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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:51 Done for the day - thanks for coming - take a course- see you next week
3:43 covering +5
3:33 stop 42, selling 46.25 limit
3:18 may make it to the moon flux pinch at 1246.5
3:12 since we had a hex pattern early in the day, we may get a 12 point range=1 side of hex-stop 41
3:04 now the bears are starting to panic-stop 40.5 -note how the 110 EXMA is curling steeper
2:59 stop 1240
2:53 stop 1239 -like it so far
2:48 should see some short covering in last hour
2:32 not much-at 3rd trade time-I'm just going to hold this one
2:18 coming to the crossing in the diagonal yellow Moontide Harmonic Grid-watch for it's effect
2:12 that flux bundle at 40.5 is proving to be strong - fly if get above it
2:02 a 9 point range takes us to 1245 - set by Moon's Node-Node timeline coming up
2:01 now looking good - stop 38
1:49 changed my mind and bought 39.5 stop 37.5
1:46 holding up, now may rally a bit
1:40 looking weak, but volatility is very low-note 1, 2, and 3 tick 3 minute bars - passing on this trade
1:31 nothing yet-1239.25 resistance has held for over 2 hours -longer= stronger
1:01 no trade setup yet -trading both sides of 110 EXMA
12:51 got marginal buy crossing - may set up a "hook and go" - hook the buyers, then dump
12:47 move 4 in down Chaos Clamshell -prices above 110 EXMA-watch 20 to see if it stays below
12:34 coming to next Tide turn-watching for a continuation sell
12:09 there is the increased energy-note high exactly on Moon timeline-sketch 7 moves down from high for Chaos Clamshell
12:00 so far gap up, ran up to M/H/P flux bundle, couldn't take it out -may try to close the gap
11:45 not much to do but wait for the next Tide turn - by trading only near Tide turns, one does not over trade
11:32 watch for a little more energy as we pass the vertical yellow T+180 Moon timeline
11:20 when it is boring , back off and observe loosely-chaos follows boredom
11:12 Since the sun flux set the high, there is a high probability that the move is down to 1:00 sun timeline
11:03 looks like red -Tide is working
10:49 at this point, mechanical systems will have decided trend is flat. Breakout systems
will buy break of highs, sell break of lows
10:42 hex pattern recognizer just identified stable hex of Neptune/Jupiter/Saturn/Node/Pluto -says flat for now
10:35 aborted -2-no go
10:28 dip was exactly on Neptune timeline
10:24 still OK -have to be patient here - still above 110 EXMA
10:12 bought 40.5 stop 37.5
10:08 continuation buy setup - watching a bit more
10:05 coming to a crossing in the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid-should move after passing that
10:02 that low was precisely timed by the vertical Satrun timeline. Watching to see how we come out of the Tide turn
9:54 that did not hold - dipping into Tide turn
9:52 support came on Uranus electric field flux
9:47 that set the high-now down to the 110 EXMA-this type opening usually means flat to down day
9:35 opening on Mercury/Sun/Pluto flux bundle
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/16/2005 12:44:23 PM Mountain Ben:: No low hanging bananas today. May have to settle for a few berries.
9/16/2005 12:38:10 PM Mountain mjs:: Monkey Trader looking for Bananas and CocoNuts. Go Red Go green Turn on the Tides Yea Chaos Go Go go

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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