S&P Range Doubles
      Chaos Clinic for 10/27/2023
This chart shows the S&P futures for this week. Monday was 10/23/2023. After
two down weeks, it looked like an up week, moving up into a high late on Tuesday.

Then on Wednesday prices sold off. Just after noon, prices made a new low for the week.
At that point I recognized behavior of chaotic markets might apply. Chaotic systems
have a property call "frequency doubling" which tends to occur just before chaotic moves.
In my study of markets I have noticed something similar: range doubling. After
trading is a defined range, a chaotic break often doubles the range.

I mentioned this possibility in the chat room on, as shown on the

Overnight into Thursday, prices did drop, eventually coming within 3 points of range doubling.
This happened in the face of other news, such as a sharp jump in GDP,
While not a perfect doubling, this property of chaotic markets can be profitable.
It was for me.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

10/27/2023 11:20:51 AM MT EJS:: Dr Al have a great weekend TY
10/27/2023 11:18:02 AM MT Al****:: I'm done for the day- got what I came for
thanks for coming-see you next week
take some courses
10/27/2023 11:17:44 AM MT EJS:: Thanks
10/27/2023 11:16:36 AM MT Al****:: this move made the range doubling discussed in the clinic just a bit more than a double
10/27/2023 11:14:18 AM MT Al****:: nice job ejs
10/27/2023 11:13:36 AM MT Al****:: out 37
10/27/2023 11:10:26 AM MT EJS:: I like Chaos Clinic :)
10/27/2023 11:09:09 AM MT EJS:: Quick 10 point short covered @ 4139 Salute Sir
10/27/2023 11:06:57 AM MT Al****:: vertical move on third line
10/27/2023 11:04:07 AM MT EJS:: Thanks using a laptop to watch the charts didn't see it.
10/27/2023 10:51:51 AM MT Al****:: I did sell that move 4 high and will cover 4137
10/27/2023 10:45:44 AM MT Al****:: steady selling coming to the third vertical line
10/27/2023 10:18:00 AM MT Al****:: it's that horizontal line at 4170.42
10/27/2023 9:59:45 AM MT EJS:: Dr Al I don't see that pvt # on chart 4
10/27/2023 9:55:19 AM MT Al****:: chart 4 on SPKISS shows selling at the pivot - S1 at 4135.83 is close to that 4137
10/27/2023 9:45:31 AM MT Al****:: from the high of the day this is move 5 down
10/27/2023 9:35:26 AM MT Al****:: there is the effect of the second line
10/27/2023 9:20:06 AM MT Al****:: this is typical of days with these 2 vertical lines - I call then "confusion days" because each line can produce a change of direction
10/27/2023 9:06:46 AM MT EJS:: Thanks planning on eventually becoming a CCT.
10/27/2023 8:58:01 AM MT RobERT****:: Al is the best S&P trader I have ever met, he is the only CONSISTENT S&P Trader who gets how this works. Take the courses, and go thru them multiple times.
10/27/2023 8:53:39 AM MT EJS:: I am a new subscriber still learning.
10/27/2023 8:50:15 AM MT RobERT****:: If you are a subscriber to Al's daytrading forecasts there is no other site that can show you where the energy points are, next week significantly higher
10/27/2023 8:49:26 AM MT RobERT****:: S&P Turn low in IMO
10/27/2023 8:46:24 AM MT EJS:: Nice call Rob
10/27/2023 8:21:24 AM MT Rob:: 4149 is the signal
10/27/2023 8:17:03 AM MT EJS:: Covered @ 4160
10/27/2023 8:03:17 AM MT EJS:: Yup perfect timing I am short @4170
10/27/2023 7:54:15 AM MT Al****:: charts 3 and 4 on SPKISS show a sell on first MoonTide trade
10/27/2023 7:34:04 AM MT Al****:: that suggests the first of the 3 secret lines has a down influence
10/27/2023 7:32:16 AM MT Al****:: still trading fairly flat-I like to keep an eye on the 2400 minute EXMA in these conditions
today, it is down, and trade is below it
10/27/2023 7:19:00 AM MT EJS:: Good morning Good luck everyone :)
10/27/2023 6:01:13 AM MT Al****:: on the SPKISS page charts 6 and7 are 24 hour charts, good for seeing longer moves. Note on chart 6 this mornings rally was limited by the magenta down 5.5 day EXMA
10/27/2023 5:50:18 AM MT Al****:: also note the three vertical lines on the Secret charts. Each can add volatility and possibly a change in direction.
10/27/2023 5:47:47 AM MT Al****:: note on the secret->esnat72 chart the 4 small highs up to the magenta vibration level. This is a 4 drives to a top pattern. Prices are now selling off. A harmonic 45 degree move down one vibration level would be about 4137.
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10/27/2023 5:19:46 AM MT oag****:: Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a prosperous day!

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