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Here are Al's comments

1:34 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course

1:32 the 3 minute candlesticks are 1 tick - time to quit - covering my long for -1.5 and passing on the hotline trade

1:30 flat as a pancake

1:21 if we don't get some juice in the next 25 minutes, I'm leaving

1:20 6 point range - pretty much sucks

1:12 on two day charts, this looks like a move 4 of 7 in an up Chaos Clamshell

1:08 I think the low is in, so I expect flat to up into the close

1:04 not much juice today, not uncommon on quad witching day -sag into solar noon going into the equinox

12:59 still treading water

12:50 back up to Sun flux line as come to Sun timeline

12:43 getting some buying as near the Sun timeline

12:37 still in correction - the 110 and 440 EXMA's are pinching together

12:26 squating on the 440 EXMA, so stop is where it should be

12:24 I may get stopped out -looks like may have inverted to red -Tide

12:13 the Sun timeline is at 13:00 , so may stay stuck until then

12:10 stuck on the Sun +H270 flux

11:48 I'm back - see that we are following green +Tide - not a hotline trade-buying 1458.5 stop 1455.5

11:22 not much juice -I'm going to take a break for breafast

11:20 I have placed a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.
eMylar Fractal of Pi overlays help you be patient, since they show you future potential moves.
The best bargain in my courses is to take the Cash In On Chaos and Fractal of Pi courses and
learn to use the FOP overlay

11:16 on the MTRainbow chart, the white 440 EXMA is up, providing support near 1455.75

11:02 "Gap up, buy a low at 11:00" may be in play here - doing nothing -no juice so far

10:59 this looks like the dip in the green +Tide

10:57 range about 4.5 so far-I figure a trade can make about 1/3 of that, so trade potential is about 1.5 pts -not great

10:52 coming into the 11:13 Tide time - watching for signs of a rally - not sure this zombie can move

10:40 very narrow range so far

10:35 these flux lines are usefull for setting stops - here the Sun flux is support, so any long
could be protected with a sell stop at 1457

10:22 on the SPSunMoonMer chart, you can see trade is between Sun +H270, Moon -T00, and around Mercury +M270 flux
This is a congestion zone

10:15 on the MTRainbow chart the trend is up - it has a gap up, which has a tendency to stall or pullback until 11:00

10:13 whoops-been typing the comment times in Mountain-should be Eastern, like the times on the charts

9:57 found support on the 110 minute EXMA, 20 and 55 turning up

9:48 there may be a trade near the 11:13 TideTime. My trade selection software did not pick it, so it is
is not a hotline trade. I may trade it if it looks good , just for teaching purposes

9:44 the early upswing was stopped by the Moon -T000 electric field flux line

9:41 right now it looks like we'll congest for a while

9:32 on the equinoxs, prices tend to hit a Sun flux - 1458, 1476 are the two nearest ones

9:29 on a daily chart, we are in a fast rally, and look to be ending a 4 day correction

9:22 early trading looks positive

9:15 we only have two MoonTide times today; 11:13 12:55
and only the second one was selected by the trade selection software as a trade time
no economic news and quadriple witching day may make this a dull day
But --- Chaos follows dullness, and it has been dull all week

9:12 Good Morning. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. This site has a lot of charts,
so you may find it useful to have several of them available within your
browser. If you have a tabbed browser, you can open separate charts
in separate tabs by right clicking on any link, and selecting "open in new tab"
from the menu. The main list of site pages is at
Recommended pages to watch are SPKISS, MTRainbow, and Chat.
For astro stuff, add SPSunMoonMer, Wheel, and Chaos Clinic.
Chaos clinic comments appear at the bottom of the SPKISS, MTRainbow,
and ChaosClinic pages. Comments in the chat room are announced by a
"duck call" noise. This noise also occurs when the sofware detects a
resonant hex pattern on the Wheel page. Trading tutorials
are on the righty side of the ListOfCharts page. One should
read Trading the MoonTide Tutorial and Keep it Simple as a minimum.

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/21/2012 11:53:07 AM MT BBB****:: So they make DMSO in pill form? I have never seen that and want to make sure we are talking about the same stuff. Would it be OK to call and talk to you? If so you have my email - just send me your phone number...I really appreciate it.
9/21/2012 11:32:28 AM MT mm****:: BBB - everything internally
9/21/2012 11:23:17 AM MT kb1:: would imagine the distinctiveness of the moves, even though small, would probably fit one of your daily "natural time" trading chart patterns...
9/21/2012 11:18:02 AM MT kb1:: looks like the coding before the time is coding for the program, but there is a p between the less than greater than signs...
9/21/2012 11:13:24 AM MT kb1:: 1:08 is you're last comment in the area way below the chart, but 12:26 looks like your last post right below the chart with the 12:26 time having a

posted before it.....
9/21/2012 11:11:19 AM MT kb1:: Al, don't know if it's just my feed, but the Chaos clinic chart doesn't seem to be updating (about 45 min behind), nor your comments just below the chart, though i can see your most recent comments below that last one i think was at 1:04...
9/21/2012 10:34:33 AM MT kb1:: FWIW, the range since last Fri has been 24+ points (1468-1443.50), with today's high (1462.25) about 6 below the high set last FRI....and todays 2 "low" or bounce points so far in the 1456 area (Actually 1455.25 and 1456.25) or about 6 off today's high and 12 off of last week's high...sorry so long a post to mention such basic info
9/21/2012 10:30:36 AM MT Al****:: kb1-I have recovered and am doing fine now, thank you.
I mostly use horizontal ellipses around congestions
9/21/2012 10:17:43 AM MT kb1:: Obviously after the fact it's easy to get an ellipse to fit into a chart, sometimes repeating size ellipses. I've always been interested in figuring out where the 2 foci are on the chart. I figured if I could figure that out or maybe why those points "develop" or are "always there" just waiting for prices to get into their "gravity field" as it where, you could then look more for the cause and then anticipate where they might show up again. Have you ever done a study in that regard or thought about it (maybe not in the same terms i used here :) )thanks
9/21/2012 10:13:37 AM MT kb1:: Hello Al and everyone...Al, hope you doing better or are's been a few a while since i've been here...Al, I know you've done some work with ellipses, or at least shown or put them in some of your charts.
9/21/2012 10:10:22 AM MT BBB****:: But you use it as a salve or a cream, correct? Dimethyl Sulfoxide?
9/21/2012 10:02:21 AM MT mm****:: BBB - I take it routinely, every day, it's one of my 3 doz.+/- supplements - and still no prescription meds
9/21/2012 9:48:50 AM MT JMV****:: taking a cheap shot here, long @ 1458.25
9/21/2012 8:35:07 AM MT BBB****:: mm, you once told me you used DMSO - do you use it by itself or do you use it with anything like crushed aspirin to deliver it into sore spots?
9/21/2012 8:34:00 AM MT BBB****:: Good Morning everyone.
9/21/2012 7:44:45 AM MT sdg:: gm all.
9/21/2012 7:20:06 AM MT JMV****:: Morning all! Hope we get some action today, plan on joining the hotline starting next week : )
9/21/2012 7:20:06 AM MT JMV****:: Morning all! Hope we get some action today, plan on joining the hotline starting next week : )
9/21/2012 7:13:59 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day
9/21/2012 6:45:03 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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