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Here are Al's comments

1:45 so I'm done ; thanks for coming; see you next week; take some courses

1:44 also, I think we see this price again on Monday

1:42 not rebuying - even if it goes higher the juice is gone-gone flat

1:37 afternoon on Fridays volatility often dries up

1:35 the rally fell of the green swan, so it lost its momentum; got a range of 15 points; I was expecting 12

1:30 failed to make new high there, so I took it while I had it

1:26 don't like stall-sold 2092 for +3.5

1:22 stop to 2090

1:18 exchange passing Mercury time; just passed Sun

1:15 this dip did not touch the 110 minute EXMA like the last one; rally gaining strength

1:13 second round of buying coming in

1:10 one should not hold this past the close; Monday could see a 50% pullback; take it while you got it

1:08 stop to 2089.75 - lock one tick

1:00 I will cover at R2 2103 if get there; a trend line gets there by end of day
also 2082 to 2091 = 12 add to 2091 = 2103

12:54 needs to pick up red -Tide as shown on AUX page

12:42 dip on second trade time-just holding; stop to 2089

12:14 from the Chaos Trading Made Easy course homework I know this is a "cover on close" day
That course is now on sale; there is a special CTME chart on this site for those who have taken the course

12:09 green swan rally- will trail stop on the 220 minute EXMA ; stop 2087.5

12:00 buying 2089.50 stop 2087 - continuation buy; green swan;support on pivot and 440 minute EXMA

11:55 if market holds up 2 1/2- 3 hours it will attract a second round of buying

11:53 thrust-congest- expect another thrust

11:43 this may mean inverting to red -Tide

11:39 stopped for +3

11:36 it did so far; first move 13 points, very good

11:32 hope stop survives

11:16 taking a break; stop is in

11:10 on the MT Rainbow chart have a nice divergence in the EXMAs

11:06 on that last dip, the Flash boy computers bought the pivot 2088 , so now will tend to hold until R1 2095.5 or higher

11:04 I will just let this run-stop to 2088, lock 3

11:01 range is now 9 points; could double or triple; this can happen if reinvert
to -Tide at next trade time

10:55 we have a Green Swan up; big days usually run on Green Swans

10:52 today is a "two moon day" with Moon timelines near 10:00 and 4:00 -these days
are often volatile and one way, or Moon-Noon-Moon

10:50 this is shaping up to be an up day after a string of down days

10:45 stop to 2085 ; break even

10:43 stop to 2084

10:40 this was a very contentious opening round; all that tension may provide more juice than I expected

10:38 passing Moon timeline

10:35 stop to 2082

10:32 I made a dumb trade; I instantly forgot it; one has to "Be here now. You just have to get on with it and do the next right thing."
from the book Deep Survival

10:21 it is extremely difficult to sort out a congestion like this; But the 55 minute EXMA has been tracking the
+Tide; also there are 3 lower lows since 8:00-a "three drives to a bottom" pattern

10:08 rebought 2085 stop 2080-double bottom with yesterday

10:00 not chasing it; still looks like it will turn up

9:59 out for -5 , proof that it was a dumb entry

9:55 sitting here thinking that was a dumb entry

9:53 support on Green Swan-stop still OK; double bottom on Node +090 flux

9:49 on my AUX chart, support on Moon +T000 flux line; exchange passes Moon near 10:40

9:46 I probably should have waited;

9:41 filled long at 2085; putting stop at 2080 for now

9:40 resistance at pivot 2087.58

9:37 looking for a buy setup-putting buy limit at 2085

9:35 early Friday often see opening head fakes

9:32 early selling -waiting for reaction-passing Venus/Chiron timelines

9:22 showing additional chart on aux page; Tides are mixed; trend is weakly up; first trade
may set up as a buy; I expect limited range today, so will use small targets 2 or 3 points

9:00 today's trade times are 10:12 and 12:32 ; employment report trading was very quiet

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11/4/2016 1:15:01 PM MT Al****:: Green swan on AUX chart-there are multiple phases of ti
JSF I don't think the market has one view-its just a collection of people-
11/4/2016 10:33:59 AM MT JSF:: i figured out how to get on. Thanks
11/4/2016 10:31:55 AM MT JSF:: I did the CTME course but I can't seem to get on the page. Do I need to be a subscriber as well?
11/4/2016 10:13:34 AM MT BBB****:: Hey Al - not seeing the green swan on the CC page?
11/4/2016 9:39:40 AM MT JSF:: Do you think the market is afraid that Trump will win? Or more concerned that Hillary still has a chance even though she's being investigated? Or are people responding to electromagnetic variations in the atmosphere and look to news events to explain their feelings?
11/4/2016 7:18:33 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
11/4/2016 6:41:23 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day !

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