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Course Offerings

March 28, 2007: All courses are now online courses except for Essentials of Personal and Market AstroPhysics.
Physical products are no longer shipped.

Dear Al,

I am a professional trader and trade mainly ES and Forex. I wanted to tell you that your tools are awesome when integrated together.

Thanks a lot for the tip regarding FOG...NOW I start to understand. We had a perfect example of FOG after a CTME UP move end (started at 11:15 EST on 11th of September-end 12th of September at 15:15) in GBPJPY(British Pound vs Japanese Yen). I sold the subsequent downtrend with frequent entries and exits in direction of downtrend-which I believe is a down CTME as per the grid, when analyzed in detail...and made enough to cover the cost of the 4 courses in a couple of days...the downtrend fit perfectly with the FOG pattern.

I am doing the exercises for the long term charts. ..and WOW what one can anticipate when looking at weekly and monthly charts is awesome,and it helps a lot in breaking the usual self imposed "mind limits" on potential range of moves. ..and the most important part,the chapter at CTME where you show many different trades with your annotations of them ...should be mandatory reading at least once a week ;)

Well,I just wanted to say thanks,you can use any part of this email if you want. You really deserve all this praise and more...I have just recommended your courses to a good trading friend,and ,probably,he will become a good (and happy) customer of you when he comes back from London in a couple of weeks.


S - Andorra

I have six courses available. These four are a complete package for traders:

1. Cash In On Chaos
2. Fractal of Pi
3. Face of God
4. Chaos Trading Made Easy Online Course

Completion of these four courses makes you a Certified Chaos Trader. After I retire, I will only work with those serious students who have completed all four of these courses.

In 2014 I added two new courses:

5. Stargo
6. Essentials of Personal and Market AstroPhysics taught in person in Denver

To take my online courses you need to download and register a copy of the MoneyTide Reader. To get you started, I offer a free course.

Trading The Chaos Clamshell________________________________TTCC___Free

This online minicourse is designed to give you the public view of a fractal pattern called The Chaos Clamshell. The more detailed confidential and secret versions are taught in the Cash In On Chaos and Fractal of Pi courses.
To access this course, you need to download the Moneytide Reader. The MoneyTide Reader is required for all of the online courses. Doing this free course gets you set up. Download the Moneytide Reader

March 28, 2007: All courses are now online courses. Physical products are no longer shipped.