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Here are Al's comments
2:48 OK, I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week
2:45 Aborted 1199 -no go
2:35 all I can do here is watch the 110 EXMA -steady down-stop is in-be patient
2:33 not the panic of the past few days
2:11 stop 1200 - now the bears have gained a following -everyone remembers the nasty afternoons this week
2:05 sold 1197.75 stop 1200.75 -this is trade 3, since I aborted 2
2:03 this dullness is balance-chaos is the breaking of balance -any drop below 1198 will attract sellers
1:59 covered -1.5 ; don't like it
1:48 normally, I'd cover on the stall-but this trade is not in trouble-I'll hold it, but not make a third trade
1:39 we are in a converging triangle correction after a thrust up -odds favor it ending with another thrust up
1:33 stop 1198 - stuck in mud
1:25 looking OK - Switched to green +Tide , I think
1:17 may be OK -What made me jump so fast was that this is move 5 in an up pattern
1:15 I forced that entry - happens-wait
1:11 bought 1200.5 stop 1197.5
1:06 past the Sun, still waiting on trade-needs to come soon
12:44 now getting some juice-looking for a buy setup
12:34 this thing may wait until passing the Sun at 1300 to move-pressure is up
12:27 Hex pattern formed by Venus, Node,Mars -Mars is recent support
12:22 now trading both sides of 110-wait and watch
12:20 the 110 EXMA is up - 20 has not dipped below it, so have a buy set up-waiting for juice
12:04 I thing this rally will die out-just in case it doesn't, I can put a buy stop at 1203
12:00 rally attemp fizzled fast-typical in congestions-be very cautious about jumping on these
11:49 the bulls got whacked by the bears most of the week, then they go a rally going, now fighting it out-expect
the outcome later in the day-this Tide turn may not give a trade
11:34 In a congestion, we get mixed Tides - the green and red +/-Tide lines - when balanced they form a
MoonTide Fractal set. If properly scaled, like today, you can see the crossing, or "bifurcation points"
11:07 the midline at 1200 is 45 degrees to the Sun, and 225 to the Node-still hot from the eclipse
The highs are 0 degrees to Pluto, lows 315 degrees to Pluto -everything is 45's => 9 point range
11:05 I just added a chart to the Certified Chaos Trader's room-enjoy
10:50 meanwhile, back in the S&P, tracking the green +MoonTide-next trade time is near 12:20
10:40 If you look at the AUX page, it shows my XTide2Plus EURO forecast and two tracking indicators
In it there was a good XTide2Plus trade on this morning's forecast high near 6:50 Eastern - had a sell near 12195
with a two hour drop to the next turn good for about 45 ticks = $562
10:38 the 110 EXMA is now flat at 1200 -so we have entered a congestion
10:26 glad I took it when offered-bounce right back - the value of targets for intraday trading cannot
be over-emphasized. The dynamic trading range only gives so much on the average.
You can't be a Turtle intraday-you gotta be a Cheetah
10:23 nice vertical streak down the yellow T+90 timeline - the Moon is very hot near solar eclipses.
10:21 +4 - may be more but we only try to take some home and got be a pig
10:18 stop 1203 -need to be patient and get past the Tide turn and see how we come out of it
10:09 by rule, we cover out of band trades at +4, or 1198 in this case
10:08 in a situcation like this, it is not uncommon to get a pullback to the lower Larson band
10:01 the late low yesterday was on a Saturn/Pluto flux pair,rally 90 degrees to another Saturn/Pluto pair
9:54 sold 1202 stop 1204 -bit early but may work
9:50 rally stopped by Pluto flux line-may set up an out of band sell
9:40 this rally started late yesterday on the Mars/Moon timelines, which were together-tosay the Moon has moved, so
they are apart - after passing vertical yellow Moon timeline, the energy should wane
9:36 rally continuing-nice vertical moves on Nepune and Mars timeline -looks like on green +Tide
9:16 early run up to Uranus /Moon flux cluster
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/7/2005 8:05:05 AM Mountain mjs:: Poor Monkey Trader has so manny bananas he can't climb a tree or get out of his trading chair. But his monkey finger can still hit the computer keys and trade.
10/7/2005 7:16:44 AM Mountain Al:: mjs: Good Morning - been great bananna picking this week
10/7/2005 6:56:21 AM Mountain mjs:: CIOC Fight Song: Go Red Go Green Turn on the Tides Go! Go! Go!

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