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Here are Al's comments
2:27 out -1 ; done for the day; thanks for coming; see you next week; take a course
2:25 rebought 40 stop 39
2:11 aborting +.5 don't like the stall; got above -T180 flux but could not hold it
2:05 have seen several hex patterns today -suggests 12 point range -36 to 48
2:00 now looking good; stop 39.5 - now looks like green +Tide in effect
1:56 stop 39
1:53 110 still up - stop where it should be - looking OK
1:43 if this thing can get going, it should at least make it back up to the +T135 Moon flux
1:37 here I don't worry about which Tide I'm on-Tides got me in the time window; then I just watch the tracking indicators and apply the trading rules
1:35 stop 38.5
1:30 1540 is the 315 degree Sun flux - hit just after passing solar noon
1:26 that fast little rally was shown by the Fractal Grid from the CTME course
1:20 stop 38
1:16 bought 40 stop 37
1:11 line of highs at 39.5 - need to break to get me interested
1:04 just got a 20/110 EXMA buy crossing - it needs to hold, and need some juice before acting
12:52 similarly, a second wave of buying should come in during the next hour
12:46 now getting some afternoon selling; usually get a second wave about 3 hours after the first
12:36 turned up with a higher low
12:25 the first high was on red -Tide, second on green +Tide, so getting a mix, which creates a congestion=stay out
12:20 watching to see if the Moon/Mer flux holds support
12:10 turning down on green +Tide turn - near Jup/Ura timelines
11:33 have now gone flat and dull as I expected -may pick up this afternoon near second trade time
11:13 I expected Mer/Moon at 36 would be support for the day - now I expect flat to up
10:54 that was a 45 degree Moon flux to Moon flux "band gap energy jump" from T+135 to T+90
covered when I saw it was over
10:52 covering on stall for +3
10:48 stop 38
10:41 stop 38.5 -just above 20 EXMA
10:38 36 is key Moon/Mercury price
10:33 stop 39
10:32 stop 40 - will cover 35 if get there
10:30 stop 41
10:27 sold 40 stop 43 - 20/110 sell
10:24 back - see I was stopped out
10:00 Whoops- I have to run a quick errand right now- be back in about 30 minutes
9:49 stop 42 - at the 110 EXMA - should not be hit if this is a good move
9:43 bought 43.5 stop 40.5 ; hit 44 9:41 Moon, Mercury, Saturn, Chiron hex pattern keeping prices stable
9:33 I'll buy a move above 44
9:30 20/110 buy crossing on open -waiting a bit
9:16 may be in for dull day unless consumer sentiment or construction spending reports at 10:00 are upbeat
8:52 preopen trading inside yesterday's range
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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9/28/2007 7:14:49 AM Mountain Al:: GM MM et all - good luck today
9/28/2007 5:27:26 AM Mountain mm:: good morning all - have a great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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