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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:58 I'm more than done-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:57 2 moon day was up from Moon to Moon -then done
3:56 covered +5
3:52 stop to 880 -trying to be careful, but stay in
3:48 getting a bit of Moon juice on the Moon timeline
3:40 rebought 880
3:38 out -5 ; seems Crazy Harry knew where it was :)
3:36 stop 875
3:32 sitting on Moon flux line; price +T0 squaring time T+270 according to the Moon clock
3:28 Moon T+270 timeline coming up; Moon juice as the Moon resonates with the Sun on 3 hour 8th harmonic
3:26 dip was on Venus timeline, down to Venus flux line
3:20 rebought 880 stop 870; stop was too close
3:19 out +5
3:11 looking good - and the real energy is yet to come
3:04 stop to 878
3:01 We may even close the Dow above yesterday's high, makeing a bullish engulfing candle
2:58 Uncle Warren must be getting his second wind :)
2:55 I have an energy center attracting prices at 882/3:40 -if gets above, it will soar
2:52 can't wait-rebought 73 2:49 now wait about 25 minutes
2:48 out for 0 - fun anyway :)
2:47 got stopped at 882 again
2:43 stop 868 - now getting a short covering rally
2:35 just in time-Rainbow chart showed 7 averages converging-see JB's alert to that in the chat room
2:30 OK, just buying here at 868 , higher low after support on the MoonTide Harmonic Grid
2:21 On the Chaos Clinic chart, the last low hit the same upsloping yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid line as the first low
a supporting trendline
2:15 out of the window for the second hotline trade. I may make another if I see a good setup with the 3:40 cycle
2:11 getting interesting again - holding up, not tanking
1:53 this is a case where TG advises looking at the CTME chart, if you have taken that course
says not to jump on this drop
1:50 missed a possible sell there-will watch the reaction, since the trend has degenerated
1:34 stuck in congestion , so Move 4 not done
1:31 out -2
1:20 this trades meets the GO BIG criteria, so I'll try to hold until the close-stop to 870, just under 110
1:18 looks like the move 5 of 7 up has begun
1:12 bought 872 stop 863
1:05 just holding up here is bullish- I have a high energy cycle at 3:40, so we should end with a bang
1:03 looking bullish
1:00 often get softness when the crowd goes to lunch, and a resumption of trend when they come back
12:56 buying is flattening the 110; so still holding up
12:53 So far I see a 1-2-3-4 pattern, an "M" as in Money-usually a buy setup
12:50 I'm staying out because recent trading is both sides of 110 EXMA-I want to see if we get a continuation or a recross
12:43 I will wait to see how we come out of this Tide turn
12:38 this dip suggests we inverted to the red -Tide. Looks like in move 4 in the up Chaos Clamshell
12:35 knew she wanted to talk about her 401 K, so really needed to talk to her :)
12:30 covering +4 -waited too long and made the mistake of taking a phone call from my daughter
12:26 looking a bit weak
12:04 on the Clinic chart, notice the dotted white diagonal SP harmonic grid-in an up channel on it
12:01 dip as pass the Jupiter timeline
11:50 getting a little selling at noon-on MTRainbow, the 440 has turned up
11:39 one thing I recognized this morning was that the trading halt created a discontinuity, and it's end started a new domain of behavior-right out of the Cash in On Chaos course. That is why I wanted to get in early
11:37 this could turn out to be a record day in terms of it's range
11:26 one can make money just by trading the hotline rules, but if you learn how chaotic markets behave, and use
the tools from my courses, you can make more. Markets are not easy, but they can be understood via Market Chaos Theory
11:24 stop to 864 - will just let it run now
11:21 huge burst of buying-Warren came into the office :)
11:14 on the MTRainbow chart the last high hit the 440 EXMA, which is curling slowly up
11:00 initial thrust suggests a possible move to about 950 - which qualifies for Riley's believe it or not
