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     Chaos Clinic for 12/02/2022

When I was a young man in the Air Force, I had the really great job of being a T-38
instructor pilot. The T-38 was fondly known as the "White Rocket."

My favorite mission was the first lesson, which was a demonstration of the White Rocket,
As I taxied on the runway, I felt the 50,000 horsepower throbbing in my left hand.
I held the brakes, pushed the throttles forward to 100% normal thrust, released the brakes,
and pushed the throttles into afterburner. In a few seconds, our speed was 160 knots,
I rotated the Rocket to 30 degrees up, and watched as the altimeter spun like a top,
clicking off thousands and tens of thousands of feet, In 150 seconds from brake release
we topped out at 45 thousand feet. I pulled the throttles out of burner and told the student,
"This is the rocket you're going to learn to fly."

This week the S&P launched its own white rocket. While the credit for the rally was given
to Chairman Powell's comments about smaller FED interest rate increases, the real power
came from the electrical energy field. This chart shows the S&P since Thanksgiving. From the holiday
high, the S&P declined in a four day down Chaos Clamshell.

The chart shows a multi-day version of the vibrations levels show on the Secret->esnat72
chart on During the decline, prices dropped two green levels,
which is a 90 degree decline. On the 30th, prices formed a double bottom with the
the 29th. As I tracked the Moon's actions during the down Chaos Clamshell, I was expecting a rally.

So when the rally blasted off, I was not surprised, because on esnat72 was a white vertical
energy timeline. This is a time when a large energy shift can enter the market. It was a "White Rocket.".

The initial rally went up 3 green vibration levels, a harmonic musical 3:2 "fifth."
Underlying the chaos of markets is this type of harmony.

This Friday is first Friday, when the employment report comes out. There is a tendency for prices to rally
in anticipation of the report.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

12/2/2022 12:54:00 PM MT Al****:: on secret->esnat72 note little double bottom on yellow vibration level up one vibe from low
could go up to next yellow
12/2/2022 11:57:29 AM MT clb****:: It looks like someone is buying S1 at the T270 timeline. 61.8% of the retrace from this morning is at 4055 on the Dec. contract. It may provide some short bounce here. Test, but not retest support at 61.8% yet.
12/2/2022 11:36:18 AM MT Al****:: running the astro chart I'm watching in the CCT Room
12/2/2022 11:26:04 AM MT Al****:: near 13:40 the Exchange will rotate to square the Moon; see SPSunMoon page
12/2/2022 11:21:59 AM MT Al****:: note on Secret->esnat72 low on yellow vibe, then up to white, then pullback to yellow support= S1
12/2/2022 11:03:15 AM MT Al****:: may pick up red -Tide here
12/2/2022 9:45:16 AM MT Al****:: employment report generated a lot of whipsaw - now prices have rallied above the 440 EXMA
note chart 3 on SPKISS page
12/2/2022 9:24:50 AM MT Al****:: I watch XTides more for swing trades and MoonTides for intraday
12/2/2022 8:02:43 AM MT zo:: Hey Al how often do you trade with the Xtide, they seem more idiosyncratic and like the “better” forecast as opposed to moon tides.
12/2/2022 8:00:24 AM MT Al****:: data is back with gaps
12/2/2022 7:10:52 AM MT Al****:: I have manually posted the written Chaos Clinic, but I have no internet, so no data. Sorry for the TECHNOCRAP-technology that almost works
12/2/2022 7:09:11 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. The written Chaos Clinic is on the AUX page.

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12/2/2022 6:28:38 AM MT Al****:: I have lost internet service here - don't know when it will be up

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