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How I Knew The Party Was Over

February 19, 2009

As the world struggles with a collasping economy, I am recording how I knew the party was over - back in 2007.

My Market Chaos Theory says that markets move from one strange attractor/strange repellor to the next. These attractors form patterns, which can be seen on charts, One common pattern I have identified is a "fireball." These fireballs are linked to astrocycles, which can help determine the magnitude of the move coming out of the fireball. For long term cycles, I look on a monthly chart.

In 2007 I became aware from my research that both a 160 year and a 20 year cycle were topping, so I was alert for an identifiable pattern. I found one, as shown below.

The world is dealing with a long term problem here. It's resolution will not be quick. The effects of this major cycle top will be evident for many years to come. Maybe for the next 20 years.

It is commonly believed that markets cannot be predicted. The problem is that they are chaotic systems, which can only partially be predicted. The major prediction tools are patterns of behavior, which do repeat on different scales. My theory of Market Astrophysics explains why the patterns form, and what patterns do form. These are the subject of my courses. Knowldge of Market Chaos Theory can give you both a trading and an investing edge.