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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments

3:14 I'm done-thanks for coming-see you next week-take some courses

3:13 covered for +5

3:06 OK, stop held - now time to cash in on chaos

2:46 sold 1953 stop 1956

2:20 watching for a 20/110 continutation sell

2:18 aborting for -1 ; may resell

2:08 just missed my stop by a tick - too close-moving up to 1954.5-just above the 110

2:03 some buying at the S2 pivot

2:00 note how the EXMAs are diverging now - now I can lower the stop to 1953 - just above the 55 minute EXMA

1:58 stop to 1955 -risk is now $150

1:54 Velcro ripping-I will just try to ride this one

1:52 stop now to 1956

1:47 after 2:30 I expect a second wave of selling

1:41 short from 1952 stop 1957, lowering to 1956.5

1:39 about to move sharply

1:37 what I like here is that trade is staying below the 110

1:33 my stop looks too close-moving stop to 1957, above the 110

1:31 failure to rally there means the trend is now down to the clsoe

1:24 taking 20/110 continuation sell at 1952 stop 1955 going into trade time

1:23 stopped for 0 - fun to watch though

1:18 the Moon +T180 flux is slowly lifting prices

1:10 from the low we have a rally and a pullback with a higher low-an AB of an ABC or 12 of 7 in a Chaos clamshell

1:07 now the EXMAs are turning up

1:05 stop to 1953; break even

1:03 passing solar noon - often is a significant point during the day

1:00 my risk on this trade is $75 - pretty easy to write a check for that

12:55 now I have a Face Of God pattern confirming the setup

12:48 bought 1953 stop 1951.5 - a CTME setup

12:42 OK, not yet

12:40 in the Chaos Trading Made Easy course there is a technique that would buy right here at 1955

12:34 taking a break now until near the next trade time

12:26 probing for support on the Moon +T180 electric filed flux line; if you just look at the Moon flux lines, this
is a 50% pullback

12:23 in hindsight I should have either take 5 points or pressed my stop just under the green swan

12:19 the market has now held up for 3 hours, so it is flat to up for the rest of the day

12:16 Not taking the 20/110 sell ; I make one try and that it is enough

12:18 OK, stopped out - held it too long

12:08 may get stopped, but sitting tight - I've lowered my risk to $175

12:05 now a Face of God pattern says this dip ends near 12:20; trading down to the S1 pivot price

11:57 here we got above the 220 minute EXMA, but still below the 440, which is flattening
it needs to curl up

11:51 Green Swan rally-Green Swan ends day near 1980

11:48 raising stop to 1957.5, one tick under last low

11:45 the risk there is $250; a technique for accepting the risk mentally is to write a check for that amount; due to trading coach Mark Douglas-Trading in the Zone; recently passed away

11:40 bought 1961 stop 1956 for now 20/110 continutation

11:37 I have a Face Of God pattern suggesting this dip ends near 11:45

11:32 some selling - I think this is a small congestion that ends near the trade time

11:27 in the trade window now -110 is up and 20 is above it -waiting a bit

11:05 from the low 7 small moves up - rally may be ending - pretty short 90 minute fractal

10:50 support on the green swan line - the Rainbow of EXMAs is converging

10:43 pullback of 9 points in a few bars - challenging

10:34 It looks to me like the next trade time might work-it is about the time that a second wave of buying
would come in if the low holds - get that from doing my own Chaos Trading Made Easy homework

10:32 popped up to the 220 minute EXMA then faded; watching for it to settle down now

10:31 pretty volatile - hard to use close stops

10:13 turning up, but I'm going to wait for the second trade time

10:02 the trend is down, but market is probing for a bottom

9:53 from the low have a rally and pullback-possible 1-2 of 7 moves in an up Chaos Clamsehll

9:46 I'm not in any hurry to do anything yet

9:39 had a red swan/ green swan crossing just now, and buying off of the S2 pivot price

9:08 market down overnight; trade times are 09:49 12:07 14:10 ; first one is probably too oversold to trade

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9/18/2015 8:00:52 AM MT BBB****:: GM all
9/18/2015 6:27:00 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day
9/18/2015 6:15:59 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today

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