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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:12 out -.25; too dull; done for the day; thanks for coming;s ee you next week; take a course
3:10 easily the worst day trading day in months
3:04 last leg of green +Tide is down, which is why I'm hanging around
3:01 this 2 day top looks like the 2000 top on the daily chart
3:00 got the choppy, congesting, inside day I expected
2:53 no juice left in the pruneR 2:39 on the MTRainbow chart we are now looking at a quadruple top-bearish longer term
2:32 sold 1065 stop 1067; high came on Mars timeline; and my up Fractal fractured
2:31 stopped for -.5
2:28 after 2:30 may get some short covering
2:21 it could also just collapse-stop is as close as possible
2:18 may make it up to 1070
2:15 stop to 1065
2:07 this trade is the 3rd and last trade for today
2:03 updated my CCT Room chart
2:00 just watching the KISS chart now-the 110 EXMA is up and accelerated
1:50 stop 1063.75
1:48 continuation buy at 1065.5 stop 1062.5
1:39 looks like tracking green +Tide now. Don't see a trade yet
1:25 interesting - AM high on Node, PM on Mars, as Mars transits natal Node
1:20 peaked as passed cluster of timelines
1:17 1065 is the Mars flux-I associate Mars with "Gritchy", which is true today
1:11 in last hour, traded both sides of 110 EXMA, an indication to stay out
1:02 at second trade time-looking like a high in a 2 day contacting triangle
12:40 aborted at 63 for -3.75 ; waited too long
12:33 looks like I could have waited
12:16 lots of chop-bounced back up to the Mercury flux fo give it a GBK-good bye kiss
12:06 I view this as a continuation of the first trade-all I did was sidestep that congestion
12:00 elected short at 1059.25-putting stop at 1064
11:58 Sun/Moon still holding it up
11:51 looking weak
11:39 updated my FOP chart in the CCT Room
11:33 testing Moon/Sun-putting sell stop at 1059.25 11:31 early had greed +Tide, now red -Tide. I expect we end the day on green +Tide
11:28 we have a top yesterday, a failed test of it today, and now congestion
suggests a decline after the distribution ends
11:16 may resell if me make a new low
11:06 MTRainbow chart shows support off the 880 minute EXMA-if broken should get a decent drop
11:04 market has gone flat and dull-stay out
10:59 blip up on Neptune timeline-chop due to Exchange opposing J, N, C conjunction
10:50 whacked by the Chiron timeline-vertical red C line
10:46 on the Chaos Clinic chart the yellow 30 degree sloping lines are the MoonTide Harmonic Grid
They stopped the rally and the decline, forming a converging triangle ending about 2:15
10:36 support came on Sun/Moon price-now look for a mov3 up until Sun/Moon time at 13:00-range may narrow
10:33 stopped for +2
10:30 stalled between Moon/Sun and Mercury flux
10:23 close to exact time-stop to 1063
10:19 posted a Fractal Of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room-open to those who havetaken my 4 main courses
10:07 stop to 1063.5 -trying for 9
10:03 down to the Mercury flux-just below is the Sun/Moon flux
10:01 stop to 1065-break even-I like the spead of this move
9:58 stop to 1066-so far so good
9:53 stop to 1067.25
9:39 looks like getting a trade going into the Tide turn-pressing a bit-sold 1065 stop 1068
9:37 hmm-hex chart not up yet
9:34 high set by Node electric field flux line; and got hex pattern recognized-see hex wheels today on ListOfCharts page
9:32 rally got whacked on the outcry open
9:23 trading inside yesterday's range-may get an inside day
9:12 today we have 3 trades: 10:31 13:03 14:21
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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9/18/2009 7:14:53 AM MT UNI:: GM All
9/18/2009 7:11:54 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
9/18/2009 5:24:30 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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