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Here are Al's comments
12:26 I'm back- looks like the market has gone flat here; I think I'll quit for the day and leave the second
trade as an exercize for the student. Thanks for coming. See you next week. Take a course. 11:50 that's the first trade-now taking a breakfast break
11:48 covered for +6-did not like stall
11:44 stop to 1245
11:43 TideTracker steadily up saying on green +Tide
11:41 needs to move higher soon
11:34 up to Saturn flux
11:30 stop to 1244-on the 55 minute EXMA
11:26 stop to 43, lock 2
11:16 I will still take 9 points if I get it - cover 1250, stop to 1242
11:12 a trendline under the lows suggests we could reach 1260 by the close
11:10 stop to 1241, break even
11:06 stop to 1240
10:56 stop to 1237
10:55 TideTracker suggests switching form red -Tide to green +Tide
10:53 looking better
10:50 still OK
10:41 I put my stop below both the 440 EXMA and the Moon/Mer flux just in case this happened
10:39 Oops-jumped to soon
10:33 bought 1241 stop 1236
10:33 updated my FOP chart in CCT Room
10:30 I now have a dip in the 20 EXMA, with the 110 EXMA up, so i have apotentila continuation trade setup
need to wait for the 20 EXMA to turn up
10:24 at this point I keep an eye on a simple chart much like the SPKISS chart
10:16 on the new TideTracker chart, the Swingline is turning down, so watching for a dip
10:10 the 440 EXMA has turned up, so I am looking to buy a dip near trade time
10:01 early on I like to try find an energy center. My tool for this is the Face Of God pattern
I have posted a FOG chart in the CCT Room. It suggests more enerby just after the first trade time
9:55 working higher -not in a trade window so just watching
9:46 on that same chart, the last three minor highs were set by the Sun +H180 flux
as Sun and Moon are almost to Full Moon where Moon opposes Sun
9:44 on the SPSunMoonMer chart, see trade is on the Moon/Mer flux lines as Moon opposes Mercury
9:41 on the MTRainbow chart, the white 440 EXMA trend of the day is flattening, so today looks like a flat to up day
9:37 a bit of buying early ; just watching for now
9:25 OK-got that fixed-SnagIt's Smart Selection was a bit too smart in selecting what to grab
9:18 a bit of Technocrap-my SnagIt screen capture did not capture my FOP eMylar overlay in the image I posted
It has been working fine - more technocrap
9:10 Market trading in yesterday's closing range-not really bouyed by the European debt crisis agreement
Trade times today are 10:54 and 13:10. Green +Tide uggests low near first one
I have placed a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

12/9/2011 11:37:35 AM MT mm****:: Al - the MT chart shows a CIT at 3:15 ET - did the computer miss it? - I would LOVE the price to drift down until then and then put on a huge rally into the close
12/9/2011 10:30:02 AM MT mm****:: Tg - It looks like the traders pushed it up to pick up the stops at yesterday's High
12/9/2011 10:04:48 AM MT Tg****:: Al, I'm sure you are aware of this so maybe you can give a bit of an explanation for it. Seems as though many times a good move runs into trouble right about where the tide forecast crisscrosses.
12/9/2011 7:56:47 AM MT mm****:: Consumer sentiment much better than expected
12/9/2011 7:53:42 AM MT mm****:: Al - every chart has a line with 13 references to other charts on top or bottom - assuming the ones most often used during trading - could you add the SPTideTracker? - I may not be the only one using it more often than many of the ones listed, but now I have to go though the LISTOFCHARTS
12/9/2011 6:57:27 AM MT EOE:: GM everyone. TGIF. we had the first lite dusting of snow overnight. winters come to Chicago. good luck.
12/9/2011 6:51:37 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
12/9/2011 5:44:46 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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