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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:38 I'm done for the day-screens will run to close-see you next week - take a course
2:36 aborted -.25
2:27 sitting still-but trading below the bias line
2:10 sold 72.5 starting stop at 74.5 because it is so slow
2:02 possible sell setting up
1:56 I'm back - see I didn't miss much - stuck on Sun et al flux-not an accident, just Market Astrophysics
12:52 the next trade timne is near 14:30 -I'm taking a break until then -one gets vertigo staring at the screen
12:45 covering next Tide turn for +1.5
12:41 there is are two vertical "jerks" right herte in the MoonTide-they often indicate a fast move
12:36 what helped me make that judgement was my new bias indicator on the S&PBias page -it was bearish getinjg about to switch to bullish
12:32 I rebought at 72 where I got out since my 71 stop was not hit -just a judgement call
12:30 back up to the Sun flux bundle
12:18 coming to the Sun et all timelines-getting some lift-have to see how strong it is
12:04 out -1 no juice at all
11:51 coming to Moon T0 vertical yellow timeline-should add some energy
11:49 stuck in mud-stop 71
11:31 took continuation buy at 73 stop 70
11:26 the 1373 /13:00 Sun et all point looks like a chaos strange attractor/strange repellor
11:20 at the second trade time-showing a lack of energy-the bars are 1, 2, or 3 ticks -sick blood cells
11:04 note how the Moon -T135 flux set the high, and the +T180 set the low -that's the Moon at work
These opposing Moon flux lines have trapped prices in a congestion zone about the Sun/Venus/Mars flux
11:03 prices followed the green +Tide for a while, but now the Tides are mixed- probably end the day on green +Tide
10:58 the juice stopped flowing, so I got out-a move that congests for an hour is not a strong trend
10:40 covering +1.5 -stalled
10:32 day trading mechanical systems using first hour trend will use short strategy; swing systems will sell break of lows of yesterday
10:29 still OK-stop is in right place-just wait
10:20 no bounce off the low after 20 minutes-looking weak
10:13 prices staying below the 20 minute EXMA-favorable-stop 72.5
10:07 notice the separation between prices , the 20 minute EXMA, and the 110 minute EXMA -good setup for a trend day
10:02 support came on a trendline under yesterday's lows-need to break them within the hour to get a big day
9:56 stop 73-now can relax a bit-this may be a big breaker, based on the hex pattern
9:54 stop 74 , trailing by 3 points -71 was support yesterday , getting tested early today
9:51 the green +Tide is looking good-having the Tide forecast let me plan and be ready for that early high
stop 75
9:48 still treading water-This flux bundle is an attractor-if move below it, it becomes a repellor
9:37 sold 73 stop 76
9:35 looks like a head fake-had two early head fakes this week
9:31 blip up to the Chiron/Moon flux -Watching to see if there is any follow through
9:08 early hex pattern (see Hex Wheels Today page) showing an unstable hex -the top is a corner of the hex and the sides are vertical
Prices are stuck on the Sun, Venus, Mar +180 corner of the hex -after the conjunction a 180 degree move (36 points)
is possible - the corners of the hex are key support/resistance prices
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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