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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 01/10/2003

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

3:10 stopped for 0 - 6 hours Node to Node-I'm done for the day-see you next week______________
3:01 raise stop 927 using fast move rule-prices straying above 20 EXMA________________________
2:51 raising stop 925 -remember Moon/Node hot at end of day____________________________________
2:44 I jumped in when I saw prices stayed one side of 110 EXMa and 20 separated and 110 curled_
2:40 bought 927 stop 924_______________________________________________________________________
2:33 looks to me like pop corn popping-EXMA's still tangled and flat-__________________________
2:30 now getting move, watch to see if it has any strength-watch EXMAs_________________________
2:22 cancel buy stop-no setup here-Crazy Harry stopped at Station 925__________________________
2:16 ok,looks like down or flat , 20 EXMA did not cleanly cross 110_____________________________
2:11 looks like turning up slowly -volatility likely to jump-buy 927.50 stop______________________
2:01 prices both sides of 110 right now=flat=stay out until they move ____________________________
1:53 stopped for 0 - now look ahead fot 2nd Win2Day trade-right now 20/110 EXMAs are pinched_______
1:48 stop 924____________________________________________________________________________________
1:45 second Win2Day trade is near 2:15 - I will also do it as per the rules______________________
1:38 Node/Moon hottest at end of day, Xcgh passes 3:08-should be interesting_____________________
1:36 looking better-raise stop 923-riding the white diagonal line________________________________
1:28 still bouncing off the flux bundle-but I'm starting not to like it-raise stop 922___________
1:16 that last minor low is 5 half white diamonds in price and 3 in price from low-5/8 fib ratio_
1:11 bought 924 stop 921-based on flux bundle support_____________________________________________
1:02 Green +Tide shifted rt 40 minutes fits well-normally I don't mess with shifts-don't always work_
12:52 stalling there-covering 922.50 +3.5________________________________________________________
12:51 stop 924 - may keep going past Sun/Moon/Mer flux-__________________________________________
12:45 sold 926 lower stop 926-now in anger stage of emotions-shock-denial-anger-accept-restructure_
12:37 Tide turn and 20/110 EXMa sell signal,staying below 20 EXMA -lowers top 927___________
12:26 down after Moon/Sun/Mer-return to 922.5 probable-sell 926 stop 929_______________________
12:10 market has gone flat now-the solar noon lull-_____________________________________________
11:45 Looks like picking up red -Tide possible rally back to 931.50_-market going flat_________
11:40 927 is the balance level betweeen the -M000 and +M270 Moon electric field flux lines_____
11:31 After a shock and denial drop and rally, the market needs time to digest it all=choppy__
11:19 in last night's email I said Node/Moon hot-low on Node time,rally to Node/Moon price_____
11:11 Rally was a perfect 18 points, 1/4 circle-Pythagoras held that Number was supreme_________
11:07 got above that flux pair but could not hold it-rally is over______________________________
10:53 now approaching the Node/-M000 Moon flux pair that set pre-open high-major resistance______
10:47 note that this rally has stayed above the yellow 20 EXMA-I should not have sold-not broken__
10:42 this rally is right up the double green minor grid line in the S&P Harmonic grid____________
10:35 you will make judgement errors,so you place stops to get you out when you do-control losses_
10:30 stopped -I jumped too soon-________________________________________________________________
10:28 sold 925 stop 928 _________________________________________________________________________
10:25 getting an out of band sell setup going into the Tide turn-________________________________
10:18 that was support, rally up the hot Saturn time line to Jupiter flux-set yday AM high_______
10:10 Now back to the Sun/Mer/Moon electric field flux bundle- still green +MoonTide_____________
10:07 the upper band turned prices down, so the rally went from lower band to upper band__________
10:01 still up, as per green +MoonTide-have now reached an out of band condition__________________
9:51 made that price level-may congest around it _________________________________________________
9:43 Getting a rally off Plu and Sat flux- should make the key 922+ Sun/Mer/Moon level_____________
8:54 Sharp drop on bad Jobs report_-Node/Moon 931.5 set high_______________________________________
9:20 Good morning from Chaos Manor__________________________________________________________________

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