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10/28/2008 2:09:21 PM Mountain Al:: it's been hard to get used to this scale factor, 5 times bigger than what we have seen for years
10/28/2008 2:08:40 PM Mountain acetd:: agreed, held to close and WENT BIG! thanks al
10/28/2008 2:04:09 PM Mountain TG:: as were yours Al and aectd's. I'd have likely covered near pit's 913 if you hadn't mentioned the GO big potential of 935 or 90 from the 11 am low.
10/28/2008 2:00:32 PM Mountain Al:: Great trade TG -your comments were very helpful
10/28/2008 2:00:17 PM Mountain TG:: out 934.75 for -4 on first trade and +79.5 on second. Time to pour the champagne.
10/28/2008 1:59:56 PM Mountain Al:: +66 is, I think, a new single trade record
10/28/2008 1:58:07 PM Mountain Al:: out 935
10/28/2008 1:55:24 PM Mountain TG:: stop 918.25
10/28/2008 1:53:10 PM Mountain TG:: stop 915
10/28/2008 1:49:44 PM Mountain TG:: stop 912.75 sell limit 934.75
10/28/2008 1:49:38 PM Mountain Al:: otherwise, I'll cover at 4:00
10/28/2008 1:44:33 PM Mountain Al:: if we make it to 935, I'll cover-it's the Moon price
10/28/2008 1:44:21 PM Mountain TG:: stop 912.25, up too much to let it go away from me too much.
10/28/2008 1:40:50 PM Mountain TG:: stop at 908.25
10/28/2008 1:35:38 PM Mountain Al:: my stop is now 895, using the 55 EXMA
10/28/2008 1:22:51 PM Mountain TG:: If this should get to 70% efficiecy on QPFE I'll trail prior 3 min bar by 1 point. 80%+ efficiency and will trail recent closing 3 min bar by 2 pts.
10/28/2008 1:20:24 PM Mountain Al:: with the Wheel of 360 scaling, a 90 degree move is 90 points, whereas it used to be just 18 points with the Wheel of 72 scaling
10/28/2008 1:17:56 PM Mountain TG:: Ok, I'll try to let it run past 910 and see what happens.
10/28/2008 1:16:28 PM Mountain Al:: CTME and New Moon suggest could make 935 -I'm just using GO big rule
10/28/2008 1:12:03 PM Mountain TG:: next pit level is 913. I'll cover at 909.5 should it get there.
10/28/2008 1:01:23 PM Mountain acetd:: mine is plotting 909 not sure why the difference
10/28/2008 12:59:01 PM Mountain TG:: thanks for pointing that out, I have the overnight low as 825, 360 degrees from that on Square of nine is 910.
10/28/2008 12:51:48 PM Mountain acetd:: the prior was 876.50 which held us on an hourly basis for 11 bars
10/28/2008 12:50:47 PM Mountain acetd:: its the 4th or 5th ring up from 825.50 low, it plots on my chart so Im not 100% certain what ring it is
10/28/2008 12:48:50 PM Mountain TG:: acetd, are you using a pivot on the Square of 9 for that target or something else.
10/28/2008 12:45:43 PM Mountain acetd:: next gann resistance level from sq9 is 909 corresponding to TG 910-911 level
10/28/2008 12:45:41 PM Mountain Al:: this just proves that even mules can fly :)
10/28/2008 12:32:57 PM Mountain Al:: LOL: nice trade going TG, joined you at 69 as second holtine trade
10/28/2008 12:28:32 PM Mountain TG:: The FOP I'm using from yesterday's low gives a potential target of 910-911, could get there today but may not get there until Wed morning.
10/28/2008 12:15:27 PM Mountain TG:: likely wood instead of likely would, that's a good one.
10/28/2008 12:14:08 PM Mountain TG:: The stubborn mule that I am, I decided to move my stop back to 55.25 and hold to end of day. Had a good FOP fit that said 59.25 might not hold but 55.25 likely wood if this was really a big up fractal from yesterday's low.
10/28/2008 12:12:11 PM Mountain TG:: move 5 from yesterday's low looks likely to have started in my opinion.
10/28/2008 10:57:31 AM Mountain TG:: locking 4 and hoping this moon vertical line adds some up juice.
10/28/2008 10:43:36 AM Mountain TG:: right at this point there is a battle between a down fractal and up fractal defined by my CTME fractal grids. Less obvious up fractal may win.
10/28/2008 10:22:06 AM Mountain TG:: stop at 55.5
10/28/2008 10:17:48 AM Mountain TG:: bought 55.5 partly on the XGO, partly on the structure of the last few big moves and partly on the timing of what seemed like a corrective higher low near tide turn.
10/28/2008 9:47:35 AM Mountain Al:: just posted XGO chart on aux page - what you do with it is up to you
10/28/2008 9:04:40 AM Mountain Al:: no, the algorithm used by the sofware just did not pick it
it may be a decent one this time-my software tries to select the best ones
10/28/2008 8:59:12 AM Mountain mm:: Al - is it Technocrap that your computer did not pick 12:10 as a Moon Tide CIT ? Looks pretty on the chart
10/28/2008 7:33:01 AM Mountain mm:: Thanks, Al
10/28/2008 7:30:22 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today. Pivots fixed. Thanks for the catch MM. My data collection program failed to run properly. Technocrap.
10/28/2008 7:26:54 AM Mountain DP:: GM and good trading.
10/28/2008 5:11:12 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day - Al: SP1Day has not yet updated

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