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Here are Al's comments
2:37 that's my 3 planned trades for today-I'm done-don't think much will happen-screens will run until the close
No clinic next week-I'm going to my 40th USAF Academy reunion-see you in two weeks
2:29 one key to trading well is to get up and walk away from the screen after a trade
take a break, drink or eat something, get some fresh air-do not sit, stare, and go brain dead
2:18 out +.25 - remember all those high targets I mentioned-that's "making things up"
and especially note my word "should" -sure sign of mental illusion-use stops to protect yourself from yourself
2:09 stop 1112.75 - we had a little green +tide early, then midday red -Tide-could end on
green +Tide
2:04 so far so good-This is a moon conjoin Neptune move -extreme potential of 1124.5
1:53 a 9 point harmonic move off 1110 low is 1119=pit R4 price
1:51 right here I like that prices is holding above the 20 EXMA-stop 1112
1:45 good example of chaos following dullness
1:32 stop 1111.5-should make Sun flux at 1116
1:29 bought 12.5 stop 9.5 for now
1:26 low on Mercury time suggest rally to 1114.5 Mercury price
1:24 guess the lunch crowd is back and buying-this may be the 1:57 early-watching
1:18 guess I didn't miss anything-still in converging triangle -good time to read a book
Reach Your True Potential, by Sheri Zampelli ISBN 1-56731-484-8 is excellent-if you do all the exercises
12:26 I'm going to lunch -be back in about an hour
12:21 now as the crew goes to lunch, we tried to rally, then tried to tank, going to lunch flat
12:19 that grid shows a big converging triangle-up line from early low to now, down line off the high
12:15 coming down right to the crossing of the diagonal MoonTide harmonic grid
11:55 red -Tide seems to be confirmed-rally stopped just short of Pluto flux line-suggests
down at least until Pluto timeline -vertical white line near 12:12
11:52 minor rally stopped again on 1113 -watching to see if it rolls over
11:42 the SP2Day chart shows resistance at 1113-today's pit R1 is 1112-on the SP1Day chart
11:25 today's volume is low-my order system lets me watch lot sizes on trades-few big lots
11:20 out +1.25 -now back off and wait for third tide turn this PM-may be on read -Tide
11:17 stop 12.75- 1 tick under the congestion base -20 EXMA can be used as a guide also
11:14 stop 12-
11:06 stop 11.5 - can press stop on fast move, especially whne 110 EXMA "curls" like now
11:00 stop 1110-Two moon Day, so probably up all day or until 1:00-solar noon
10:55 bought 11.5 stop 8.5
10:53 coming into second Tide turn and trade time-any entry now will be for that trade time
10:49 110 EXMA still says trend is up-stuck on /Uranus price-Uranus vertical timeline at 11:12
10:43 continuation buy setup-still in trade window-still watching
10:36 1110 base on this congestion-suggests another attempt to rally-volume is low
10:25 stalled on the Uranus electric field flux line
10:09 that high was exactly on the +MoonTide high-but not far enough so as to be out of band
10:02 out for 0
10:00 stop 1110-if on green +Tide, this rally could collapse
9:53 stop 1109 - this is the streak anticipated in the email -started 22 minutes before 10:00-end 10:22??
9:50 stop 1108
9:48 bought 1110 stop 1107
9:44 slow rally -20/110 EXMA crossing but 110 EXMA is flat
9:31 quiet opening-may be dull day
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

9/24/2004 12:39:00 PM Mountain mjs:: Next time is 3:15 but not on the play card for strategy. Most times seem to have been early today by 30 min. So I am looking for a set up or something but don'e see much
9/24/2004 12:26:57 PM Mountain mjs:: My Grand Mother had a similiar saying for making things up like don't count your chickens till they hatch. Same ideal
9/24/2004 12:22:05 PM Mountain mjs:: If S&P went to 1125 the chart would start to conform my forcast on the 14the sor a several day fractal. But the gaps were troubling to me or the big drops even though not outside the CIOC clamshell I drew.
9/24/2004 11:37:52 AM Mountain mjs:: This looks a lot more like a streak to me than the first move this morning. Slope way up on 20EXMA. Times seam to be early today.
9/24/2004 11:27:51 AM Mountain mjs:: If I understand the strategy from 1:30 on and especiall near 2:00 expect a move with EXMA and where trading balance is (above or below EXMA) to give direction up/down. Then look for a curl in 110 Exma and slope of the 20EXMA. Now balance not tipped.
9/24/2004 10:22:40 AM Mountain mjs:: From other trading I am use to selling tops buying bottoms vs waiting for cross over. As not near any "strategy" time frame no trade now?
9/24/2004 10:03:46 AM Mountain mjs:: looks like following the red harmonic line so look for possible bounce at Pluto and setup even though strategy is to trade at 1:57 tide turn
9/24/2004 9:33:38 AM Mountain Al:: mjs: the planets are interesting, but I think one needs to understand chaos first, so my suggested course sequence for bread and butter traders is Cash In On Chaos, Fractal of Pi, then Face of God. For the merely curious about planetary stuff, Finding Astrocycles eith an Ephemeris and Trading Moneytides videos are good.
9/24/2004 9:06:45 AM Mountain mjs:: Looked at lots of "DA Moon" pages but which course is best to get a better understanding of the mooon and planet energy and effect?
9/24/2004 8:57:07 AM Mountain mjs:: I did some 5-10 day forecasts from the CIOC info. Still a bit confused on "balance" areas and then Fractals but my forecast off Fri 14 shows higher S&P but the large drops since then make me wonder if I have the Fractal placed right. The shorter term legs of my analysis are right on the CIOC data.
9/24/2004 8:38:30 AM Mountain mjs:: Thur the MK tanked early and then was sideways. I don't get the email yet but wondered when "news" trumps plans if it good to stand aside. But Wed I would have stood aside and you had a net gain. Since this is a system is it always best to trade it?
9/24/2004 8:22:52 AM Mountain mjs:: thanks, but now it looks like my idea of a SAR would have been wrong. Best stay with the rules.
9/24/2004 8:20:15 AM Mountain Al:: The T lines are Moon Electric field flux lines
9/24/2004 8:19:51 AM Mountain Al:: mjs-it's never bad to press one' stop. But do not try to "read" the tides-if the 20/110 gives a signal close to the time, you take it. Then you manage your stop. Yes, there are other trades you might see, and SAR, but we don't try to get every twitch.
9/24/2004 8:11:23 AM Mountain mjs:: trading per Quality Improvement criteria. But! is it heresy to anticipate the collapse and SAR at the +Green Tide? Last two Chaos Fri days I saw trades I'd gottne out or by with QI it was stp. Is this just "making up stuff" per the email rules
9/24/2004 7:54:58 AM Mountain mjs:: Novice Ques: what do the "T" lines stand for? T180, T270, T480
9/24/2004 7:35:50 AM Mountain wlj:: up to 1110.75
9/24/2004 7:27:16 AM Mountain wlj:: i forget who was talking about crawford and mid day today. mid day today moon 0 deg nept also al's third tide time.....11th the weekend of hi moon 180 nept ?

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