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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:12 out -1.25 - noisy, choppy day - done for the day - thanks for coming - see you next week -take a course
3:05 OK, stop 70.5 and just manage it
3:04 whoops-my protective sell stop got hit before I could cancel it so short from 69.25 3:02 aborting -2; stalled
3:00 stuck in the mud
2:51 stop 69.25 -time to start easing it up
2:45 5 runs at 73 -if breaks through could fly
2:37 intraday fractals normally start during the outcry session - so this one started near 9:36 or 10:02
Fractal grid on either says hold to close
2:33 when a market is up and holds up past 2:30, usually see a short covering rally
2:30 XTide at bottom of Chaos Clinic screen shows rally coming up
2:24 watch to see if passing the Mercury/Chiron timelines makes their price flux hot
2:17 I wanted my stop under the sun+90, so it had to be 69 - adding 3 told me I should buy no higher than 72
2:14 nearby hot prices are Chiron at 74 and node at 79
2:04 bought 72 stop 69 R 2:01 have a 20/110 buy setup -watching for some juice
1:43 my intent is to wait until after the Moon T+00 timeline
1:40 back a bit early - still being attracted to Sun+90 price
1:06 I'm going to take a break for about an hour-be back for last trade
12:55 last trade time is near the Moon/Mercury/and Chiron timelines - should make the end of the day fast
12:50 if you look at the AUX page you see my Jude2 autotrader research - it has tried 5 trade and only
had 2 wins-so it is getting chopped - this says to back off - backing off is what the Kelly formula teaches you
12:42 one needs a lot of patience with the Stop and Pee - have to survive a lot of false starts
waiting until the next Tide turn really helps do that
12:33 I aborted because this is a sharp reversal off a Moon flux - can always re-enter
12:32 aborting -2.5
12:27 this suggests an inversion to the green +Tide; not but focus just on the EXMA's - KISS
12:23 continuation buy 73 stop 70
12:19 stuck on the Sun+90 flux as come to Sun time at 13:00
Today the Sun is near 45 to Sat, 216 to Ura, 240 Nep, and 225 Node
12:14 yesterday the hard sell off probably surprised some stock specialists - they need to slow up the decline
to distribute
12:11 need to break about 68.5 to get a sell
12:06 watching for a 20/110 sell crossing
12:06 turned down enough to trigger a sell on my Jude2 system, but not enough to break the up trendline
11:49 turned down on the crosssing in the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid
11:37 right now in never-never land-too far above the 110 EXMA for a continuation buy, and nowhere near a sell crossing
11:34 just below the T+90 Moon flux -may stop the rally
11:30 Going into this Tide turn, I see 7 moves in a possible up Chaos clamshell
11:22 Still working higher as per red -Tide
11:06 another buying run - stopped at the prior high
10:46 the 110 EXMA has flattened out again - mornings have been choppy all week, with best moves in afternoon
10:39 out flat - lost it's momentum
10:31 110 EXMA is tracking red -Tide nicely
10:29 stalled on Sun+90 flux
10:25 stop 68 - half way between the 20 and 110 EXMA
10:14 stop 67
10:10 stop 66
10:07 bought 68 stop 65
10:05 now on hot Sat/Node/Venus timelines
9:55 now the Hex pattern recognizer has picked up a Saturn/Venus/Node/Mars hex - the sign in the sky
noted by the news - Saturn/Venus/Regulus in the morning sky
9:53 the 110 EXMA is flat , suggesting a period of congestion
9:47 If we are going to see a rally, buying should come in about 10:20
9:40 found support on Moon T+045 flux; that flux and the -T225 flux form a congestion zone
9:38 some initial selling - watching for now
9:20 pre-outcry balanced at cardinal 270 degrees
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/12/2007 9:13:11 AM Mountain GTB:: Sorry i mean at 11:02.
10/12/2007 9:11:53 AM Mountain GTB:: Hi AL, at 10:02 on the trade window, the 20 EXMA curl on 110 EXMA, there was a buy?
10/12/2007 7:17:39 AM Mountain Al:: GM all - good luck today
10/12/2007 6:24:08 AM Mountain cpf:: GM to all
10/12/2007 5:54:28 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a good day and a great clinic

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