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Here are Al's comments
1:40 that's my planned trades for the day, so I'm done-I did not get a good night's sllep, so I need a break
there will not be a chaos clinic next week-I will be out of town-see you in 2 weeks-tanks for coming-take a course
1:35 looks like a roll over
1:22 fractal comes from the word fracture-meaning fractal patterns can be broken; here the 7 moves up can morph into
an ABC correction
1:19 backto 1260=Sun; The fall equinox sets this price
1:13 in hindsight, taking the +15 ( equivalent to the normal +5) would have been better-remember for next time
1:10 stop hit for +6.75 ; tried to get past move 4 but failed; may rebuy later
1:05 in about 30 or 40 minutes, should see a second round of buying come in
1:03 price on Sun flux at solar Noon
12:55 stop held-so far so good
12:48 trendline under the lows ends the day at 1287 - would be nice if it holds
12:45 selling slowed it down-looks like starting move 3 pullback
12:33 chewing through the selling; stop to 57.5
12:31 stop to 56.75
12:28 63, moving stop to 54
12:25 now at a critical point-getting selling off the opening high after 2.5 hours
12:18 the 110 EXMA is now at 1251.8 - I will let it get past my stop before I move the stop
12:13 this is move 3 up-in order to hold for the whole pattern of 7, I have to get past the move 4 pullback
12:10 A normal 5 point target is now a 15 oint and a normal 9 is now a 27
12:07 stop 1252 -under Moon T+90 flux and at 55 EXMA
12:03 stop to 1250, at the 110 EXMA
11:57 looking good- stop to 48 -trailing by 9, rather than 3
11:54 the low was the start of a new fractal up; it should have 7 moves, this is 3
11:48 the price scaling shows me that we have tripled in volatility-what was a 9 point move is now 27
So I will try to adjust my trading parameters by tripling them-best I can do under these conditions
11:45 on the MTRainbow chart we have 6 of 7 moves in an up Chaos Clamshell from the low-suggests that we break the high
11:40 bought too soon, but looks OK
11:11 bought 51 stop 45
11:11 getting a 20/110 buy crossing-looking at nature of the pullback
11:00 out flat-all the juice is gone 10:56 stop 47
10:48 stop 48-above the 110 EXMA
10:46 resold 42 stop 50
10:45 stuck on the Moon+45 electric field flux line
10:40 30 minute range has narrowed sharply to 10.25 points -seems like the crowd wants to watch and wait
10:38 got support at the 10:35 Natural Time
10:36 out flat-no go
10:34 coming to the T+270 moon timeline-should add some juic
10:27 resold 45, stop 50; the 440 EXMA is usually the mean of the day-it is clear down at 1213.86
10:15 aborted for -2
10:12 no rally-sold 1244 stop 1248
10:11 a gap up opening normally pulls back into about 11:00
10:08 still watching - waiting for a rally
10:06 range is already over 36 points; at thsi point in the day, a normal range is about 12 points
10:02 price penetrated the 110 EXMA vertically at the top of its rollover- means it has turned down-watching for a minor rally to possibly sell
9:57 the 110 is curling down-watch for it to go flat
9:54 the MTRainbow chart shows a lot of divergence, suggesting a sell, but the key 110 EXMA is still up
9:46 1260 was the January and March low- It has acted like an attractor several times in last few months
9:42 1263 was a price set by yesterday's initial liftoff. We exceeded it due to human intervention-now we
have dropped below it, so the rally is over
9:36 yesterday's low was off of Jupiter-just hit Jupiter on the high
9:31 wild opening-just watching-no way for us ants to trade when the elephants are dancing-watch the Wheel of Fortune
9:27 MM points out that the halt is in the ES up 65
9:22 there are a whole new set of rules for stock trading-the game has just been changed-when this happened in 1987 I took a month off
9:11 looks like we hit a trading halt on the DJIA up 500; but looking at the NYSE rules I don't see one that fits
9:04 market up 65 points from yesterday's close-this is far, far beyond our normal trading parameters-first hotline trade will not setup

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/19/2008 12:14:47 PM Mountain DBJ:: Out +4. Have a good weekend everyone, and have a good trip Al.
9/19/2008 12:02:56 PM Mountain DBJ:: Stop now at 53
9/19/2008 11:43:37 AM Mountain Al:: Enjoy the weekend, TG. Thanks for your many comments this week.
9/19/2008 11:42:29 AM Mountain DBJ:: You have a good weekend too TG. Sold 55.
9/19/2008 11:39:26 AM Mountain TG:: Yea, but today is quadruple witching. I Recall looking back at lots of these and finding the afternoons to be less than hospitable to trend followers. At least they weren't so great for me ;-) I had a very good week without the benefit of any gains of more than +9. I'm gonna call it a day and be satisfied. Have a good weekend everyone.
9/19/2008 11:17:28 AM Mountain DBJ:: Good one TG. It's looking like this move 4 was 1.6 x the length of move 2, so our main move 7 fractal still looks good!
9/19/2008 11:12:37 AM Mountain TG:: passed on first trade, 2nd trade 0 and +7.
9/19/2008 11:08:04 AM Mountain DBJ:: Out for +7
9/19/2008 10:30:50 AM Mountain DBJ:: Am now moving my stop in line with Al
9/19/2008 10:01:38 AM Mountain DBJ:: Stop 54. I'm sticking to the usual 3 point trail because I'm expecting this move 7 to be less dramatic than the earlier moves. I hope it isn't though! :-)
9/19/2008 9:55:58 AM Mountain DBJ:: Stop 52. Locking in 2.
9/19/2008 9:51:06 AM Mountain DBJ:: Stop now 50
9/19/2008 9:44:58 AM Mountain DBJ:: Rebought 50.
9/19/2008 9:35:28 AM Mountain Al:: yes, but under these extreme conditions it is not a good indicator
9/19/2008 9:29:14 AM Mountain Arb:: Hi Al, just curious, isn't the bias negative ?
9/19/2008 9:24:19 AM Mountain DBJ:: Out -2. Not ready yet.
9/19/2008 9:20:42 AM Mountain DBJ:: Stop 50
9/19/2008 9:17:16 AM Mountain DBJ:: Bought 52, stop 49
9/19/2008 9:07:07 AM Mountain DBJ:: I agree that it looks like we need a move 7 up. We seem to have started it now, waiting to see a bit of a pull back for an entry.
9/19/2008 9:00:38 AM Mountain TG:: from yesterday's low, this looks like there still needs a move 7 to complete up CC. Probably lower high but in the 1260s.
9/19/2008 8:55:39 AM Mountain DP:: Al, I just have to say (again) you and your forecasts are amazing!
9/19/2008 7:24:31 AM Mountain mm:: I understand that the es hit the 65 pt up limit
9/19/2008 6:54:33 AM Mountain Al:: thank you-right out of the Chaos Trading Made Easy course
just hit 1263
9/19/2008 6:38:58 AM Mountain DP:: GM AL, Your 1263 target from yesterday is almost there. Great job!
9/19/2008 6:28:39 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today
9/19/2008 6:09:43 AM Mountain DP:: GM All and good trading today.
9/19/2008 5:19:30 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day
9/19/2008 4:16:43 AM Mountain DBJ:: GM all and good trading!

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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