S&P Blows Off, Then Stalls
      Chaos Clinic for 11/13/2020

The past five weeks have been interesting in the S&P. This chart shows the action.

In October, the S&P sagged into the US Election. Then, starting a few days before
the election, prices started a very fast 9 calendar day rally. News commentators were
struggling to explain the rally. Finally this week, on Monday morning, the market shot
to a new all time high on the news that early data indicated that the Phizer vaccine
could be 90% effective.

The euphoria did not last more than a few hours, as the S&P breached the significant
3600 ( ten circles of 360 degrees ), then dropped sharply. Over the rest of this week,
prices edged up, forming the blade of a Hannula Can Opener pattern. That pattern ends
with a down turn at the end of the blade, after which "the can of worms has been opened."

We may be at that point now, based on the rainbow of EXMAs. Near the start of the blow off rally, both
the 1.5 and 3 day EXMAs curled up, then the 1.5 crossed the 3, giving a technical buy signal.

Now, the opposite may be occurring, with both EXMAs curling down and the 1.5 about to cross the 3.
As this is being written the evening of 10/12/2020, the sell signal is not complete, so more data is
needed for confirmation. But it does look like the blow off move has stalled, and a down turn
may be just ahead.

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11/13/2020 9:53:22 AM MT qq:: So far green tide on XTide2Plus
11/13/2020 9:48:04 AM MT Al****:: OK, this is too boring for me so I'm calling it a day
Thanks for coming. See you next week. Take some courses. Stay Safe!
11/13/2020 9:42:25 AM MT qq:: $TRIN VERY jumpy bouncing between 0.6 to around 2.o
11/13/2020 9:29:27 AM MT Al****:: these little blips are on the natural times - somehow the Flash Boy computers find them
11/13/2020 9:25:35 AM MT Al****:: back-still flat and dull
11/13/2020 8:55:34 AM MT Al****:: pretty dull-going to breakfast
11/13/2020 8:40:43 AM MT Al****:: I have placed a Face of God chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
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11/13/2020 8:40:18 AM MT qq:: Or maybe consolidation up on Mercury (M)?
11/13/2020 8:14:16 AM MT qq:: Maybe slight pull back, consolidation and then up on Moon(T) around trade time?
11/13/2020 8:02:12 AM MT Al****:: something to watch today are the Venus(V), Mercury(M), and Moon (T) timelines on the SPSunMoon chart
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