But it does come right out of the Chaos Trading Made Easy Course
10:54 glad I have combat experience :)
10:51 my initial entry was OK, but my stop was too close for the market conditions-these are "no guts, no glory" conditions
10:44 rebought 64 stop 52; I see a thrust, and a pullback with a higher low;
10:38 we now have a "let's think about this" market
10:31 back to the Node et al flux bundle
10:25 aborting -12
10:20 here I like that the 20 EXMA stayed above the 110
10:16 got past the dip on the Uranus timeline; due to the scale change by a factor of 5, a 15 point stop is what a 3 point stop used to be
10:03 I am well aware of the power of "2 Moon days", where we have Moon timelines early and late-can be very volatile
10:00 my wide stop is due to the nature of the market today. I decided to buy when I saw price penetrate the 110 vertically right where it curled up
9:58 pressing a bit-bought 870 stop 855
9:52 up to the 110 EXMA, trying to turn up-looks like on green +Tide -reconsidering taking the trade
9:47 once could try to trade this with an opening range breakout-not our hotline technique
9:45 so far reaction to overnight sell off is muted
9:36 first low was also on the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid upslopeing line-acts as a supporting trend line
9:31 low of first bar on the Sun flux-coming to the Moon timeline
9:26 trading halted on the Node/Chiron/Mars flux bundle that set yesterday's low
9:04 Last week Warren Buffett said he was buying stocks on the thinking
"Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful." - Wonder what he does on limit down :)
8:06 E-Mini limit down and on a trading halt until 9:30 - this means the first trade will be a pass due to the lack of data
8:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/24/2008 2:02:23 PM Mountain Al:: nice job DP
10/24/2008 1:56:22 PM Mountain DP:: Out 90 for +30; Rally in ES & DIA ... not in RUT = Going down.
10/24/2008 1:50:44 PM Mountain DP:: Stop to 880; locking +20
10/24/2008 1:41:25 PM Mountain DP:: Wishful tinking on the JUICE; Stop at 870
10/24/2008 1:24:24 PM Mountain DP:: Here comes da MO-BEDDA-MOON-JUICE Huh Al?
10/24/2008 1:00:36 PM Mountain DP:: Long 860 - Our old friend from yesterday's rally to the close!
10/24/2008 12:59:00 PM Mountain TG:: This looks like the short covering rally from hell coming up. Maybe above yesterday's high.
10/24/2008 12:45:11 PM Mountain jb:: sorry, I meant 880
10/24/2008 12:44:18 PM Mountain jb:: 1760 EMA has been stopping rallies today
10/24/2008 12:29:54 PM Mountain jb:: 7 EMAs are converging in the Rainbow chart
10/24/2008 11:22:18 AM Mountain TG:: Thanks you much for kind words, now if only every day were a two moon day.
10/24/2008 10:32:28 AM Mountain DP:: "Panic lows have historically occurred on day 27 or 28 of the seventh lunar cycle, which are this Sunday and Monday. The panics of 1857, 1907, 1929, 1987 and 1997 all marked their lows on these days in October." Doug Kass. October 28 is a new moon
10/24/2008 9:53:56 AM Mountain Al:: I second that DP. I learn from him as well. Thanks, TG.
10/24/2008 9:47:57 AM Mountain DP:: TG Thanks for your insights and comments yesterday. I always learn a lot when you are around. Cheers!
10/24/2008 8:41:31 AM Mountain Al:: acetd: since both XTide2Plus and MoonTide can invert, them agreeing mostly confirms the times
10/24/2008 8:36:47 AM Mountain jsb:: Al, loved the comment you made on Buffet LOL
10/24/2008 6:40:56 AM Mountain ACETD:: thats from xtide2plus chart page
10/24/2008 6:39:54 AM Mountain ACETD:: al, the xtideplus shows hard down today, and the green tide is the down tide today on that chart, is that what you expect to be the guideline today?
10/24/2008 6:05:28 AM Mountain Al:: GM all - never started a Chaos Clinic limit down - good luck today
10/24/2008 5:19:12 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day - the SP/es is limit down and trading is halted until 9:30 E

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