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December Special

1. Cash In On Chaos course
normally $360, now just $300

Learn what chaos is and how it shows up in markets.

2. Fractal of Pi course
normally $360, now just $300

Learn the secret of the streaks, and how to trade them.


3. Chaos Trading Made Easy Course
normally $1500, now just $1000


4. WinXGO forecasting software
normally $2400, now just $1500


This special expires at 4:00 PM, Mountain Time, December 31, 2018.
Time now is: 12/17/2018 3:31:15 AM
Time remaining is:348 hours 30 minutes .


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My name is Al Larson. I have a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering. You can label me a lot of ways-engineer, scientist, mathematician, pilot, combat veteran, career counselor, teacher, carpenter, trader, market researcher, programmer, landscaper, computer consultant, and a few more - but mostly I am a serious student of what makes things work-especially markets. [ Professonal Profile ]

This web site represents my market work over the past 3 decades. Since I first read Dewey's Cycles-The Mysterious Forces that Trigger Events in 1974, I have researched what moves markets.

[ Meet Al]

[ Multimedia Overview of my work given at AEC 2006 - a MUST SEE ]

I have developed two bodies of knowledge-Market AstroPhysics and Market Chaos Theory. These technologies provide a theoretical framework for market behavior, which is then used to develop mathematical models for forecasting, and for identifying fractal patterns markets produce. This knowledge has let me develop some unique trading tools for finding the most profitable moves in markets.

These theories are based on the idea that market prices have two components-a fundamental component of about 60%, driven by business basics, and an emotional component of about 40 per cent.
[ Video Explaining Market AstroPhysics ]

I have been able to link the emotional swings in markets to tides in the earth's electric field. I have developed mathematical models of these changes and use them to forecast future price swings. My forecasts are unique in that they are energy forecasts, and do not use any price data as input. I then both trade and watch the markets, to further improve my knowledge and to verify that my theories hold water. Much of this is documented in the free Reading Room. More information can be found in my book, Market AstroPhysics and Chaos, videos tapes, and research reports.

I have shared my knowledge primarily through my four home study courses-Cash In On Chaos, the Fractal of Pi, the Face of God, and Market AstroPhysics Master's Course. . These confidential courses are designed for the serious private individual trader.

I have developed two primary forecasting methods-XGO, for position trading and MoonTides, for day trading. A sample XGO chart can be seen here. Many samples of the MoonTides can be found in my archive of past Chaos Clinics. I sell software that implements the XGO forecasts.

I also offer a daily S&P/Emini hotline, supported by a separate real-time site at If you sign up for the free weekly email, you can see our forecasts in action on the free Friday Chaos Clinic at On that site, you can review past Chaos Clinics, past hotline emails, and our track record. From the home page, go to Public Pages, and read the Trading MoonTides Tutorial.

I have also published the Cash In On Chaos Newsletter. Past issues are released when each new issue comes out. You can read past issues here. These newsletter show many examples of my XGO and filtered XGO energy forecasts in practice. This newsletter will be terminated with the September 2007 issue. Past newsletters will remain on the site as a resource for others.

All my products are summarized and can be ordered in my catalog. Effective March 28, 2007 I have stopped shipping physical products, and have put all my courses online.

My work has led me to an interesting view of our universe, described in my book, Your Electric Life. This book explains how we are all energy beings in an energy universe. Markets, too, are energy systems. And all energy systems have basic properties and behaviors. Understanding them is interesting, important, and potentially profitable. Your Electric Life ebook is available on Amazon.. If you do nothing else, read it.

Controlling one's own energy environment is also important. I have developed some energy field products that help traders do that. The Concentration Headband and Energy Charging Kit have helped many traders. Unfortunately, these products were discontinued due to the death of my clerk, Wava, and my semi-retirement. However, I have published information on making your own. See the Free Stuff page, links 3, 4, and 5.

Planetary motion is involved in what I do, but I do not consider myself an astrologer. I am a scientist. I observe very carefully. I make measurements. I develop theories. I write equations. I program those equations. Those equations produce predictions. I observe the outcome of the predictions. I use those predictions in my trading. Then I go around the loop again, always trying to improve. I will be done when trading is a science, and not an art. My current models and formulas are state of the art. They work. They are tradable. And as I learn more, I constantly improve them. But they are not perfect, so I am not quite done yet. This is a fascinating journey. I have made great progress. But full retirement looms on the horizon, and some day I will no longer share my work.

