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Chaos Clinic Recap

Chaos Clinic from 01/11/2002

This is the chart

These are the comments made during the live session

4:00 Cover 1146 for +2 -now I'm done for the day-see you next week-Aux screen shows 10 day Tide_
3:36 Sell 1148 stop 1153-I came back-_________________________________________________________
3:20 stopped 1152 for +3 - looks like green Tide won - I'm done for the day-see you next week_
3:13 lower stop to 1152-sold 1153-if pop up again I want out-_________________________________
3:04 sold 1155 stop 1153 -not hit there-hang on-Moon flux got a "Goodbye Kiss"-cover 1134 OB _
2:46 +Tide still battling-sit tight_____________________________________________________________
2:30 -Tide won bifurcation contest-sold 1155 lower stop 1153 buy 1134 OB________________________
2:15 1152 is now a repellor-sold 1155, stop 1154 cover:buy 1134 or better_______________________
2:07 Got Tides adjusted so you can see the battle here-approaching a "chaotic bifurcation"_______
1:55 I mistyped stop as 1152 should be 1154-if hit at 1152 resell and put stop at 1154-sorry______
1:46 got high right at high in -Tide-hang on-DO NOT cover on 9 point gain-sold 1155 lower stop 1154_
1:33 I adjusted red -Tide-shows potential "bandgap energy jump"-be patient here-sold 1155,stop1157_
1:19 lower stop to 1157-Xchg passing Mercury-note change in nature of market-Moon flux crossed__
12:56 sold 1155 stop 1160-I will hold it there for now-rolling right->lower prices probable_____
12:48 sold 1155-put stop at 1160-if on daytradingforecasts-click on auxillary screen=10day Tide_
12:30 stop now 1155-back to 2 day screen-I'm showing green circles-see the "rolling right" action?_
12:15 Merc conjoin Nept and Sun conjoin Ven set trading range-at 12:30 raise sell stop to 1155_
11:53 A sleeping turtle on a Kona beach moves faster! Remember, "Chaos follows dullness."______
11:30 Sell stop now 1154-if hit, trail buy stop at $+5________________________________________
11:25 stopped for -1.25 -just a probe that didn't work-stick with 1ADAy-raise stop at 11:30___
11:16 1ADay sell stop at 1153-shorter term sell here at 1156.75 stop 1158-switching to 1day screen_
11:04 Mercury price flux stopped rally,peak was on Chiron time-still choppy__________________
10:50 sell stop is 1153-I'm trying to stay out of the chop-looks like on green +Tide_________
10:31 rally based on Sun/Ven flux-should rally to Sun/Ven Time at 12:00-too choppy to buy it__
10:30 raise sell stop to 1153-got up blip as Exchange passed Node_______________________________
10:12 Mercury just conjoined Neptune-set the highs near 1160, the Mer/Nep flux bundle___________
10:02 1ADay is to trail a sell stop starting 1152,raising 1 point per hour on each half hour____
9:55 sold off to the trendline-stuck on Sun/Venus electric field flux lines -green and blue_____
9:40 Slow rally-place sell stop 1152 and be patient-_____________________________________________
9:10 Good Morning from the Chaos Clinic_____________________________________________________________
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