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Here are Al's comments
2:52 I'm done for the day-long, hard week-screens will run-see you next week-take a course
2:43 out +5 - not bad - I will skip the 3:10 trade time -this is good enough for one day
2:37 stop 80
2:32 stop 79-see how that fibrillation fortold the chaos? like the fibrialtion before a heart attack
2:29 my +5 cover is 82.75 if we make it
2:21 stop 77.25-green +Tide shifted left 1 hour fits since 12:00-
I seldom play with shifts-just noticed it
2:12 notice cycle lows 10,12,2:00
2:10 lots of quick moves-fibrillation that preceeds chaos
2:02 my computed high for the day using a new method from Chaos Trading Made Easy move is 1182.25 2:00 rebought same price, same stop
1:57 looks like getting inversion to green +Tide
1:37 by rule, covering on stall for zero-can always re-enter
1:29 stop 76.5 -quiet for now as Tides negate each other
1:10 I said early this looked like a mixed Tide day-I think it is green +Tide, red -Tide, then green +Tide
1:07 stop 75.75
1:04, no, continuation buy 77.75 stop 74.75-stay on the train
1:00 stuck on -T000 Moon flux-this may be the trade I pass on 12:42 close to next Tide time, so covering +3.25
12:28 my +5 cover price is 79.5 if we get there-stop 76
12:25 now we're getting some speed up-just had to pick up that Moon energy
12:22 this is a "Twentyman grinder" -going up, but chugging-stop 74.5
12:11 throught that dip, the 20 EXMA held above the 110
12:08 here, I'm just trying to hold with the trend-I can do that witha 1 point stop, so why not?
11:57 sometimes Crazy Harry, conductor of the S&P train, likes to jerk it back and forth to
shake off any hobos who might be trying to hitch a ride
11:50 rebought 74.5 stop 73.5, where I was
11:47 looks like it is just a dip-deep pulbacks so far today
11:41 covering for 0-don't like this dip
11:35 holding up as come to the Sun and the Moon-New Moon was 9:27, and positive
11:22 I don't worry about which Tide I might be on this minute-they only forecast the 110 EXMA
the slope of the 110 EXMA is up, so the trend is up until otherwise shown
11:20 stop 73.5 - want to be careful while still near Tide time-
11:15 stop 72.5
11:11 this looks like a 6 hour up Fractal of Pi
11:07 bought 74.5 stop 71.5
11:05 trying to turn up-continuation buy setup if get some follow through
10:57 pretty deep pullback-but watch 20 EXMA to see if it stays above 110
10:45 1173 is base 3 point quantum -9 point range is 1182
10:38 20/110 buy -may get an opportunity on next Tide turn for a continuation buy
10:27 110 EXMA has turned up, so trend is flat to up
10:20 at this point, looks like on green +Tide, after starting on red -Tide; a mixed Tide, choppy day
10:15 continuation sell setup here -but not near a Tide time, so no trade
10:11 that hot vertial blue Venus timeline dip brought prices back to blue Venus price line
10:04 this week has been extremely choppy-when that happens one needs to press stops quickly
10:02 out for 0 - which is fine - all trades either work or they don't - the key is to control the losses
9:53 stop 73.75 - now free trade so I can be patient
9:49 stop 75 -Venus timeline hot
9:43 stop 75.75
9:41 sold 1173.75 stop 76.75
9:37 20/110 sell -waiting for follow through
9:34 no trade signal yet-pretty quiet so far
9:30 opening flat on Chiron electric field price line-coming to Chiron timeline soon-red vertical C line
9:11 quiet pre-outcry
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

11/12/2004 12:53:38 PM Mountain TG:: Yea I saw that, and I normally follow 2 hr, 5 hr and 6.5 hour intraday cycles via stochastics. I think my own notions that 1177 area would hold got in the way of me buying. My day was +.25 pts on the initial decline into the 9:50 low and no trades taken since then. That was a great call for Al on the likelihood of a fractal of Pi move and he pretty much knew it starting from the 11:00 tide turn, also nailed his 1182 price. Looks like I have a few courses to buy.
11/12/2004 12:51:27 PM Mountain Al:: thanks, wlj
11/12/2004 12:51:09 PM Mountain wlj:: tg, screen shifted away from 60 deg it may not be legal it's so good
11/12/2004 12:43:37 PM Mountain wlj:: al, great call on 1182.
11/12/2004 12:41:14 PM Mountain wlj:: TG,did you see al's note about 10 12 2 cycle lows today. note screen is now 60 deg/12pts and 110 cross red caught all of the 10 12 2 lows. also pre open hi.
11/12/2004 12:13:48 PM Mountain wlj:: TG, forget that. there is some diff.
