-otherwise I'm just watching
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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9/14/2007 7:22:43 AM Mountain Al:: GM all - I second that wish, MM
9/14/2007 4:43:48 AM Mountain mm:: good morning - hoping for good volatility for the Clinic

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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