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Here are Al's comments
1:37 I'm passing on this trade and calling it a day - thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
1:30 all the juice was before noon -As per the Tides -this trade may be a pass
1:16 gone flat -may get peak near 1:50 from XTide at bottom of chart
1:03 now looking for third trade -watching the EXMA's
12:59 +.5
12:58 still viable; stop 24.5 -possible continuation sell at this Tide turn so holding
12:38 stop to 25 -broke through the 110 EXMA, so may get a sell on it-if so I may work the trade for max
12:36 looking good-coming to the next Tide turn, but I may just carry this trade through it since it is working
12:30 coming to the Pluto/Venus timelines-close conjunction may add some energy
12:19 turned down passing Sun timeline-could get move down to Sun flux at 1419 in a time to price move
12:17 looking OK - stop 26.5
12:00 stop 27
11:56 a bit late, but good out of band sell setup-sold 25 stop 28
11:48 this morning before sunrise you could see Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter is a tight conjunction-they set the
low and torched off the rally as we passed their timelines at 11:00 -easy to see in hindsight
11:46 today's high is exactly where yeterday's afternoon high was
11:42 so far we are symetric about 1422=270 degrees = balance level
11:34 I don't like missing a nice move like that, but when it gets this wild, I get cautious; there are other days that
will be easier
11:24 the big boys are having a violent fight -7, 8, and 9 point swings-makes it hard for us small guys
11:12 the SPBias chart shows that the Bias has switched 5 times -so there is no consistant trend
11:10 looks like a trading range day - our trades are trend trades, so may not get a trade on this Tide turn
10:57 coming into next trade time again trading both sides of 110 EXMA, so just watching
10:42 out -3 ; OK in these conditions; entry was not that good
10:29 still OK -just have to sit
10:06 sold 1417 stop 1420
10:05 wild -will sell if low falls
9:50 the -T315 and +T315 yellow Moon flux lines form a congestion zone - MoonTides suggest we stay in it all day
9:47 now prices have traded both sides of the 110 EXMA in the past 30 minutes-a signal to stay out
9:44 preopen was red -Tide, now green +Tide so got an inversion -hard to trade when that comes so soon after the open
9:40 note the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid lines-down off the high, up off the low
forming a congerging triangle
9:35 the 110 EXMa is down, but curling up
9:33 may not get an early trade unless we break the low
9:26 wild 9 point move preopen - settled on Sun/Moon flux
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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