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Here are Al's comments
12:45 I'm done for the day and another good month. No clinic next week. I'll be swapping war stories with my classmates. The BS gets pretty deep. See you in two weeks. Take a course.
12:42 Also, my fractal overlay says this down streak is done. So I'll take my 9 and pour the wine.
12:37 covered for +9; move not done, but I'm tired from shoveling snow
12:31 stop to 1044, locking six
12:29 I have made a comment in the CCT Room filling in the parts I deleted from my email last night
12:23 Halloween at its best - every trade is a TRICK or TREAT; fist was a Trick, this one a Treat
My eMylar overlays from my courses help me avoid many of the tricks, and collect many of the treats
12:19 updated my Fractal of Pi chart in the CCT Room
12:13 I did not take 5 points because the green +MoonTide is down for a long run; trying to ride the move
12:06 this swing is a chaotic break; the ones this morning looked "normal" -they would fit Gaussian statistics.
but his one would break beyond the 3 sigma of the Bell curve, making a wide brim on the Witches Hat; it is the gola of Chaos Trades to catch these "outliers."
12:05 stop to 1049
11:56 stop to 1050
11:53 what made me finally jump was the Face of God chart I just posted in the CCT Room
11:46 bit cautious on my entry, but like the MTRainbow now
11:40 inverted to green +Tide -stop 1053
11:37 new low-sold 1050 stop 1055
11:29 new low by just one tick-posted a second chart in CCT Room; says decline may be about to end
11:21 minor double bottom at exact Tide time; watching to see it it holds
11:17 support on the Moon flux-weakly bullish
11:12 trend is down, but slow, so I'm just watching
11:03 in the trade window for the second trade, not in a hurry
10:48 looks like following the red -Tide.
10:42 low on the Sun electric field flux. See SunMoonMercury chart
10:34 The 3 points I was shooting for were there, just not at the risk I was willing to accept.
10:32 TG has made a great comment in the chat room on how he uses the MTRainbow chart for early trades. Thanks TG.
10:24 Early trades are difficult. Yesterday's was great, today's a dud. One factor is how cycles are sychronizing.
On the SunMoonMercury chart, yesterday Mercury and the Moon were in synch, with their timelines and flux lines close
together. Today they are not.
10:10 in the chat room MM mentions reports. My studies show that the human emotional reaction to markets depends
very much on the timing-where in the current Fractal of Pi are we? I have posted my FOP chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room
Personally, I never listen to news while trading-the shouting and screaming on CNN bother me too much. The reaction is in the prices.
10:00 support came on the Moon flux, which are pinched and cross over mid day. This tends to restrict prices to a
9 point range
9:55 Here you could say I just needed a bigger stop. No. I just needed the market to give me a better behaving trade.
One has to remember, there is nothing personal about a trade. You get good ones and bad ones. You just have to kill the bad ones quickly.
9:52 that action tells me the bulls and bears are about matched; so we just wait for the next trade time
9:43 hit for -5 on Mercury streak; happens; to see the Mercury timeline streak, see the SunMoon Mercury chart.
That particular trade makes 3 points about 71% of the time. This was one of the 29%
9:41 sold 1055, stop 1060; will cover at +3
9:37 putting a sell stop at 1055, under the last low; on the MTRainbow chart the white 440 EXMA is flat
9:33 we may get a sell setup, but I don't expect a big move, with support on the Mercuy flux near 1050
9:30 opening down a bit , in a normal pullback from a good up day yesterday
trade times are 9:21 and 11:20. First one may not give a good setup
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

10/30/2009 11:47:49 AM MT mm****:: Al - have a great reunion - did any of your classmates fly more missions than you ?
10/30/2009 8:35:53 AM MT TG****:: My point is that entering the early trade time when the exmas are mixed and out of sorts you tend to get a lot more wrestling for position/whipsaws.
10/30/2009 8:32:57 AM MT jab****:: I was asking while you were answering...thanks!
10/30/2009 8:31:20 AM MT jab****:: TG...pray tell..what might we want to pay attention to?
10/30/2009 8:30:19 AM MT TG****:: Coming into the first trade time it seems to me that things generally work a lot smoother for either a with trend trade or a countertrend trade when the moon tide exmas are already in a trending order of 110 below 220 and 220 below 440 for a downtrend and vice versa for an uptrend. Yesterday was a bit different with a big continuous move during the preoutcry (hence you already had your likely fractal move 1 up) that was turning the trend up heading into the early tide time, just had to make sure move 2 was done before buying.
10/30/2009 8:30:07 AM MT mm****:: I keep aware of the reports and stay out of the market until I have seen the reaction. - The two business channels are CNBC and FOX Business. CNBC has been a round for more than 20 years but has developed a "format" whereby they try to create controversy by interviewing people with contrary opinions - that's where the shouting comes from. - FOX Business is much more "civilized" and quieter and I watch it more and more often.
10/30/2009 8:20:44 AM MT TG****:: I've got the confidence/sentiment report as 10:00 but no matter, the reports can lead to big whipsaws. But there is something else I've noticed that folks might want to pay attention to for the early trade times.
10/30/2009 8:00:19 AM MT mm****:: Correction: it was the Chicagp PMI at 9:45 - Mich sentiment was at 9:55
10/30/2009 7:57:45 AM MT mm****:: That's what a report can do - in this case Michigan sentiment
10/30/2009 7:02:49 AM MT Al****:: GM all -good luck today
10/30/2009 5:55:56 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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