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Here are Al's comments
3:31 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:30 covered +4 on stall
3:23 Todays low is 15 calendar days from 10/13 low - could be move 1 and 2 of a larger up Chaos Clamshell, now on 3
3:03 the chart I posted in the Certified Chaos Trader's room is a Chaos Trading Made Easy Chart. Today's fast move
is dead on a part of the fractal grid - that tools helped me sort out the churn of the past two weeks. There is an
underlying order, which you can find with good tools and hard work. You have to learn, to earn.
3:02 stop 97, locking two, trying for 9 points = 1204
2:53 stop 1196 - today is a two Moon day-often volatile and one way - started jerky but on track now
2:49 stop 1195 - now free
2:37 just trying to be patient here-red -Tide says up to close
2:17 I'm going to move stop a little slower than normal - three points trailing looks too tight
2:08 Today's move is part of a larger pattern, which I have posted on a chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's room
2:07 stop 1194 - Venus/Pluto price is 1204 - a maybe.
2:02 bought 1195 stop 1192
2:01 4th test of high-placing a buy stop 1195 for possible breakout
2:00 gone completely flat - looks like I need to run another errand :)
1:41 3 tries to break through T+045 Moon flux have failed. If we get a 4th failure, expect decline
1:24 on the AUX page I'm running Euro XTide2Plus-great trade today
1:22 could not break highs - stalled covering 1192.5
1:13 stop 1191 picked up green +Tide
1:11 stop 1190
1:03 cont. buy 1192 stop 1189
12:59 rally stopped on Moon/Jupiter/Chiron flux, pulled back to Moon/Node flux -a congestion zone
12:53 Stopped on 110 EXMA - I want to see a clear continuation or and outright sell before I jump in
12:45 an OOB trade is a "reversion to the mean" trade- the mean is the 110 EXMA; not much potential here
12:42 right at second Tide turn -possible out of band sell setup
12:41 I'm back
10:53 I have to leave in about 15 minutes to pick up my wife at the airport-should take about 90 minutes-will return
10:50 bounced off the Uranus flux - started on red -Tide, now on green +Tide-looks like flat, choppy day
10:39 pulled back to the Moon +T000 flux at 1185, after peaking just past the T0 Moon timeline
10:33 stopped -1 ; I pressed that stop so my loss on the two tries would not exceed a normal 3 points on one
10:25 stop 1186 - note that on that pullback, the 20 EXMA stayed above the 110 EXMA-a continuation setup
10:21 stop 1185 - I may have been too aggressive-give it a few minutes
10:16 rebought 1187 stop 1184
10:09 pulled back to V/P flux as pass their timeline -interesting: pit pivot price (on Sp1Day )is same as V/P flux
10:00 stopped -2 ; may retry if warranted
9:55 stop 1187 - look at wheel of fortune - V/P conjuction overlayed with "B", the Moontide vector
9:40 continuation buy-bought 1189 stop 1186
9:38 opening up on the Venus/Pluto flux pair -pass their timelines at 10:10
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/28/2005 1:33:22 PM Mountain Ben:: Thanks Al. I couldn't have done it without your CTME course.
10/28/2005 1:27:53 PM Mountain Ben:: Hey mjs, you get any bananas today?
10/28/2005 1:27:51 PM Mountain Al:: good job Ben
10/28/2005 1:00:05 PM Mountain Ben:: out +5
10/28/2005 12:55:59 PM Mountain Ben:: Stop 1196.5
10/28/2005 12:44:50 PM Mountain Ben:: Stop at 1194.5
10/28/2005 12:22:28 PM Mountain Ben:: Stop at 1193.5
10/28/2005 12:02:10 PM Mountain Ben:: Bought 1193.5
10/28/2005 11:36:24 AM Mountain Ben:: I have us on move 5 up on my CTME grid.
10/28/2005 11:34:48 AM Mountain Ben:: For the last 2 hours we have been bouncing between the moon flux lines.
10/28/2005 11:34:13 AM Mountain Al:: thanks jsb - it took me a long time to come up with a metaphor that had meaning to me - even the best corner in football gets torched now and then- but they just let it go and keep playing. A game has about as many plays per team as we have trades in a month.
10/28/2005 11:27:00 AM Mountain jsb:: al, for what it is worth, the bit in your weekly email on how 1 should look at trading like a football, play game season was great never thought of it that way!!!
10/28/2005 11:02:37 AM Mountain mjs:: Monkey Trader signing in. What a swinging market just have to grab those vines and look for bananas.
10/28/2005 8:52:48 AM Mountain Al:: yes on 2 moon
10/28/2005 8:42:01 AM Mountain mm:: Looks like green tide - down into 12:15
10/28/2005 7:40:36 AM Mountain Ben:: Al, is this a 2 moon day?
10/28/2005 7:36:57 AM Mountain mm:: Thanks, Al
10/28/2005 7:28:19 AM Mountain Al:: fixed
10/28/2005 7:25:23 AM Mountain mm:: Al, did you see my email about the figures on SP1Day not being updated?

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