S&P Tests Late September Highs
    impromptu Chaos Clinic for 10/11/2019

This chart shows a possible Fireball secondary top in the S&P

I entered this week still short the S&P December futures from
3021.25 on Sep 19th. I have been holding the stop at 2996. Today when I saw
that stop hold by 2 points, and saw the arc shape of the move
over the last few days, I looked for a chance to sell again.

I sold at 2981, making my average entry price 3001. With
my stop held at 2996 this is a winning trade even if stopped.
If not stopped it now has more leverage. We shall see how it turns out.

My original plan was to try to stay short into early November as per
my ZD36 forecast.

Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

10/11/2019 1:56:38 PM MT ska:: AL knew it all How it was going to end
10/11/2019 1:47:12 PM MT Al****:: I like the way this is ending
10/11/2019 11:20:51 AM MT Al****:: I posted a quick note on why I sold and what I am trying to do on the AUX page
10/11/2019 10:52:34 AM MT BBB****:: 90 an important Gann number...
10/11/2019 10:39:39 AM MT Al****:: updated the aux page-shows the energy field fireball I saw
10/11/2019 10:20:27 AM MT Al****:: posted chart on AUX page
10/11/2019 10:17:34 AM MT MJ:: Today is the date 90 years ago that the DOW made a massive fall that knocked the market down really hard, it fell for a straight month in an almost waterfall decline. The crash of 1929.
10/11/2019 10:05:10 AM MT MJ:: BEW to answer your question the SP500 just took out the previous swing high on the 1st Oct and this was an area where lots of sell orders were.
10/11/2019 10:00:39 AM MT bew:: I am not familar with SPSunMoon char. are you talking about the vertical lines in the chart m315 etc?
10/11/2019 9:57:34 AM MT Al****:: high in green tide, Moon and Mercury timelines on SPSunMoon chart
10/11/2019 9:53:28 AM MT bew:: so what just happend? was there some news or is this a planetary thing?
10/11/2019 8:39:28 AM MT Al****:: Chaos Clinic chart pretty good this morning
10/11/2019 7:59:15 AM MT Al****:: just had a power hit-hope server stays up
10/11/2019 7:52:56 AM MT Al****:: Hi BBB doing OK thanks
10/11/2019 7:39:24 AM MT BBB****:: GM Dr. AL hope all is well
10/11/2019 7:34:35 AM MT Al****:: I got snow, but balmy 21 here
10/11/2019 7:31:34 AM MT jvj****:: Hopefully, fall returns later today. 13 degrees here now, however did not get significant snow. No shoveling required.
10/11/2019 7:25:41 AM MT Al****:: Hi jvj. Enjoying our deep freeze? 64 degree drop overnight-wow
10/11/2019 6:55:15 AM MT jvj****:: Hello Everyone
10/11/2019 6:46:21 AM MT Al****:: 30 harmonic points overnight , almost to R1, and 2 yellow levels on Secret->esNat360 suggest it may be about spent
10/11/2019 6:38:28 AM MT BOG****:: Dr. Al, what do you think of this rally?
10/11/2019 6:37:56 AM MT BOG****:: Good Morning Dr. Al, and Members

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