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Here are Al's comments

12:51 I'm going to pass on this trade and call it a day; thanks for coming; see you next week; take some courses

12:49 rally is too high to buy; the good money is gone; and needs a convincing reversal to sell

12:43 interesting 6 trading day pattern ; double bottom near 2542 and double top near 2574

12:40 not yet seeing a trade setup at this trade time; covered my twitter on stall

12:25 stalling near 2577.5; SR line on esnat72 on secret page

12:07 no pullbacks to get in; now move is too extended to buy;
the salve on my wounded pride is that I bought Twitter on it's gap up yesterday

12:03 up to Monday's 24 hour high

11:43 bit groggy today-had colonoscopy yesterday and still a bit hung over from the Versed

11:31 go through that, next 2577

11:14 have resistance at 2574

11:08 new highs; not chasing it; made my trade and accept the results

11:05 testing the high

10:23 That's my first trade. Taking a break now

10:17 covering for +2 -seems to be stalling; also this is 7th move in the rally on a 24 hour chart

10:13 move is on green +Tide; tops for the day at 10:37

10:10 stop to 69.5

10:06 placing sell limit 2572

10:04 stop 2569 break even

10:02 OK, bought 2569 stop 2566; upturn with juice

9:59 Dow negative, SP positive ; keeping my powder dry

9:53 cancelling my sell stop; was not hit; dip was rebuffed

9:46 early selling was met by buying; trade is flat along R1

9:43 putting sell stop at 2563

9:39 weak opening

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10/27/2017 11:27:41 AM MT TG****:: There actually was a nice looking continuation buy based on the 15/20 coming right out of the first tide time but it usually is a pinch between the 20 and the 110, this time it was between the 20 and 55 after a 9 point up move and big overnight gap up. I passed on that too as yesterday's total range was just 9 points. This swing between good and poor volatility is a pain. Has you thinking a move is over when there is more to come and other days has you thinking hold on for more as you watch 5 points evaporate fast.
10/27/2017 11:20:46 AM MT TG****:: Al, take care. Keep healing that eye. Have a great weekend.
10/27/2017 11:04:38 AM MT TG****:: Just looked at the NQ. Gapped above its former all time high by a few points and then ran up another 80 pts.
10/27/2017 8:01:52 AM MT Al****:: slowly, one degree per day since it is anchored to the Sun
10/27/2017 7:56:11 AM MT SA:: AL Does the Wheel move clockwise? Thanks
10/27/2017 7:52:10 AM MT Al****:: SA; times on the wheel are Eastern, either EDT or EST . The wheel does show oppositions like U to JH. These may affect price when X, the Exchange passes them.
10/27/2017 7:37:28 AM MT SA:: My question is then would C influence R today, and for that matter U have any impact on JH, as they are aligned almost opposite on chart ?
10/27/2017 7:27:35 AM MT SA:: AL Good morning , as always great charts. In regards to Wheel Z and C nearly conjunct at 2200 and 2300 CST, and R almost 180 at 1100 hrs CST for today. The wheel moves counter clockwise, correct? SA

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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