11/12/2004 12:12:19 PM Mountain wlj:: TG, note at scale shift ma and bands crossings stay the same. just tide crossings are moved.
11/12/2004 11:45:46 AM Mountain wlj:: merc time nept price. they are 60 deg apart today. al says sp likes 1/6's =60 deg
11/12/2004 11:40:42 AM Mountain TG:: lots of crossings but little upside progress since 110 exma first crossed red tide projection back at 12:25-30 est. But I won't top pick here instead I have a sell stop placed 1.25 pts below the range of last natural time at 12:54 +/- a few minutes. To be consistent, I should have a buy stop 1.25 points above that natural time range.
11/12/2004 11:30:40 AM Mountain wlj:: tg, more crossings here
11/12/2004 11:24:59 AM Mountain wlj:: al has long trade on..... last cross was low band cross green at a small pull back. 20 above 110 with 110 pointed up. i filter any scalps with a vol indicator .
11/12/2004 11:11:08 AM Mountain TG:: 1-2 punch to who, bulls or bears??
11/12/2004 11:05:50 AM Mountain wlj:: tg, another 1 2 punch here ,110 cross up and dn. and low band cross green. 20 hit t000 as well
11/12/2004 10:51:56 AM Mountain wlj:: tg, on bounce off red chrion price. 20 ma thru up slope was low. then low band cross down slope then a couple min later 110 thru green. a 1 2 punch. watching ma and upper and lower bands and 20 ma. 110 cross of red put on brakes . 20 way above 110 is power.
11/12/2004 10:33:46 AM Mountain TG:: wlj, what's your read on last two crosses of 110 exma through tide projections. A low just prior to cross of green a high at cross of red?
11/12/2004 10:30:03 AM Mountain wlj:: tg, on scale tide screen 9 pts/45 deg hi to low. 4.5 pts = tide center ?
11/12/2004 10:26:25 AM Mountain TG:: Ok, I think I see what you mean, the upper larson band crossed the down sloping moon flux line from below and marked a top at about 8:54, right.
11/12/2004 10:18:14 AM Mountain wlj:: tg, on scale talk to al. i was talking about first price action on chart and upper band and up/dn slope crossings top left on screen.
11/12/2004 10:12:15 AM Mountain TG:: wlj, not sure I follow you. Today's scale range has not changed from when I first looked around 8:50 est. 1174.5 marked the center of the green and red tide crossings. Just not sure why 1174.5 is the level to center the tide projections around.
11/12/2004 10:02:24 AM Mountain wlj:: TG. you saw pre open bell price action . screen starts with low then up to hi at pre open first tide time and top left screen and up and dn slope and 110.
11/12/2004 9:55:34 AM Mountain tb:: Bonds rise seems to be holding back es' rise!
11/12/2004 9:49:47 AM Mountain TG:: One thing I do use for trend markers are the natural times. At 11:28 could not clearly make out if that timing was a high or a low so generally a 1 or 1.25 point break of the range included within +/- 3 to 4 min of the natural time is a tell.
11/12/2004 9:47:47 AM Mountain tb:: AL,do you use limit or mkt orders?
11/12/2004 9:46:23 AM Mountain wlj:: tg, have to talk to al on scale etc.
11/12/2004 9:40:49 AM Mountain TG:: I see what you mean but wonder if this is just working on a temporary basis past few days because this week has been unusually choppy and full of false signals. At least I think it has been full of a lot of false signals with respect to starting on one tide and abruptly shifting to the other. Your 110 exma cross of the tide projections looks good based on the little backtesting I've done. Unfortunately, not that easy to back test as I don't know which days the scaling shifted abruptly from the initial trade. Any idea how Al's chaos clinic program decides where to put the center of the tide projections at the start of each day. I thought it was at the pivot but that is not the case.
11/12/2004 9:32:09 AM Mountain wlj:: looking at to days action the 20 ma/ up dn flux may be worth watching as well
11/12/2004 9:29:48 AM Mountain TG:: yup.
11/12/2004 9:25:24 AM Mountain wlj:: TG, are you here to day ?
11/12/2004 8:53:05 AM Mountain tb:: 8:12,10,12:05pst
11/12/2004 8:47:14 AM Mountain pdk:: When are the tide changes?
11/12/2004 7:28:35 AM Mountain wlj:: two interesting charts. equal weighted sp-500 [ not spx ] and equal weighted mid cap 400. both of these indexs went past the 2000 highs and hit all time highs in jan - feb 2004. at the aug 2004 lows these indexs came back down to test the 2000 highs. they are now at new all time highs.... much diff picture than spx. charts at click nov.10 positive case for 2005 by ron griess. scroll thru until you hit the charts.
11/12/2004 7:14:44 AM Mountain Al:: testing

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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