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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:30 I'm done for the day and for the year-no clinics next two weeks-see you in January-
Have a great holiday, take care, and take a course
3:29 stopped +1.5
3:15 stop 77.5 -notice how the 20 EXMA is stopping price rallies
3:07 stop 78
3:00 I will likely let this one run past 5 points because a)late whoosh, b)hex wheel target of 68
and c) green +MoonTide down to close
2:58 stop 78.5; half way between the 20 and 110 EXMA
2:55 stop 80; look at price, 20 EXMA, and 110 EXMA = a three pronged separating fork in the road
2:52 some big blocks just traded- may get a "whoosh" as per green +Tide
2:45 CTME tools also helped-looking OK
2:31 knowledge of Market AstroPhysics helped me jump fast, right after passing Chiron/Venus timeline
2:29 getting a bit of action-sold 79 stop 81;- 2 points because slow day
2:23 when you see 1, 2, and 3 tick 3 minute bars, it's too quiet to trade-wait for volatility
2:17 looking weak-poosible continutation sell if get some juice
2:14 if you look at the Wheel of Fortune, you see prices square the Node, opposing the Moon
2:06 marginal buy crossing of 20 and 110 EXMA's- need more movement than this to take a trade
1:53 the high was set by Venus/Chiron, so their timelines just after 2:00 should be hot
1:44 from the high, we are in move 6 of 7 moves in a down Chaos Clamshell
1:40 stopped out at 80 - now will watch for a continuation sell on next Tide turn
1:34 make low on the crossing of the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid-short term support
1:28 Certified Chaos Traders should check the CCT room under Past Charts for several posted yesterday and today
1:20 what turns coal into diamonds is pressure-in this case, selling pressure
1:18 stop 80 on both positions - may try to let them run
1:11 looking good
12:57 stuck to the Node flux with Velcro
12:51 stop 82.5
12:48 continuation setup at trade time-sold 80 stop 83
12:38 hex paattern recognized - Uranus,Moon, Jupiter, Mars;1280-12 =1268, possible low
12:24 prices were stopped by the 110 EXMA-may get a continuation sell setup on next Tide time
12:04 down to the Moon and Node flux pair-may congest here for a while
11:51 stop 82-at the "knee" in the 110 EXMA
11:48 what I saw there was that the XTide2 forecast was saying dow, and I got a good 20/110 setup
11:46 sold 81 stop 84 -not a hotline trade but I couldn't resist the setup
11:32 looks like no rally-may break down
11:10 I think we wander up to 1285-86 and stall late in day
11:00 no juice from Mercury or Uranus timelines
10:44 John Denver has a song that says "Some days are diamonds, some days are coal." Today looks like coal so far
10:40 the hardest thing for many traders is to do nothing - yet, one must learn not to trade
dull markets. We only want to trade the chaotic breakaway moves
10:36 first hour flat; many trading systems will now buy or sell a breakout of the range
10:28 passing on first trade
10:25 looks like picking up green +Tide - show only a modest rally-
10:18 no juice-watch the coming Mercury timeline to see if it adds some
10:07 looking weak
10:03 watching for continuation sell
9:53 volatility gets low in December, so want to be careful about making things up
9:50 placing sell stop at 1280
9:45 looks like going flat-waiting
9:41 waitng for 20/110 crossing
9:35 watching for a sell setup
9:30 preopen high on Venus/Chiron flux - looks like on red -Tide
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

12/16/2005 1:36:24 PM Mountain Al:: nice trade Ben. I love it when you get more than I do :)
12/16/2005 1:29:58 PM Mountain Ben:: Out +2
12/16/2005 1:18:27 PM Mountain Ben:: Stop 77.5
12/16/2005 1:12:27 PM Mountain Ben:: Last 2 days support is right here at 75-76. If we can break it, we may get another "whoosh".
12/16/2005 1:07:32 PM Mountain Ben:: Stop 78
12/16/2005 1:02:57 PM Mountain Ben:: Al, given that the tide is down into the close, are you going for more than 5 on this trade?
12/16/2005 12:56:24 PM Mountain Ben:: Stop 79.25 I am ready for the "whoosh" ;)
12/16/2005 12:51:52 PM Mountain Ben:: I meant to say 2 blocks of 200 traded at 78.
12/16/2005 12:51:00 PM Mountain Ben:: Two blocks of 200 contracts traded at 80. Looks like it will give way.
12/16/2005 12:47:00 PM Mountain Ben:: Stop 80
12/16/2005 12:18:03 PM Mountain Ben:: Sold 79.25
12/16/2005 12:14:56 PM Mountain Ben:: The CTME tools tell me move 6 is over. Move 7 down should start soon.
12/16/2005 10:36:10 AM Mountain Al:: xx: euro should be coming up soon
12/16/2005 10:31:18 AM Mountain xx:: Al aux page not refreshing? Euro
12/16/2005 9:56:45 AM Mountain Al:: I saw all the new orders, but didn't try them-
12/16/2005 9:15:53 AM Mountain mm:: too fast
12/16/2005 9:15:15 AM Mountain mm:: Al, did you download the upgrade as they requested? They now have not only Market-if-touched but also Limit-if-touched. I have never heard of the latter - I wonder if one would not get filled if it runs to fast through the price
12/16/2005 8:52:06 AM Mountain Al:: yes. I like it
12/16/2005 8:48:04 AM Mountain mm:: Al, are you using IB, I seem to remember?
12/16/2005 8:07:55 AM Mountain Ben:: Thanks Al.
12/16/2005 8:06:57 AM Mountain Al:: low volatility yesterday made me cautious today, so I watched the 20 EXMA carefull-I wanted to see a clear cross with a breakaway

12/16/2005 8:03:09 AM Mountain Ben:: Al, what did you see that led you to believe it was going flat?
12/16/2005 7:55:42 AM Mountain Ben:: Jumped too soon. out -.5
12/16/2005 7:49:40 AM Mountain Ben:: Sold 1281.5

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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