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Essentials of Personal and Market AstroPhysics

The Essentials of Personal and Market AstroPhysics course is an intensive three day trade secret course taught in person by Dr. Al Larson, PhD, ECE.

Al Larson's class on The Essentials of Personal and Market AstroPhysics is really where every professional trader or student of life needs to start their journey. Likely, people will want to dive right into the charts and the tedious process of consistency and extracting money from the markets but in all reality that is not the correct path to becoming a Master. The Chaos and Energy of the Market can only be controlled once you know how to personally measure your own Chaotic Energy. Dr. Larson is an enlightened individual and I now consider him a personal friend and guardian of his life work. Thank you Al for sharing your amazing 72 years of research and understanding of how to put the puzzle pieces together. The 3 days we spent together changed my life forever. God bless you and yours. -BR

From this course the student will

 1) Understand the theory of Personal and Market Astrophysics

 2) Be able to measure the electric charges that affect us al

 3) Understand how these charges are related to the universal electric field

 4) Understand how the planets affect these charges

 5) Understand how to find the location of the planets

 6) Understand how the motions of the planets create cycles in the electric charges

 7) Understand the harmonic nature of these cycles

 8) Be able to compute functions based on planetary movement

 9) Be able to balance their own energy field

10) Be able to reprogram negative beliefs that block progress

11) Be able to access the SOURCE to get answers to questions

The student WILL NOT learn

           1) How to make market forecasts
           2) How to trade or invest


1. The student will download and read the free ebook Your Electric Life -item 6

2. The student will order their own XGO chart from the catalog at for the past year. They will study the major highs and lows in this chart and write down what was occurring in their life during the past year. They will bring a printed copy of the XGO charts and their notes to the course.

3. The student will purchase the WinGephi program from the catalog at and install the program on their computer. The student will familiarize themselves with the program. Bring a laptop with this program on it to the course.

4. The student will bring 3-5 printed daily charts of individual stocks with them. The student will research the first trade date for these stocks. They will acquire spreadsheet data for these stocks from sources such as Yahoo finance. They will set up charts for these stocks in their spreadsheet program. These will be used during the course.

5. The student will be programming in the AWK programming language. Optionally, the student will familiarize themselves with this language. Online resources include:

Gawk Manual

6. The student will print the course nondisclosure agreement, sign it, and bring it with them to the course. This course is considered to be Trade Secret and is governed by state, federal, and international trade secrecy laws. Link to the Non-Disclosure Agreement

7. Payment must be made one week prior to the start of the course.


This three day course is taught in person in Thornton Colorado by Dr. Al Larson at his home office at 4224 E. 126th Ave, Thornton, Colorado.

Several hotels are available on 120th Avenue. One excellent one is the Denver North DoubleTree by Hilton,83 East 120th Avenue, Thornton, Colorado 80233.

This course will normally be taught on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. It will end by 3:00 PM on Wednesday so students can fly home if they wish. Alternatively, they can make a week of it and enjoy Colorado. Students should arrange their affairs so they can focus only on the course for three days. Homework each evening may require several hours. Cell phones are not permitted in the class.

The price of this course is $1800. Those who have taken the Stargo course will get a $600 discount due to overlapping material.

Essentials of Personal and Market AstroPhysics Outline

 1. Welcome

 2. Energy Fields and You

 3. The Plasma Universe

 4. XGO Charts

 5. Owen and Eeman Tools

 6. Homework 1

 7. Finding Planet Positions

 8. Energy Addition

 9. WinGephis

10. Astro Programming

11. Flux lines

12. Harmony

13. Homework 2

14. Balancing, Beliefs, and Connecting


This course is taught twice yearly near the time of the Spring and Fall Equinox. It can also be taught anytime by arrangement with Al.

If you would like to attend, send Al an email.