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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:56 out flat; done for the day; see you in two weeks; thanks for coming; take a course
3:50 out for +.5 ; rebought 1090 stop 1089
3:46 stop to 1090
3:40 following green +Tide, which showed a low on the Moon T0 timeline
3:37 stop to 1089
3:34 I will cover at 1095 or 4:00, whichever comes first
3:24 posted that FOG in the CCT room
3:21 here it is, right where my Face of God pattern said it was
3:15 I'm still watching for a short squeeze before the close
3:01 to celebrate Thanksgiving, take some money, go to the store, buy some food, take it to your local food bank -anonymously
do that regularly, and powerful positive energy will flow back into your trading.
2:55 no clinic next week due to Thanksgiving
2:50 middaylow came on the Mercury timeline; may get a time to price move to the Mercury flux at 1093+; see SPSunMoonMEr
2:41 Chaotic systems always have at least two solutions. In markets, that's the bullish and the bearish scenario.
Get congestion when they balance, and chaotic moves when the balance is broken. The break CAN GO EITHER WAY, so you need to be flexible.
Earlier I had a nice down fractal grid. Now I have a good up Fractal Grid. 2:38 stop to 87; yesterday's late high at 1095 should limit the move
2:33 trade looking good now; expect short covering rally into close
2:28 got a resonant hex pattern due to Moon Trine price and Venus; see Wheel and Hex Wheels today on ListOfCharts page
2:23 this is truly a "MM Stinker"
2:10 I have placed a Face of God chart in the CCT room. It helped me abort and buy
2:04 on the Chaos Clinic chart, you can see if you look closely, that the sudden change came on the blue
vertical Uranus (U) timeline. Uranus is hot right now due to opposiiton to Saturn
1:55 my clue to abort was the test of the top of the 90 minute range, from a tangled set of EXMAs
I also noticed the XTide2Plus forecast shows a rally into the close
1:49 bought 88.5 stop 85.5
1:47 don't like it here-covering both positions at 87.5
1:41 there is a 2:30 "panic point" on Fridays, as those who swing trade look to get flat for the weekend
1:37 this is a distribution pattern-someone with clout is moving stuff at a fixed price;
when they are done, volatility will jump
1:26 lowering my stop on my first contract to 1089.75
1:22 coming into the exact trade time-watching for some juice
1:14 "If you can wait, and not be tired by waiting,..." If by Rudyard Kipling
1:05 Velcro move-stuck to the Moon -T045 flux; chaos follows dullness when the Velcro rips
12:52 looking weaker-taking as a continuation sell at 1086, stop 1089; second hotline trade
12:36 coming into the second trade window; watching for some juice and a sell setup
12:29 this little decline is right where it should be according to my Fractal Grid; that is telling me I have the
grid set up correctly, and that I should expect downward pressure into the close.
12:25 I am watching three charts on three monitors; MTRainbow charts or CTME charts overlayed with Fractal of Pi,
Face of God, and Fractal Grid eMylar overlays. These help me find when the chaotic moves will come.
12:17 Flying is often described as "Hours and hours of boredom, intersperced with moments of sheer terror."
Markets are like that, but the terror can be fear, of joy if you are on the right side of the chaotic break.
12:05 on the MTRainbow chart, this rally did not get above the 220 EXMA, indicating market getting weaker
11:51 little rally off the 11:41 TideTime-not selected as a trade time by my software because it has a low probability
of producing a big move
11:45 here I like that the averages on the MTRainbow chart are diverging, and the white 440 is down
11:37 posted another chart in the CCT rooom
11:32 the early rally failed, followed by new lows for the day; mood is bearish
11:25 this in not a hotline trade, but one based on another set of rules I use; they are based on my Chaos Trading Made Easy course
11:18 elected short by my stop order at 85.25, putting stop at 90.75 for now
11:09 getting some selling from the second wave effect-will it break the lows? if it does, it will get a following
11:07 every trader should spend some time in the military - teaches you to "Hurry up and wait." :)
10:51 the early "rally and die" will encourage a second wave of selling about two to three hours later
10:45 testing lows; still have a sell stop under them
10:38 When a congestion starts, you can estimate when it will end by enclosing it in a horizontal ellipse.
See the AUX page for a chart, showing this. Says congestion may end late in the day; so be patient
10:16 looks like we are getting a "MM Stinker" :)
10:02 I have placed a CTME+FOP chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's chart room. This room is open to all
who have taken my 4 main courses. For more information, see -> Courses.
9:55 now, I expect congestion, but I will place a sell stop at 1085.25 in case of a sudden breakdown
9:48 I took a small gain because I knew that the 440 EXMA would limit the early rally. Also, look at the
SPSunMoonMer chart. It shows Sun and Moon electric field flux pair at 1091.5, so one point better was a gift.
9:44 covering at 1092.5 for +3
9:40 moving stop to 1087.5
9:39 bought 1089.5
9:36 placed sell stop at 1085.25 ; watching for a buy setup-110 EXMA is curling up; potential gain is limited by 440 EXMA
9:24 on a gap down day like today, there is a tendency to rally modestly until 11:00
If the early low is broken by 1 point, it suggests a continuation with some strength
So I will place a sell stop at 1085.25 a few moments after the outcry session begins at 9:30
9:16 two trade times today: 09:31 and 13:27 ; opening down, testing yesterday's low
last few days have been narrow range and choppy; MTRainbow chart shows white 440 EXMA near 1092, may rally to it
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

11/20/2009 9:37:27 AM MT mm****:: Is it going to turn on the MT 11:41 projected CIT ?
11/20/2009 9:31:15 AM MT EOE:: New to this. and right out of the box this morning +3.25. Nice going AL
11/20/2009 8:47:29 AM MT Al****:: that's not chop, that's buzz!
11/20/2009 8:41:58 AM MT TG****:: 3 minute bars have closed from one side of the 110 exma to the other 8 times during the first hour.
11/20/2009 7:15:05 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
11/20/2009 6:21:51 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day - waiting for stinker #4 - LOL

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