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Here are Al's comments
4:03 Jude 3 struggled all day, but took 8.75 on the late drop for an up day
3:06 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
2:55 out for 0
2:47 stop 73
2:41 rebought 73 stop 69
2:38 +6
2:28 stop 70 - lock 6
2:22 stop 68
2:15 stop 66 -lock 2 and I will let it ride to the close, even if it goes past +9; yesterday we got a 27 point late rally
2:10 stop 65
2:07 from the low, we have 5 moves of an up Chaos Clamshell, now in move 5
2:05 The cycle that I use in Franklin just kicked in, and caused a brief drop as it engaged
2:04 On a day like today I flinch a lot :)
2:02 rebought 64 stop 60
2:00 aborted -.5; not going
1:52 at about 2:30 the swing shorts are going to look at that triple bottom and start covering
1:43 right here is where the Node congestion ends, the Moon flux cross,and we normally get a second round of buying
1:40 tracking red -Tide; 4 higher lows
1:32 up to the 1467 flux bundle- if break above it a move to 1476 is possible
1:27 lots of ambivolence - stop OK for now
1:18 early, but bought 64 stop 60 for now
1:14 we first hit it yesterday about 12:50, adding 14 hours and 50 minutes ( Moon overhead to Moon overhead) gives
about 1:40, near the next trade time-often this techniques gives the end of a congestion
1:12 so why do we keep comming back to 1461? It is Mars conjoining natal Node; made current Node hot
1:07 prices told us the Node was hot, getting a streak down the Node timeline
12:55 the bulls aren't done yet - just had to call for reinforcements; should arrive near the next trade time
12:51 now that I have time to look at the astro stuff, I see we went from Node +90 to Node+180 flux lines
I watch the simple charts went I trade, and the astro stuff when I'm out of the market
12:45 there my 3 minute candlesticks showed a shooting star froming, so I pressed my stop
12:44 out +5
12:42 stop to 67.5- lock 5
12:39 my 9 point cover is 71.5
12:26 stop to 63 - I will move it a bit slower than normal due to the chop - but now it looks like the momentum is up
12:30 tracking green +Tide-it, my Franklin system, my Fractal grid, and my Fractal of Pi say up to close
12:26 about that time we should see a surge in buying; also, any break to 1469 will trigger short covering and breakout buying
12:23 the Moon flux crosses near 1:20-often changes the nature of the market
12:17 still choppy-support on Mars flux; Mars timeline is near the close; may get a price to time move
12:09 rebought 62.5, stop 59.5
12:07 aborted -2
12:00 all the swing traders using one hour bars saw a triple bottom - should feed a rally rest of day
11:53 I will hold my initial stop for 20 or 30 minutes due to the chop
11:46 bought 64, stop 61; Moon/Sun, et all timelines are hot
11:38 the hardest part of trading is waiting for a GOOD setup - I am, like most people, very impatient
one has to learn that IT PAYS TO WAIT FOR A GOOD SETUP.
11:33 MoonTides act as a time filter on trading- we want a signal to be close to a MoonTide turn
this filters out a lot of weake trades
11:29 this kind of see-saw market is what kills most trading systems based on indicators-my Jude 3 system in the
AUX page ( link on main menu bar) tried to sell that decline but got stopped out
11:25 good recovery off of the low - low came right at the crossing in the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid
11:19 low was on Node flux
11:14 immediate recovery above the prior low - not a breakout to sell
11:13 lower low
11:10 now testing the low - watching to see if it holds again for a triple bottom
11:02 testing the 1458 flux cluster -trading between it and the 1467 cluster
10:56 the Mercury timeline is the vertical magenta line labled M ; next up is C, Chiron, T0 Moon, H sun, and N Neptune; later O Node, S Saturn, and P pluto

