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Here are Al's comments
3:22 I'm done-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:18 no juice- aborting for -1
3:06 stop to 1277
3:05 apparently waited for the Moon timeline
3:02 one needs the patience of Job today
2:58 stop to 1276
2:55 passing Moon timeline
2:52 it has been all I can do to stick in here-I have a huge pile of branches to cut up
2:42 on my entry, I first looked at where I could put a decent stop-1275, and made sure my entry was no more than 4 points from it
That stop is still OK
2:36 may get a short covering rally
2:31 I can enclose all of today's congestion in a ellipse from 8:30 to 2:30
2:22 testing 440 again
2:20 stuck in the mud
2:18 may get stopped
2:15 classic Elliotte Wave followers are now seing an ABCDE correction ending
2:11 congestion continues-fractal grid says hang tight
2:08 sitting tight
1:59 still OK
1:53 holding up-bottom candle wicks on 1278, a cardinal 270 degree price
1:43 coming to a point in the Fractal Grid called the Sleeper Buy Point; learn about it in the Chaos Trading Made Easy course
1:36 so far, so good-need to be patient
1:26 hex patterns have 12 point sides-once prices leave a corner, they usually go to the next corner
1278.5 +12= 1290.5 ; but will there be enough juice today?
1:24 OK, can't wait much longer-bought 1279 stop 1275
1:19 small upturn in the 20 EXMA-still just watching
1:07 the 110 EXMA looks to be tracking the red -Tide pattern
1:05 did get a 20/110 buy, but not yet in the trade window, so I'm waiting
1:02 looking bullish - found support on the 440 EXMA, which is still up
12:53 on a congestion day, one of the better tools is the Fractal Grid from the CTME course.
I have placed a Fractal Grid chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.
12:48 not much to do but wait for next trade window near 14:10; meanwhile the AUX page has a photo of some of my tree damage
12:44 I'm back - looks like sideways congestion now
11:44 taking a breakfast break for about an hour
11:42 don't have the same enthusiasm as yesterday
11:40 whoops-just got stopped out for +2.75
11:36 stop to 1279.25 -under last minor low
11:33 new high for the day; stop to 1278.75 - just under the 110
11:30 I've locked in a gain. I can afford to be patient
11:25 the slope of the 440 EXMA on the MTRainbow chart is increasing, so momentum is building
11:21 nearing 11:26 Tide time-trade looks good, so carrying it through-dip suggest picking up green +Tide
11:15 our hotline rules are based on trading a single contract. One can trade multiples, but I do not teach that
11:12 our hotline methodology does not try to take all of a move-we take consistant bites out of the apple
11:08 stop to 1278.5 -lock 2; going for 9 -cover is 1285.5
10:58 note how trade is now staying one side of the 110 EXMA -good trend
10:56 right here I'm just happy not to get stopped out
10:51 OK so far-a good rally could test or break yesterday's highs
10:47 getting hex pattern formed by Neptune/Chiron,Mars, Sun et al-see Hex Wheels today and Hex Wheels tutorial, linkled right side of List of Charts page
10:41 stop to 1276.5-breakeven and just under the 110 EXMA
10:35 looking good so far
10:27 bought 1276.5 stop 1272
10:24 110 EXMA curling up, 20 rising toward it
10:21 on a buy, a protective stop can go at 1272, just under the low
10:17 I think we are about to go; higher bottom wicks on the 3 minute candles
10:12 still trying to turn up; stuck on the Node +O000 electric field flux
10:07 down to the 440 again
10:05 lots of high frequency moves here-hedge fund computers busy
10:03 110 EXMA still sloping down-watching for it to turn up and get a 20 EXMA crossing
9:57 Consumer Sentiment improved -looks like fishing for a bottom here; got support on the 440 EXMA
9:48 on the MTRainbow chart the 440 EXMA is up, and support near 1273; Moon flux +T000 support near 1272
9:45 up to the 110 EXMA-20 EXMa bout to cross- so trade may set up early
9:40 some early buying
9:35 quiet opening-have a Consumer Sentiment report at 9:55
9:26 Today's trade times are 10:36 and 14:10 ; Market has pulled back from yesterdays's rally
I expect it to hold up today but not make new highs
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/28/2011 2:18:32 PM MT srj****:: Thanks AG - I am just getting in to this and following the trades and comments here. It is amazing how some one (AL) can figure this out in the first place. Have a great weekend all.
10/28/2011 2:12:27 PM MT AG:: srj, no doubt. That trade took the patience of a jungle cat!
