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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:26 that is my 3 planned trades, so I'm done-screens will run until close; thnaks for coming; see you next week; take a course
2:24 out +5
2:21 stop 69.5
2:19 actually holding up better on this correction than on the first two - buyers are confident
2:15 stop 69 - may be stalling
2:03 stop 68.5 ; 5 point cover is 72.25
2:01 if you look at the Wheel of Fortune, you see next Moon price is near 1574
1:58 stop 68 as come to the exact trade time
1:49 stop 67
1:34 continuation buy at 67.25 stop 64.25
1:22 on the 20/110 may see a sell, later reversed to a buy in a "hook and go" scenario
1:20 the pit guys are taking a long lunch ; I'm looking for the rally to continue when they come back
1:09 I'm back - looks like the Martians captured the S&P
12:03 I'm going to take a break for an hour or so - I'll be back for 3rd trade
11:53 just got a Mars/Node/Saturn hex resonance - Node timeline started move toward it, Stopped on Mars price
See list of charts->Hex Wheels today
11:45 stopped at Mars price
11:42 out +5
11:36 stop 64; 5 point cover is 67
11:34 stop 63.5 - trade came early, now at exact turn so tighten stop
11:24 stop 63
11:19 stop 62.5
11:17 that small down fractal had a runt move 7, which happens when a longer cycle comes in, fracturing the fractal
fractal is derived from the word fracture
11:13 stop 61
11:05 stop 60.5 ; Jude2 just took a quick point - the 11th win in a row
11:01 bought 62 stop 59 on continuation buy
11:00 holding up going into second trade window
10:48 got support off Neptune/Moon; trading range between it and Pluto/Moon
10:37 5th swing down from high ; 7 will complete a small Chaos Clamshell
10:28 out -2; no go
10:27 Saturn Node time and price
10:22 stuck in mud
10:09 bought 62 stop 59 on continuation buy
9:59 the Aux page is showing the Jude2 trading system I am starting to forward test
it's next signal must be a buy, and prices have to get above 1562
9:56 now may get a continuation buy at a lower price
9:54 seem to be stuck on the Node/Saturn/Venus price noted in the email
9:46 going into first trade time, need a 20/110 sell crossing to sell, or a break above about 1564 for a continuation buy
9:41 have a Jupiter, Sun, Chiron hex pattern auto recognized-hex patterns tend to stabilize prices for a while
9:31 I have posted an XGO forecast chart for next week in the Certified Chaos Trader room
9:20 on a longer term chart, we look to be in move 7 of an up Chaos Clamshell from Sep 10; may make today
somewhat dull with the juice having already been spilled
8:40 rallied up to Moon T+135 ( 3/8 ) price as come to Moon timeline ; strange attractor/repellor
8:24 watch for a streak up or down on the Mercury/Moon timelines when employment report comes out
8:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/5/2007 9:36:23 AM Mountain Al:: closer to 11:00 - runt, so short
10/5/2007 9:30:47 AM Mountain cpf:: 10:32?
10/5/2007 9:29:40 AM Mountain cpf:: Al, were do you see 7 down?
10/5/2007 7:35:56 AM Mountain cpf:: Al, Thank you.
10/5/2007 7:25:56 AM Mountain Al:: cpf: the fractal of the day is largely controlled by the outcry session, so I don't look for a starting point during the "hang on the news" period before the open
10/5/2007 7:06:01 AM Mountain cgm:: spz action similar to spu at its H. missed the 1565 gann cardinal # by 1 tic set back and kater came back to top @ 1566.5
10/5/2007 6:48:18 AM Mountain cpf:: Euro lost at such streak almost from 1.4140 to 1.4060
10/5/2007 6:42:12 AM Mountain cpf:: Al, that streak can be count as up 1?.
10/5/2007 6:13:53 AM Mountain cpf:: GM to all as well.
10/5/2007 6:01:53 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - good trading

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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