I am far from having all the answers. But I have found many, and I am happy to share them. I know that when I get my life review, it will not matter how much money I made, but how many fellow travelers I helped along the way. If I can be of help to you, let me know.

I focus my energies on two groups of traders - Certified Chaos Traders and Chaos Trading Masters.

Certified Chaos Traders (CCT's) are those who have taken all 4 of my basic courses - Cash In On Chaos, Fractal of Pi, Face of God, and Chaos Trading Made Easy. I have added a new special "room" in my http:\\ site, where the CCT's will be able to share charts and chat without worrying that the public is watching so they can't talk about the good stuff. Together, this will be the Chaos Trading Team.

Chaos Trading Masters are CCT's who also have taken my Master's course. These are those who want the ability to do their own research and programming. This private course is on a case by case basis.

Thanks for coming to my site. Please come by again.

Joy to You,

On of the great pleasures of my work is having some excellent students. The best of all has been Dr. Greg Meyer, MS, MD. He has not only mastered my material, but extended it by combining my XGO forecasts with my ZD filtering to make longer term forecasts. That Meyer Method is now used in my newsletter, and incorporated in the WinXGO program. Greg uses these tools to trade successfully. This is Greg on a recent visit to my office.

Over the last 15 years I've studied Dr. Larson's work from building block courses through the Master's Course.

Dr. Larson applies sound scientific principles to the developement of his courses, as his PhD suggests would be the case. He has developed insightful programs and methods based on fundamental principles which give increasingly unprecedented accuracy as the course levels advance.

I rely on his programs and insights daily, and proceed with confidence that solutions to market movement can be worked out as accurately as engineering problems could be solved when I was an aerospace engineer.

       -Dr. Greg Meyer, MS, MD

Al formerly used the pen name Hans Hannula. It was his great grandfather's name. When he was working at Bell Laboratories the beurocrats would have prevented him from publishing anything as unorthodox as his first article, In Search of the Cause of Cycles, which linked market cycles to planets. This landmark article is in the book of reprints, Market AstroPhysics and Chaos, available in the [Chaos Trader's Catalog].


I'm a great fan of your courses and forecasts. Using them and some other stuff, I have made over 2 million dollars in trading profits over the last 5 months.

RT - Nov, 2007

I have chosen NinjaTrader as my trading platform for my future work. This is the ONLY platform within which I can program my many proprietary chaos trading tools, built up over many years. My plans are to support my Certified Chaos Traders through this platform. I will be offering several trading tools through NinjaTrader.

1. The MoonTide indicator used for S&P emini daytrading is now available to subscribers of my S&P daytrading hotline. To get it, just subscribe here to the Tomorrow's Market Email hotline. The NinjaTrader indicator is available for download on For now, there is no trial version because is open to all on Fridays. The SPKISS chart displays the indicator similar to the NinjaTrader display. Sign up here for the free weekly email for more info.

2. The QPFE indicator from my Chaos Trading Made Easy course is now available. It is free ONLY to the graduates of my Chaos Trading Made Easy course. It can be downloaded here.

3. In the near future, I also plan to offer some video short courses on how to do some powerful things in NinjaTrader.

4. The best way to prepare yourself to become a Certified Chaos Trading Ninja is to take my four courses.

Learn more about NinjaTrader.

Learn more about Kinetick

Download the FREE Data Trial - NinjaTrader - Click Here

Learn more about NinjaTrader Brokerage



Last Trading Day of 2017 Video posted to YouTube


Data File import for Ninja Trader 7 available


MoonTide indicator and QPFE made available for NinjaTrader.


All eMylar programs were updated 1/25/2011. Please access your online courses with the MTReader to download these updates.


I have added a new product for Certified Chaos Traders - the eMylar overlays from Cash in On Chaos, Fractal of Pi, Face of God, and Chaos Trading Made Easy, on a flash drive. See the catalog for details.


I have added a product to my catalog - a 500 year astro database. See the catalog page for the MicroMedia Planetray Database.


Added XGO forecast example at bottom of this page.

2/19/2009 Published
How I Knew The Party Was Over.

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This chart from daytradingforecasts shows the power of Market Astrophysics. It is indeed possible to make profitable energy forecasts based on what I teach in my new Essentials of Personal and Market Astrophysics (EPMAP).

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