these are the times when the NYSE conjoins, opposes, or squares that planet
10:49 Mercury timeline was hot ; those timeline streaks are often dips in an uptrend or pop ups in a down trend
10:45 passing the Mercury 0 timeline and hitting the Mercury 270 price flux - price square time by the Mercury clock
10:38 here I use two overlays - a 6 hour Fractal of Pi, and a Fractal grid- two patterns that I have found that show
up in fractals;within those patterns are good trade setups, which are even better if they come near a MoonTide trade time
10:36 now we have an up thrust- the start of an up fractal; bullish, but we have to wait for the fractal to develop more
10:29 out for 0
10:24 now I have stop at break even, so I'm trying to hold until more buying comes in
10:19 stop 64; bulls bought that double bottom
10:18 may have been too agressive - stop still OK
10:09 bought 64 stop 61
10:06 got a 15/20 buy crossing-watching for follow through; need to breakout above 1464
9:56 getting 5 and 6 point swings going nowhere - stay out of this sort of chop and let a pattern develop
9:49 yesterday's low has held - now the bulls will see a double bottom - in about 30 minutes we
should see buying if the low holds
9:44 I find that on outcry opening trades the trailing 3 point stop is important
9:40 -1.5 ; may get an early bottom
9:39 stop 57.5
9:37 sold 56 stop 59 continuation sell
9:31 just watching for now - early weakness has not broken yesterday's lows
9:15 preoutcry drop to Moon flux pinch/Venus/Pluto at cardinal 90 degrees 1458
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

11/9/2007 2:03:38 PM Mountain Al:: nice trading , gentlemen
11/9/2007 12:55:17 PM Mountain DBJ:: Out +4
11/9/2007 12:43:21 PM Mountain DBJ:: Stop 73
11/9/2007 12:41:14 PM Mountain DBJ:: Stop 69
11/9/2007 12:23:16 PM Mountain TG:: Out for +8. did exactly what my system said to do and it worked out well. that is a nice feeling. I do think there is a move 6 and 7 to come and was very tempted to just hold on to end of day for potential big upside. I'll take the 8 now and hope for a good entry on a move 7 up.
11/9/2007 12:18:47 PM Mountain TG:: I've been long from 65.25, I've found on these high volatility days (I've defined them as making moves that go twice Al's 4 point band from 110 exma, hence moving to 8 pts from 110), that a 4.25 point stop is about right until trade gets going. On these sort of days I don't like getting whipped out of a good entry because my stop was a little too small. Too offset the extra loss potential of the larger stop I move the profit target from 5 to 8. Works pretty well.
11/9/2007 12:17:56 PM Mountain DBJ:: Bought 69. Up 27 points would be very welcome!
11/9/2007 12:07:03 PM Mountain DBJ:: Now he goes up? Crazy Harry is nasty today! :-/
11/9/2007 12:06:58 PM Mountain TG:: wow, bottomed near 2:00 1 tick from my stop. Was using 6hr FOP sized to 28 pts with 10:00 low the pivot starting point. bottom of 2:00 wick was just outside of llc.
11/9/2007 12:00:44 PM Mountain DBJ:: Out -3
11/9/2007 11:43:36 AM Mountain DBJ:: Bought 65. Let's hope there's some decent movement this time
11/9/2007 11:29:59 AM Mountain DBJ:: Thanks Al, I've not given up yet! :-D
11/9/2007 11:22:31 AM Mountain Al:: hang tough DBJ
11/9/2007 11:07:14 AM Mountain DBJ:: Out flat
11/9/2007 10:38:17 AM Mountain DBJ:: Stop 63
11/9/2007 10:31:10 AM Mountain DBJ:: Rebought 63.
11/9/2007 10:17:08 AM Mountain DBJ:: Out -2
11/9/2007 10:11:16 AM Mountain DBJ:: Still in, retreated my stop to 61 following Al's comment
11/9/2007 9:47:26 AM Mountain DBJ:: Bought 63, stop now 63
11/9/2007 9:38:05 AM Mountain KWS:: does that mean natal Sun of NYSE?
11/9/2007 8:56:39 AM Mountain Al:: no course - they are the vertical lines on the Chaos Clinic chart - M is Mercury
11/9/2007 8:53:21 AM Mountain KWS:: in which course is taught the Mercury timeline?
11/9/2007 7:56:26 AM Mountain KWS:: gm from houston
11/9/2007 7:38:49 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today

11/9/2007 7:33:10 AM Mountain DBJ:: GM all! Let's hope everyone has a great day
11/9/2007 6:35:17 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - good trading and good luck with the clinic

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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