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Here are Al's comments
2:58 This high may well be the high for the year
2:18 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course-learn to CAsh In On Chaos
2:14 looks like still on green +Tide -so may sag into close
2:12 out +3.5 -don't like the stall
2:04 stop 73 -CTME tools give me price targets of 76 and 80 -again, maybe not must
1:58 stop 72.25-locking 2
1:52 fell off that diagonal dotted white line but have now regained it
1:50 stop 72 - this morning's flat brought out some shorts, who are now covering
1:40 stop 71.5 -I like the momentum now-chaos fullows dulless
1:35 there was a nice continuation buy about 13:20 -I just held through it
1:29 stop 71
1:27 that hex a 1272 is persistant-can rally 6 or 12 points more-half a side, or whole side
1:25 moves in S&P are usually 3, 4, or 6 hours -this rally started at noon, so could run to close
1:17 stop 70.5 -coming to last Tide turn-I may carry this trade through it if it keeps working
1:00 stop 1370.25
12:46 the hex recogizer has picked up a harmonic pattern due to several planets-see the Wheel of Fortune or Hex Wheels Today
12:40 notice the dotted white diagonal line under price -this line acts as a trend line under prices
should it hold for the rest of the day, it ends the day above 1380 -just a maybe, not a will do
12:35 near that price we have Mercury and Jupiter prices-see the Wheel of Fortune
12:26 a 45 degree average day move would be 1268+9=1277 -will take some increased juice to get there
12:21 stop 69-just under 110 EXMA
12:19 looking good, new high for day
12:13 stop 68.5 - pressing because it is so dull
12:11 bias indicator just flipped to bullish-still no real juice
11:54 the bias indicator is now bearish but getting nervous-the bears don't like the up blip
11:52 bought 1370.25 stop 67.25
11:51 getting some-may have a buy setup
11:50 coming into next trade time-watching for some juice 11:28 still trendless; friendless
11:10 my new bias indicator went bearish just after 10:00 -soon it will start getting nervous about that
11:08 I now have support at 68, resistance at 71-balancing at 69.5
11:02 markets fo 3 ways-not two-up, down, and sideways-this is sideways-stay out
10:52 if you are a Certified Chaos Trader, and logged in with last name and email address, you can view a
special live chart in the CCT room
10:33 getting mixed Tides-the V,H,R=Venus,Sun,Mars horizontal flux lines above look to be attactors
10:30 aborted -1 ; not moving
10:27 stop 70.5
10:23 hanging fire, but 20 EXMA has not recrossed 110, so hold for now
10:09 stop 71-trailing by 3 points, taking every tick
10:05 sold 68.25 stop 71.25
10:00 that indicator just turned bearish-have 20/110 sell, waiting for some juice
9:59 I've been working on a bull/bear bias indicator-it is now bullish but waivering approaching panic
9:57 no juice at all - either up or down-stay out for now
9:48 looking weakly bullish - if get above 71 may get stronger
9:42 110 EXMA is flat, trading on both sides of it, so not trade setup yet
9:32 much of what I do is track down the physical cause of market behavior-like "Why has the past week been mostly dull?"
My research has shown that this is due to Venus and Mars close to and on either side of the Sun
9:31 on open have support at 67.75 and resistance at 72
9:16 my early view is that it will be quiet today with a range of about 6 points, holding
up until after 14:00, then sagging-
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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