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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:07 I'm done for the day. Thanks for coming. See you next week. Take a course
3:04 out for 0-no juice at all
3:02 passed the Moon T90 timeline; have Mars R0 and Venus V0 left
2:53 not a move to write home about :)
2:46 slow mover -stop to 1120, just under the 440
2:37 this little run up is right where the Fractal Grid said it should be; so my fitting of the eMylar overlay is good
2:36 stop to 1119, just under the 880 EXMA
2:35 now the EXMA's are diverging on the MTRainbow chart; bullish
2:30 note that trade now is mostly staying one side of the 110 EXMA, and on the MTRainbow chart the candles are white
2:24 in a dull market, the Fractal Grid is the eMylar of choice. It says hang tight.
2:22 note where I am now-if stopped, I have .25 for the day. That's why taking 3.5 early was good.
At first I got caught up in the excitement and tried for 9. But I came to my senses and took the 3.5
2:13 elected long 1121.25 stop 1118
2:11 on the MTRAinbow chart, the 440 and longer EXMA's are still up; watching for any acceleration
2:05 Dullness follows chaos, and chaos follows dullness
2:03 second trade a pass; now in the third trade window-have buy stop at 1121.25, adjusting to 1121.5
1:58 the SPBias has turned bullish-see the SPBias chart, left side of ListOfCharts page
1:53 440 EXMA is very flat; that may change after 14:30, when we often get some short covering
1:43 moving buy stop to 1121.25
1:41 the Fractal Grid is taught in the Chaos Trading Made Easy course.
1:40 I have placed a Fractal Grid chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's room.
This room is open to graduates of my four main trading courses. See>Courses for more.
1:34 1118 held, so it is a good place for a stop if I get elected long
1:32 looking bullish
1:27 on days where there are 3 trades, the middle one is often a pass
1:25 held up; not much juice
1:18 dipping into the trade time; waiting to see how we come out of it
1:09 putting a buy stop at 1121.5; if elected, my sell stop will be 1118
1:02 I'm not interested in selling-we've held up too long. I'm only interested in buying if we get above the Moon flux
12:59 coming to the Sun H0 timeline, then the Uranus U180 timeline; could change the tone
12:50 when the EXMA's are flat and tangled like now, one cannot trust the shorter EXMA's for signals; need to see real movement
12:40 on the MTRainbow chart, watch for the 440 and longer EXMA's to curl upward
12:34 I'm back; looks like next trade time may give a buy setup
12:15 taking a breakfast break
12:12 made it just above the Moon flux
11:57 we now have a higher low; it came off the red 880 EXMA; looks like we hold up
11:44 coming to Mercury timeline and the Moon flux crossover; watching to see if we can get above the Moon flux
11:31 getting ripples in the 110 EXMA with prices trading both sides of it- chop-stay out. Next trade time is 13:22
11:23 got another Hex pattern alert-decline stopped on Saturn, then bounce up to Mars/Venus, one corner of the hex
11:09 got enough buying to curl the 440 EXMA back up. This suggests the market at least holds up today
10:52 This is a countertrend rally following a thrust move; may see more decline later on
10:45 Looks like settling down into a trading range; I expected chop. Here it is
10:37 out for +3.25-don't like the stall; the 440 is flat
10:33 on the MTRainbow chart, trading below the white 440 EXMA; trying to be patient; not my strong suite
10:23 bounced up and found resistance on the Moon flux pair
10:16 getting a bit of a stall, but the 20 and 55 EXMA are down, and I have locked in a small profit, so I'm sitting
note that my stop is above the crossing yellow Moon flux lines on the SPSunMoonMEr cand Chaos Clinic charts
10:11 stop to 1121-range now 9 points-to Node +O270 electric field flux
10:08 trying for 9-got 5 pretty quickly; putting buy limit at 1112.5
10:04 on the MTRainbow chart prices penetrated the white 440 EXMA vertically, turning it down. Bearish for the day
10:03 stop to 1122, lock .5
9:59 Consumer sentiment worse than expected; note that prices weakened before the report
9:57 stop to 1124
9:53 sold 1122.5
9:52 putting buy stop at 1128
9:51 dropped to Mars +R000-watching for a 20/110 sell
9:47 getting a hex pattern alert- see Hex Wheels Today- set by Mercury, Mars/Venus, and Pluto/Node
9:43 early highs set by Node +O315. trading right on the 110 EXMA
9:40 Early trading up 9 points for yesterday's average; looks like choppy day with 5 Tide times
Trade times 09:57, 13:22, 14:24
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/17/2010 9:04:13 AM MT Al****:: I don't see a decent one
9/17/2010 8:47:59 AM MT EOE:: Is there a FOP in play here from overnight high?
9/17/2010 8:25:43 AM MT Al****:: no, I just use the standard Interactive Brokers TWS
9/17/2010 8:20:08 AM MT MJ:: Dr. Larson, do you use hotkeys to enter/exit your trades?
9/17/2010 8:03:54 AM MT EP:: GM
9/17/2010 7:44:36 AM MT mm****:: Mich Sentiment at 9:55 may move the market
9/17/2010 7:06:19 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
9/17/2010 6:02:20 AM MT EOE:: GM everyone. its another beautiful morning. good luck
9/17/2010 5:43:15 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day - I hope we get better volatility for Al's clinic - the last four days have been stinkers

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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