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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:30 out +9 - may be more but enough for today-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:28 back off to stop 16
3:26 stop 15
3:22 stop 18
3:18 stop 19 -lock 2 ; my 9 point cover is 1512 if we get there
3:16 pretty ugly day-I don't expect many buyers here
3:13 stop looks good- will hold into close if not stopped out
3:06 stop 20
3:00 stop 20.5
2:59 stop 21
2:57 this is a fitting day to honor the Crash of 1987 on it's 20th birthday
2:56 stop 22 - trailing by 5 under these volatile conditions
2:52 frequency doubled again -sold 21 stop 24
2:48 time between minor lows cut in half-frequency doubling-precursor to chaos
2:41 at Tide time-have double bottom - need a move above 24 to turn things up
2:35 now watching for a short covering rally -will trade it if get good setup
2:24 OK, out -1; sit back and watch ; this is the nature of the vacuum cleaner
2:21 stop 23; instead of a 50% bounce and a "duh", we got a 38% and an "Oh my God"

2:16 next lower Moon/Sun balance is 16.5
2:15 elected short at 22-support broken -stop 25< BR> 2:13 been red -Tide all day
2:11 this is where the Vaccum Cleaner sucks in the shorts
2:04 placing sell stop at 22 in case of break down; the Moon -T00 flux has been support
2:02 6 hour down fractal ends about 2:30
1:58 a move above 28.75 should trigger buying
1:53 after 2:30, the short covering will normally start
1:48 turned up after Moon and Mercury timelines - should hold up rest of day
1:41 this is a pattern I call the "vacuum cleaner" - decline and retest - usually holds up
1:38 stalled- out +.5 ; I have a high respect for double bottroms-can resell if broken
1:35 low has held - stop 26
1:28 stop 26.25 - using Jude2 as a guide for the stop
1:23 stop 26.5
1:20 continuation sell 1525.5 stop 28.5
1:20 the Aux page shows my Jude2 autotrader - research in progress-just took 1 point
1:13 low on Tide time-suggest on green +Tide -but not much juice
1:01 this Tide turn may not give a trade due to low volatility-if hold up into third one, should rally late
12:55 stopped for zero on my non-hotline trade
12:46 low was exactly Mars +315, and last minor high was Mars+0
12:41 coming into trade time-getting some buying-looking for a buy entry for hotline trade
moving my stop on my other trade to 27.5-break even
12:37 watch for the energy to pick up after the Sun and Moon T90 timelines
12:27 the 110 EXMA has gone flat at 1530-the 90 degree balance level-expect prices to hang here for a while
12:22 got a 20/110 buy crossing-bit early for the hotline trade time, so not acting on it yet
12:16 now moving my stop to 25.5; the Sun and Moon are setting balance points at that price, and that +9 and 18 points
12:12 the bottom did come very close to a Tide time, but it was not one that was pre-selected by my software
We should be able to get a good trade off of one of the two remaining hotline trades
12:08 the next hotline trade time is 1:06 - the trade I'm in is not a hotline trade, just a target of opportunity
take based on my experience and using all my tools
12:05 the decline was 3 hours, 1/8 harmonic of the day - suggests a 3 hour rally
11:52 now we have had a big move, which should get a 50% retrace, followed by a flat "duh"
11:45 elected long - now have to put stop under the low -say 22; that is 5.5 points of risk, more than I like
but what the chart is telling me I need to accept
11:42 in trying to catch a bottom like this, one has to take risk-I will rebuy at 27.5
11:38 dipped to Mars+315 degrees as come into Mars timeline
11:33 it did not work
11:32 this is a high risk trade - do not try it at home :)
11:26 now can buy 27 with stop at 24 - a 3 point risk; this is not a hotline trade, but one
done using a Chaos Clinic chart with even more information on it
11:25 this price is Sun+225 degrees
11:23 now testing the lows - it the hold, we have a George Bayer "tounge" pattern from the Egg of Columbus book
11:12 turning up at the Pluto timeline-could buy if willing to take 6 point risk-I'm not
11:04 That 18 point move is a good example of how harmonics work - 1/4 th of a circle
11:00 went to the Saturn/Node flux - an 18 point 90 degree move from the high
10:58 that would not get a fill, so forget it and wait
10:53 here I see support near a cardinal 90 degree price at the end of a fast move
I see a minor double bottom, so I could buy a move above 1530 with a stop at 1527
10:49 in general, watching all the timelines and flux lines is educational, but too much to watch and trade at
the same time - sometimes I can see a good trade with them - but I have watched them for years
10:45 now dipped to the Pluto flux ; coming to Pluto timeline
10:42 the automatic hex pattern recognizer is showing a resonance of Saturn/Venus/Node, and Mars
This gave us a move from Sat/Ven to Mars
10:39 marginal new low - decline looks about over
10:33 the next trade time is after 1:00 - by then this early drop should be digested - if I miss a trade, I
just wait until the next planned trade time - I don't like to get sucked into chasing the market
10:26 the sun resonance effect made the 10:00 timeline hot -low just a bit past 10:00 - common for a streak
to extend past the exact time of the resonance
10:22 while I was busy talking, by Franklin system took a Cnote and ran
10:13 found support on the Mars + 0 degree price flux - and got a hex resonance there-this is like having your head
inside a ringing church bell ; lots of ringing sounds
10:09 I was too busy watching - there was a good trade there - missed it-but that is OK-more coming later
10:05 went through the SA/SR
10:02 there is the streak on the 10:00 timeline
9:58 watch for that point to become a repellor after 10:00
9:54 10:00/1535 is a chaotic strange attractor/repellor ; now acting as attractor
9:50 Sun key times are 10:00, 1:00, and 4:00 - every 45 degrees - watch for streaks on those timelines
9:43 preopen high was Sun +135 degrees, low Sun+270 degrees
9:41 Down to Moon/Sun flux - no accident as Moon square Sun is prominent sign in the sky today-quarter Moon
9:39 prices are too far from the 110 EXMA for a good continuation sell
9:34 opening weak, but not in a panic, so watching for now
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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10/19/2007 6:25:47 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day and good luck with the clinic

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