10/28/2011 1:57:20 PM MT srj****:: Al that was a great call and experience - I chickened out and folded +0.5 could not hold closer to the close.
10/28/2011 1:57:07 PM MT BBB:: I was flat but went back to look and see that the last MT was a good one for a few poitns, I guess it was waiting for that one to bust a move. Have a great weekend all.
10/28/2011 1:50:57 PM MT Tg****:: MM, odd day, each time price closed above or below the BB's it was an excuse to reverse. Hopefully not on this last jump over it to the upside.
10/28/2011 1:23:01 PM MT BBB:: Im out too -gave some away - can I order just half of a course now? Just kidding Dr. Larson - thanks again and have a good weekend.
10/28/2011 1:18:26 PM MT kwb:: middle of price action in the ellipse on the dji was 12212... last i looked, though unable to update chart right now, after breaking lower moving out of ellipse then rallying back above it, it was pretty much still right there....
10/28/2011 12:55:51 PM MT kwb:: looks like the end of the Dr.s ellipse should be about 2:55 Eastern, right about now, so will be interesting.... Dr., have you done any research with ellipses either as to their possible cause, or whether there is any type of planetary movement (or non-movement) that coincides with an ellipse pattern (non-move), if you'd like to call it that?
10/28/2011 12:41:48 PM MT BBB:: Go away Hex
10/28/2011 12:31:08 PM MT mm****:: 14:10 ia a projected MT CIT - and we are at the pivot of 1277.25 - no surprise if it were to turn here
10/28/2011 12:01:00 PM MT AG:: Today is a classic slow, 9-point range Friday. Could get a break-out but unlikely I think.
10/28/2011 11:52:48 AM MT Al****:: I can't answer questions about FOG in this chat room, only in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room.
10/28/2011 11:52:24 AM MT kwb:: and forgive me, but perhaps i have the name of the pattern wrong, if they are not the same, but one of your attractor - repeller spots..
10/28/2011 11:47:55 AM MT kwb:: hello all, Dr. Al--any chance that the last 2 hours could be viewed as an FOG pattern? I haven't purchased all of your material, but you have some examples in your free material....if so, any thoughts on how far this could go..? (better picture is in the Dow..) thanks
10/28/2011 11:28:56 AM MT Tg****:: Al, do you think the little verticle hitch in the tide forecast had anything to do with the tide inversion/ switch from a bearish trend to bullish. Also, 20/110 cross on solar noon just like a two moon day a few weeks ago.
10/28/2011 9:47:20 AM MT Al****:: Thank you, gentlemen.
10/28/2011 9:43:54 AM MT JMV****:: That was a great trade Al... I got stopped for 2.5 points here and I'm done... Today seems like pure congestion to me. I feel lucky I pulled something out of the markets at all.
10/28/2011 9:41:49 AM MT B^3:: Thanks, that is what I figured, but thank you for clarifying. Great first trade - will pay for the next course I am about to order
10/28/2011 9:39:51 AM MT Al****:: I do use the QPFE but do not comment on it in the Clinic
all my EXMAs are on one minute data-my software lets me do pur 1 minute EXMAs even on a 3 minute bar chart
10/28/2011 9:35:57 AM MT B^3:: I don't mean to sound like a neophyte, but on my 3 minute chart the 110 is at 1277.50 and you just mentioned your stop of 1278.75 was just under the 110 at 11:33... are you on a 1 minute chart?
10/28/2011 9:06:10 AM MT B^3:: Al, do you ever look at the QPFE during a trade or more for finding the 7 moves?
10/28/2011 8:02:28 AM MT AG:: Today's low thus far is yesterday's opening print.
10/28/2011 7:52:07 AM MT mm****:: the MT chart looks like a lot of chop today
10/28/2011 7:39:18 AM MT srj****:: @TG was in Singapore once for a few days and every day morning would be clear humid near 29C-31C - thunder clouds and heavy rain by afternoon / evening, and was told that near the equator that was the weather pretty much all year round. Wonder if they have weather forecasters there :-)
10/28/2011 7:24:47 AM MT Tg****:: Winter, Fall, the only thing that falls here are buckets of rain since it is monsoon season. I believe the seasons here are warm and humid, hot and humid, warm and rainy, and warm and super rainy.
10/28/2011 7:14:15 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
10/28/2011 7:06:20 AM MT BBB:: Good luck to all
10/28/2011 6:14:13 AM MT srj****:: gm all ... and some snow too here north of Boston.
10/28/2011 5:01:00 AM MT mm****:: gm all - first freeze overnight 31 F - have a great day

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