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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:20 I'm done; thanks for coming; see you next week. Take a course
3:18 out 906-879=+27 ; I can live with that
3:16 stop 906 - just under the 55 minute EXMA
3:13 stop 899
3:06 stalled just under the Jupiter flux; interesting, because my FOP ends on Jupiter timeline
3:00 stop 893
2:58 here is the accelleration; stop 890; placing cover limit order at 942
2:54 still looking good-watching for acceleration; stop 890
2:44 stop now to 887
2:40 I have a decent looking Fractal of Pi from yesterday's low to about 3:45 today/942
2:38 anyone looking at a 2 day chart like MTRainbow will be seeing a bullish "cup and handle"
2:30 struggling near the highs - if can chew through, could get a good "whoosh" upward
2:23 stop now 883 - just under 110 minute EXMA
2:18 the pit Resistance 1 price is about 942 - on a bundle of Mercury/Chiron/Node flux
could possibly reach it
2:12 stop to 880
2:07 here comes the short covering
2:02 still being "carried" by the Moon flux; next higher Moon flux is up at 915
1:56 moving stop now to 876, under last low ; will manage trade for what it gives me
1:52 looking good; after 2:30 short covering will come in
1:46 this looks like move 4 in the up CC-I need to be patient and wait through it
1:39 note that yesterday, the rally was kicked off by the Moon oppose Mars, now the Moon is separating from Mars
giving a base on Mars, and the Moon as a lifter
1:35 this is move 1, 2, and part of 3 in an up Chaos Clamshell from the low into the close
take your finger and sketch the 7 moves, making move 5 the biggest
1:31 now getting the rally-broke the Moon flux resistance
1:28 rebought 79 stop 69
1:27 still trying to turn up as come to the Moon T+180 timeline
1:13 aborted -7
1:08 jumped early -will sit tight- if we get a rally going it could explode
12:55 not waiting-bought 79 stop 70 for now
12:46 rally has curled the 110 EXMA up-bullish; I expect resistance at the +T090 Moon flux line

12:37 turning up - the second trade may come early
12:28 the energy center attracted price toward it, now it is repelling prices away from it
-so maybe we can get a rally going
12:16 that Mars/Time and price point looks like an energy center; watch what happens after we pass it in time
12:11 sagged down to Mars flux as come to Mars timeline
11:55 still quiet- I have a Fractal Grid from CTME course on MTRainbow chart-this is the "sleeper buy point"
11:35 still congesting-things should pick up near the second trade time
11:10 prices are now trapped between the +T090 and -T135 Moon flux - a "balance zone"
10:56 we have a cluster of vertical timelines between about 11:20-12:25 ; probably dull in there
10:49 down to the yellow Moon flux line on the Chaos Clinic chart - may "capture" price
10:39 getting that hex wheel again-on the list of charts page, right side, see Hex Wheels today
10:35 the pit pivot (pit prices are on SP1Day page) is near 880 so it should act as support here
10:27 high was 2 ticks under yesterday's close , now back to the Saturn/Uranus flux
10:13 now the 110 EXMA has gone flat - on the Rainbow chart the grey 220 EXMA is next support
10:08 out for 0 - now just watch
10:02 I am feeling a bit wiped out today, so I'd like to not have to work too hard :)
9:56 under these conditions I think I'll let profits just run and manage the trade as a GO BIG trade
using the 110 EXMA as a stop guide -stop to 894
9:53 this early buying suggests a "running" day-on such days prices stay on one side of the 110 EXMA
9:50 stop to 891-just under the 110 EXMA
9:40 here I like to watch the MT rainbow chart - it shows me how today relates to yesterday
on it the white 440 EXMA turned up yesterday, and points up today-a change in trend with continuation
9:34 bought 894 stop 888
9:31 opening on the 110 EXMA, with possilbe continuation buy setup
9:25 had hex pattern recognized at 890; Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus contributing corners
9:21 first trade is on the outcry open - I like to wait a bit to see if we get a 10:00 harmonic streak
9:06 Overnight trading based on Venus/Pluto electric field flux lines
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

11/14/2008 10:25:22 AM Mountain BDG:: roger. thanks for the explaination.
11/14/2008 10:22:51 AM Mountain Al:: the sleeper buy point is taught in the Chaos Trading made Easy course - not public knowledge
11/14/2008 10:12:47 AM Mountain BDG:: Hi Al, what do you mean by "sleeper buy point"? Seems a bearish day that may turn into a "range" day.
11/14/2008 9:13:46 AM Mountain BDG:: Hello all, this is my first time I've actually sat in on the Chaos Clinic as a guest. I wish the best to you all. And I'm enjoying watching. :)
11/14/2008 7:35:14 AM Mountain ai:: Hi..can we wait for a pull back toward 883 and then go long and ride it to 929 -should it be bullish? Thanks
11/14/2008 6:48:22 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today
11/14/2008 4:41:03 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have another great day

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